Persona 5 Royal Getting Western Release In Spring 2020

English-speaking fans awaiting Persona 5 Royal will have to wait a bit longer than their Japanese counterparts, as the game is due West next year.

Atlus U.S.A. has announced in a new trailer that the updated and expanded Persona 5 Royal (also known by its Japanese title as Persona 5: The Royal) will be released in the West in Spring of 2020. Among other changes and additions, the new Royal edition of the hit RPG will introduce Kasumi Yoshizawa, a new playable character, who is featured heavily in the trailer alongside other previously unseen footage.

The initial release announcement for Persona 5 Royal included an October 31st Japanese release date alongside an expected 2020 Western release. As anyone familiar with the game or the franchise knows, the Persona games feature a ton of text throughout a dialogue-heavy story that can take 80+ hours to complete. Since the game is being developed in Japan, where the Persona series is a huge hit, the Japanese-language version is understandably taking precedence over its international counterpart, so a full English translation for a Western audience is a massive undertaking. Even though English-speaking fans will have to wait months after their Japanese counterparts, it's still a relatively quick turnaround considering the enormity of the task.

New footage of Kasumi Yoshizawa in the season announcement trailer also hints at her role in Royal's new story segments. The video opens on her passing by Joker while stating that her reliance on an unseen third character is about to end, before she slashes at a generic enemy. She is then shown activating her Persona power and teaming up alongside Joker to fight a larger horde of enemies. Persona 5 Royal will include a new palace in which this scene likely takes place, so given Yoshizawa's dialogue, the palace likely belongs to someone with an existing relationship to her character.

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Additional footage at the end of the trailer shows a team-up between Takamaki and Morgana in a new bright and fantastical setting, reminiscent of the Heaven of the Dragon Ball series. Some fans think that Royal's added third semester will involve an elaborate dream or wish-fulfillment scenario, so this imaginative setting could very likely be a component of this part of the game should the theory be true.

Non-spoiler-averse English-speaking Persona fans can find answers to these and other questions with a bit of Google wizardry soon after the game is released in Japan on Halloween, while we now know those who would rather play it for themselves will have the chance to do so in Spring of next year.

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