Several International PSN Stores List Persona 5: Royal For February 2020

The wait for Persona 5 Royal might be over soon, as the PlayStation store pages for the game in different countries are now listing a release date.

Persona 5 Royal Kasumi Cover

The fans who are eager to be reunited with the Phantom Thieves of Heart might not have to wait much longer, as listings on different international PlayStation stores are saying that Persona 5 Royal will be released in February.

Persona 5 Royal is an updated version of Persona 5, which adds new content in the form of a new member of the Phantom Thieves and a fleshed-out version of the third semester that was skipped in the original game. Persona 5 Royal is available for PlayStation 4 in Japan, but the English localization currently lacks a release date.

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The wait for Persona 5 Royal might be over soon, as the PlayStation store pages for the game in different countries are now listing a release date. According to Gematsuthe PlayStation store pages for Persona 5 Royal in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Taiwan are listing February 20, 2020, as the release date for the English version of the game.


Atlus is promising to give the release date for the localized version of Persona 5 Royal within the next few days, so it makes sense that the storefronts would have the correct information early. It's also possible that they have confused the date with that of Persona 5 Scramble, which is also due to be released on February 20.

There have been rumors circulating that Persona 5 Royal was going to be released in March 2020, which would be suicide, as the hearts and minds of JRPG fans around the world are going to be busy with Final Fantasy VII Remake. March 2020 is one of the busiest gaming months of the year, so it would be for the best if Persona 5 Royal was released in February, which is a comparatively light month in terms of new releases.

The fans of Persona 5 have been desperately avoiding spoilers over the past month, as Persona 5 Royal is already available in Japan. If the international listings are correct, then the fans won't have to dodge the mysteries of Mangana for much longer.

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Persona 5 Royal is due to be localized in English for PlayStation 4 in 2020.

Source: Gematsu

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