Persona 5: The Ultimate Guide To Crafting An Eternal Lockpick

If you’ve gone through your entire Persona 5 playthrough without having crafted an Eternal Lockpick, then do yourself a favor and turn on your PS4 (or PS3), slide that disc in and get ready to have some fun.

With this quick guide you’ll be able to make some in no time at all. If you’re wondering what an Eternal Lockpick is, it’s pretty much all in the name. As you go through the various palaces in the game – as well as Momentos, you’ll notice that there are locked chests all over. In order to open these, a normal lockpick will do – but the Eternal Lockpick is much more convenient, as it is reusable.

The process itself in making the Eternal Lockpick isn’t all that complicated, but certain constraints can make it difficult to pull off. You likely won’t be gathering everything you need by accident, and need to know what you’re doing beforehand. Here’s the ultimate guide to crafting an Eternal Lockpick in Persona 5.

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5 Raise The Magician Arcana to Rank 6

The first step to crafting his useful and reliable item is increasing your confidant rank for the Magician Arcana. Putting time into confidants is always a good idea, as the perks they give you can greatly help out as the game progresses. Though in this case it’s an automated process, so you just need to wait a while. You’ll need to first reach rank 6 to kick things off. Rank 6 is when you unlock the Ace Tools ability that allows you to craft certain infiltration tools.

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This happens on August 29th, so fairly late into the game. There’s still plenty of time to get things done at this point, but if you’re going for the eternal lockpick then you might want to hurry up and turn your attention towards that as soon as the game allows it. That way you can focus your time on more crucial matters down the line.

4 Get 20 Aluminum Sheets

One of the items necessary in crafting the eternal lockpick is aluminum sheets. In order to get things started you’ll need 20 of them. That may sound like a lot, but at this point in the game you should have already piled up quite a few in your inventory. Though it’s unlikely that you’ll have the necessary 20 without having put any focus on collecting them, you should still have enough to get started with.

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Aluminum Sheets are located in two palaces; Futaba’s and Okumura’s. There are two Shadow’s that you’ll want to pick on in order to get this item; Anzu for Fuutaba and Ganesha for Okumura. Both appear fairly often in their respective palaces, so getting their drop item shouldn’t be all that hard. Though, with 20 being the magic number this could take some grinding. Remember that Anubis can pretty much wipe your party out with some moves, so don’t get too comfortable. Save often, because it loosing all you’ve collected up to that point would really suck.

3 Get 10 Liquid Mercury

The second key ingredient in crafting an eternal lockpick is one of the hardest to find in the entire game. If it wasn’t then things would’ve been much too easy for you. While it does add a bit of a challenge to the whole process and whatnot, getting your hands on 10 Liquid Mercury is a tiresome and at times annoying chore. Much like the Aluminum Sheets, you can find Liquid Mercury in the Futaba and Okumura palaces.

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In Fuutaba’s palace you’ll need to turn your attention to Anubis. While in Okumura’s palace, Decarabia is the shadow that will give you what you want in terms of building materials. This can be a really annoying item to stock up on if you’re knowingly doing so, as it’s a bit of a rare drop. The best advice would be to start trying as soon as both aforementioned palaces are made available.

2 Hold Up Enemies

Well now that we know what we need, it’s a matter of finding the most efficient ways of getting these materials. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you need to defeat your enemies in order to get these materials. Going into negotiation is a big no-no. It just won’t end up going how you want it if you’re trying to stock up because ending the battle through negotiation won’t have the items drop.

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One alternative you can exploit rather easily is the hold-up mechanic. If you hold enemies up, you’ll be able to get items off of them. This is incredibly convenient for what we need and can offer a safer alternative to hoarding materials. Instead of dragging battles out, risking defeat and thus a loss of all your progress thus far, hold-ups allow you to get in and out with what you need.

1 Check Mementos

If you’ve completed any of the two palaces mentioned in this guide, and either haven’t collected enough Aluminum Sheets or – more likely – Liquid Mercury, then one thing you can do is head over to Mementos. That’s because in mementos, old enemies will spawn giving you a second chance to collect the items you’re going to need when crafting.

All four of the previously mentioned shadows spawn in there. In fact, getting Aluminum Sheets in Mementos is way easier than it is outside of it. You can get them in item boxes scattered along the area, which will come in handy. Getting Liquid Mercury here is tougher though, and requires you to farm Anubis enemies over and over. It’s a tough and long process but one that’s worth it once you get your hands on that sweet, sweet eternal lockpick. No longer will you have to worry about running out and you are now the master of unlocking.

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