Persona 5: The Royal Fan Theory Says Entire Third Semester Will Be A Dream Sequence

Just as many fan theories go, onlookers of Persona 5 Royal, who analyzed the trailers for it, are theorizing that the third semester is all a dream.

Eager fans who've been following the announcements regarding Persona 5 Royal have raised a new theory to explain some of the things they've seen. The raised theory is that the mysterious playable third semester that Atlus hasn't elaborated on will actually be a dream palace in which each of the Phantom Thieves’ wishes have come true. 

Atlus has included some scenes in their released trailers that range from highly improbable to outright impossible within the established story of Persona 5. As such, fans have put their heads together to puzzle out some answers—this particular theory has gained enough traction that the English voice actresses of principal characters Morgana and Ann Takamaki have discussed it online.


Via Atlus

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The most recent in the string of improbable scenarios comes from Ann Takamaki’s character trailer. She’s shown on a shopping date with the main character and Shiho Suzui, a character featured in the first arc of the game. While it is a heartwarming scene considering all the character has gone through, the dialogue raises a few questions. This dialogue includes Ann's bragging about Shiho's performance in a volleyball tournament that had just passed while Shiho protests bashfully. However, considering Shiho’s involvement in the story past the first arc revolves around her grueling physical rehab, this seems implausible. Her injury occurs in April of the previous year, and the scene is dated January. Therefore, nine months seems like an incredibly small time frame for someone to go from struggling to recover their ability to walk to being an ace volleyball player. It’s almost as if she were never injured in the first place.

This string of scenes inconsistent with the plot of P5 began with Atlus teasing a human form of Morgana, the cat who guides the Phantom Thieves. Then came the scene of Futaba Sakura, another Phantom Thief, sitting next to a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her deceased Mother. In Ryuji Sakamoto’s character trailer, he’s seen happily participating on the track team, despite the fact that his confidant story revolved around him moving past his banishment from the team.

Via Atlus

Atlus has been cryptic about the context surrounding these scenes— so, of course, fans have come up with their own explanations. The specifics of the theory vary— some claim it will be one big palace while others think it will be many different palaces for each character. Regardless, the consensus seems to be that the third semester will take place in some sort of dream world where the wishes of the Phantom Thieves are true. Fans also hypothesize that Kasumi Yoshizawa, the newest character announced for P5R, will be involved in this, as Atlus announced that she will be integral in developing existing characters by additional means

This theory isn’t so far-fetched given that Atlus has provided no explanation how the third semester will fit into the storyline as told by Persona 5. As of now, a lot of fans have subscribed to it and are eagerly waiting to be proven right—or wrong.

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