Persona 5: 10 Best Things To Do When You're Not Raiding Palaces

Persona 5 is an incredibly rich game and although raiding palaces is the main activity, it's certainly not all there is to do...

Persona 5 was a landmark title that pretty much destroyed anyone's argument of JRPGs being obsolete in the modern landscape. Featuring an engrossing story, memorable characters, excellent gameplay mechanics, and a host of other elements — all of which were deftly woven into the game with stellar elements — it's no wonder as to why this title received praise from critics and fans alike. The idea of exploring people's minds and the fabrication of their psyches — aptly names Palaces — was an interesting outing in every sense of the word.

However, fans of the Persona series know that this game is way more than just your run-of-the-mill dungeon crawler. The series is widely known for featuring a near-perfect mix of some good ol' dungeon-crawling mixed with life simulation elements to craft a gaming experience that one can't really experience with other types of games. This is what separates the Persona series from the rest of the gaming world, carving a niche that most imitators have found near-impossible to replicate.

So, when you're not raiding Palaces in Persona 5, it goes without saying that there are several other things that you can accomplish to great effect. Here are some of the bests tasks and outings that you can prioritize if raiding Palaces becomes too much of a chore in this excellent game.

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10 Clean Your Room ASAP

The first thing that you'll notice after being accommodated by Sojiro in his coffee shop is that the room you get isn't exactly... homely, for lack of a better term.

With a dearth of things to accomplish during the starting portions of Persona 5, it's highly recommended that you clean your room as soon as possible. Doing so will unlock a bevy of actions that will prove to be quite beneficial further down the line.

9 Drink Juice Every Sunday

Doesn't this sound hella weird? While you might understandably be scoffing at the idea of doing something as banal as drinking freakin' juice in a video game, rest assured that there are benefits of doing the same.

In Persona 5, you need to level up certain stats to unlock content further down the line. While leveling up these stats can take up a substantial chunk of your time, there are certain instances where the game provides you with a golden opportunity to improve these stats without spending any time.

Drinking juice at the juice bar every Sunday is a great way to accomplish the same.

8 Take Care Of Your Plant

Of course, the act of drinking juice isn't the only way to improve your stats without wasting time. Most guides recommend that you purchase plant nutrients as soon as possible to raise your kindness as well.

This is another great way to optimize your time usage for the best results. Do keep in mind that this task can be done once every 16 days, so don't forget to take care of your plant's wellbeing in these intervals.

7 Get A Job

Yeah, we get it. The idea of working is something that most video games serve as a great escape from, so for these titles to force you to do the same might sound somewhat counter-intuitive.

However, getting a job in Persona 5 isn't as mundane as it might seem. Not only is it a serviceable way to get money in the early stages, but it also unlocks certain types of content further down the line too!

6 Hang Out With Your Confidants

Perhaps this pointer pretty much goes without saying, since a large portion of Persona 5's gameplay revolves around the act of improving your relationship with your confidants for maximum effect.

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With the stat boosts that one can experience through these outings, handing out with certain special confidants also helps unlock certain items and content as well, which is bound to be helpful further down the line in the game.

5 Don't Say No To Any Outings

This pointer is an extension of the previous statement — there are times when you'll just be going off to sleep when you might receive a text or a call from someone asking you on an outing, or even a date at times.

While it might be tempting to say no — especially when you've already maxed out your relations with said confidant — you should say yes most of the time. You might meet another friend and boost your relations with them, or unlock new areas to explore as well!

4 Watch Movies

There are several ways you can spend your free time to improve your skills in Persona 5. However, it must be said that watching movies is perhaps the strongest and most reliable way to do so.

Not only are you rewarded with a hilarious parody of modern movies, but you also gain a major boost in a skill that correlates with the movie you've seen. If you manage to map out the skill gain with the movie in question, you can easily max out your social skills with ease!

3 Carry A Book At All Times

Riding the subway is a chore regardless of whether you do it in real life or a video game. Persona 5 is no exception, with subway rides happening on a near-daily basis.

However, if you have a book on your person, then this ride can actually prove to be somewhat productive. Certain books improve your skills, while others unlock new locales.

2 Don't Forget To Prioritize The Strength Arcana

A major mistake that most Persona 5 players make while playing the game is failing to prioritize the tasks given by the twins, Caroline and Justine.

Don't make this mistake, since accomplishing their tasks helps level up the Strength Arcana, while simultaneously unlocking new ways to fuse and strengthen your Personas too.

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This allows you to create absolutely incredible Personas that can obliterate anything and everything in their way.

1 Explore Mementos

Perhaps the best thing you can do in the game while keeping the Palaces on hold is to explore the side dungeon, Mementos. While doing so is important for plot reasons too — which we won't get into for spoiler reasons — there are several other benefits of doing so as well.

For starters, your Confidants will be stuck at a certain level unless you choose to help them out by confronting their adversaries in Mementos. This, coupled with the obvious benefit of you being able to strengthen your party, makes Mementos an excellent outing regardless of what your motive of exploring this place might be.

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