Persona 5: 10 Best Futaba Cosplays That Look Just Like The Game

It's no surprise that a lot of amazing cosplay has followed in the wake of Persona 5, but fan favorite Futaba has resulted in some of the best.

Persona 5 is still taking the world by storm three years later, and now that Atlas has announced both a prequel and a sequel, well, we don't see that ending anytime soon. This is great news for Persona fans, and especially for cosplayers, as their cosplays will go down in history as being from one of the greatest JRPGs to have come out of Japan. Whether that's a personal opinion or one of a critic is irrelevant because the fact is that we're here for any and all cosplays, especially those of our best girl, Futaba.

Commonly referred to as "Futabae" by fans, she also goes by Navi and AliBab. And when it comes to representing her in real life, we happen to know of some pretty cool cosplayers who make us swoon with socially-awkward love.

10 Dancing Star Night Futaba By Rirrrro

Half the fun of playing Dancing Star Night was seeing all of our favorite characters dancing across the stage in new and totally awesome outfits. Each one was designed with the character's style in mind as well as a bit more oomph, creating the perfect balance between fun and personal.

In the case of Futaba, when she's not dancing around as a giant octopus, she can be seen in the exact same outfit that Rirrro (0n Reddit) is sporting here. This cosplay is totally on-point, even down to Futaba's ripped knee-highs and unique jacket patches.

9 Metaverse Futaba By @Koroktobrush

Pulling off a Metaverse cosplay is not an easy thing to do, and while they can be ordered in a nearly complete form, it's rare that you find a cosplay who leaves no detail out. Not only does this look amazing on @Koroktobrush, but it also fits like it was made for her (and maybe it was!).

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We'd totally expect her to buzz in with Necronomicon, ready to shout commands and save us from peril with special attack-ups. And we can't forget about the phone case to match - we see you, tiny Futaba!

8 Best Girl Futaba By Tsuramari

Tsuramari actually made it onto DualShockers with her incredible cosplay displaying Futaba in all her geeky glory. Her cosplay was so on-point, in fact, that it actually inspired the author of the article to jump right back into the action that never seems to get old in Persona 5.

It reminds us of one thing, in particular. While cosplayers are able to bring a character to life, they're also able to remind others why they love said character so much. This is truly a an amazing feat.

7 Casual Futaba By Turnfreebaby

Turnfreebaby's casual Futaba is super adorable and they even made this super cool YouTube video (complete with a song we all know and love) to accompany it.

Turnfreebaby has created many cosplays but our favorite, by far, is this rendition of Futaba. It's simple yet totally flawless in its execution, making this one of our favorite cosplays of the day. We even love that they left their tattoos completely visible, giving this Futaba a totally personal touch.

6 A Cute Romance By Veechoochoo

Alright fans, admit it: The true canon has to be Ren/Akira and Futaba, right? Even if you disagree, there's no arguing that this cosplay by Veechoochoo is so adorable.

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The two are quite the pair, but what has us totally speechless are the tiny details that were thought about to complete this cosplay. Everything, from Futaba's cow lick to her Arcana card, was thought out - and that's not something we've seen with many cosplays.

5 Punk-Rock Futaba By Katieslaycosplay

A little casual, a little punk, and here you have a totally punk-rock Futaba by Katieslaycosplay. The addition of their actual tattoos transforms this Futaba Sakura from the quiet, shy girl she played, to the girl she is by the end of the game: Daring, adventurous, brave, and bold.

We love the fun yet totally strong vibe we get from this street-casual cosplay. The background of Chinatown serves as the perfect setting for an impromptu photoshoot, and we're totally digging this Futaba with attitude!

4 Contemplative Futaba By Adrya, AKA Asuna

Fun fact: Adrya actually sells print photos of their Futaba cosplays on their website! Produced by an accomplished cosplayer, this cosplay from our favorite game gives us total chill vibes.

Everything, from the reflection in the glass behind to the strong, yet thoughtful stance that Adrya takes is perfect in its own way. We'd by psyched to walk by this cosplayer at a convention and we might even need to do a double-take... Futaba IRL?

3 Selfie Futaba By AliBaba

We'd imagine that when Futaba really is A.F.K., she'd look something like AliBaba's cosplay. Rarely seen without her headphones, AliBaba pulls this look off so well. So much so that we're totally believing this could be the real deal.

All the little details from their glasses to their hair styling tells us that yes, this could actually be the real Futaba Sakura! Better get that curry ready.

2 Double Navi By Arkadycosplay

What's better than one Metaverse Futaba? Two, of course! Here, Arkadycosplay poses with fellow cosplayer @ve1vetine, and they both pull of stunning versions of Navi. If we didn't know any better, we'd thing that they had just stepped straight out of the Metaverse after beating Shadow Futaba, who happens to be up next!

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We're seeing shades of green, but it's not because we're jealous! It's because we're so totally head over heels for these cosplays.

1 Shadow Futaba By Meivix

Shadow Futaba is one of the rarer-seen cosplays, but every time we do find one, we're in awe all over again. This cosplay includes so many minute details that truly make the outfit as a whole shine, and we can't think of anyone better to pull it off than Meivix.

This cosplay looks like it was made for them, complete with pops of color, gold detail, and a headpiece that are all so true to the game details. It's stellar, to say the least, and we only have one question: Will the real Futaba be able to stare down her shadow self and overcome the past that haunts her?

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