Persona 5 Royal E3 Trailer Gives Us First Taste Of The English Dub

Persona 5 Royal might not see an international release until 2020, but that hasn't stopped Atlus from promoting the game with a trailer during E3 2019. What is significant about this trailer is that it includes the first example of Persona 5 Royal's English dub.

The new trailer for Persona 5 Royal has already been shown in Japan, but this is the first time that it has appeared in English. The trailer shows the new group attacks that the Phantom Thieves can perform (one of which includes Futaba), the new locations that the player can visit between missions, and some of the cutscenes involving the newest member of the team.

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The latest trailer for Persona 5 Royal also has the debut of the English VAs for two of the new characters in the game - Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki. Kasumi is the mysterious new member of the Phantom Thieves and she is being voiced by Laura Potts, who has voiced roles in anime like One-Punch Man, Sailor Moon, and Sword Art Online. Takuto is a school counselor and a brand new Confidant for Joker to encounter. Takuto is voiced by Billy Kametz, who is best-known for his roles in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Marvel Avengers Academy. 

Persona 5 Royal is an updated version of Persona 5 that includes an entirely new third act that wasn't present in the original game, which means that there will be a brand new conclusion to the story. It remains to be seen what new foes will draw the attention of the Phantom Thieves or how Kasumi will factor into the story.

It's a shame that the English-speaking fans of Persona 5 have to wait longer to receive Persona 5 Royal, as the Internet will become a minefield of spoilers in the months leading up to its international release. The fans can at least take heart in knowing that the localization process has already begun and it won't be too long until they are reunited with the Phantom Thieves once more.

Persona 5 Royal will be released for PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019, and will receive an international release in 2020.

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