Persona 5: A Guide To Stats And Every Possible Job

Persona 5 has five stats to max out and four jobs for Joker to take part in. In this guide, we will give you the best tips and tricks for this JRPG.

Persona 5 fans know that when it comes to the real world vs. the shadow world, there's some serious housekeeping that both require. While it might seem like fun and games once a player has high-tailed it out of a palace or Mementos, the work is only just beginning... because in order to level up in the Metaverse, one must first 'level up' in real life.

The trick to doing this is exactly how it would be done in the real world. Find a job, gain some confidence (money doesn't hurt, either), and boost your stats in all areas. Doing this, along with improving confidant ranks, will improve a player's in-game battle. Lookin' cool, Joker!

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9 Stat: Guts

Guts is probably one of the most challenging stats to level up simply because the list is limited as far as what to do to increase the protag's bold nature. Essentially, ranking up 'Guts' means boosting Joker's confidence, something that can only be done one of three ways; one of these can only be done after the player passes May 6th on the calendar.

Therefore, the two options the player has almost immediately is via the medical tries at Takemi's office or by ordering coffee at the Shibuya Diner. Once May 6th passes, taking on the Big Bang Burger Challenge at the Big Bang Burger Bar is probably one of the easiest ways to successfully increase Guts.

8 Job: The Convenience Store

Working in the convenience store is probably one of the least helpful jobs a player can have. However, it's not entirely useless! While the player will make money by going to this job, its only in-game benefit besides that is in regard to Mementos.

After working three shifts, the player will automatically unlock new quests in Mementos. This job is also helpful because shifts can be picked up during the daytime, rather than waiting for night to come -- and we all know how persistent Morgana is about Joker getting his beauty rest.

7 Stat: Knowledge

Knowledge is the easiest stat to level up and probably the one most players max out the quickest. This can be achieved by simply going to class which, of course, happens automatically. Every time a teacher asks a question, you'll gain knowledge points for your answer (occasionally extra if the answer is correct).

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Luckily, there are plenty of question guides for those who want all the answers. Additionally, knowledge points can be earned by watching the TV show quiz at LeBlanc on Wednesdays or by ordering a coffee or Frui-Tea at the Shibuya coffee shop (try to get there on rainy days).

6 Job: The Flower Shop

The flower shop is a great part-time job to have and couldn't be easier. It's a great way to raise kindness points and rewards the player with a decent paycheck. After receiving Rank 2 in Charm, the player can then go and apply for a job at the flower shop. Shifts are after school or at night, lending itself to plenty of versatility as far as the player's in-game schedule goes.

Kindness will help to pave the way through various social links, helping players to level up in more ways than one. This job will also increase Mementos requests and reward the player with unlockable bonuses every now and then.

5 Stat: Charm

Charm is always a useful stat to level up because it allows Joker to gain some pretty rad abilities. On Mondays and Thursdays, the player should go to the bathhouse where they'll earn charm easily.

This is probably the quickest way to go about it. Additionally, players will have a chance to earn points by going to the Shibuya Diner and ordering Frui-Tea, especially during the month of August. Certain books will also increase Charm (as well as the other stats) depending on the title and plot of the story. If a player's Knowledge stat is leveled up enough, Charm can also be earned by doing well on exams.

4 Job: The Beef Bowl

The Beef Bowl offers a great paycheck but can only be worked at later on in the game. The player must have a Proficiency Rank of at least two before applying for this job, but it's worth it. The Beef Bowl is associated with Confidant Yoshida, the politician responsible for the Sun social link.

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Players will have access to his social link after several shifts as long as they already possess the ability to leave LeBlanc at night. Out of all the jobs possible, this is one of the most important in terms of ranking up socially and stat-wise.

3 Stat: Kindness

Kindness is somewhat of a cute stat to work on and can be achieved in several different ways. The first is by taking care of the plant that lives in Joker's room. By visiting the Underground Mall, players can purchase plant food (from the same flower shop they'll soon have the chance to work at) and feeding the plant will grant points.

The more expensive the food the most points the player will earn, but since this can't be done every day, taking the job at the flower shop is a good backup plan. The player will earn points for Kindness after their shifts or after successfully completing an order.

2 Job: Crossroads Bar

The Crossroads Bar offers the most in terms of a paycheck which is why many players suggest taking this part-time job if possible. Players will earn up to 5,400 Yen a shift and stat points correspond to the type of customers the player has on any given night.

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This job is also associated with a social link -- that of Ohya the reporter. Players will need to raise their proficiency to at least rank three before taking on this job and will also need to have met Ohya prior to applying. Once that's done, this is considered the most desirable job in the game.

1 Stat: Proficiency

Proficiency is usually the big question mark when it comes to stats because there's really only one surefire way to rank this stat up. Players will need to take the time at night to craft items at the workbench in Joker's bedroom which will slowly increase Proficiency points.

After getting the job at the Beef Bowl, it is possible that players can score some points through that as well. Lastly, the batting cages might offer some points... if the player can manage to accurately hit a ball, that is.

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