Persona 5: The Royal's New Character Trailer Doesn't Show Panther's Third Persona

Persona 5 Lady Ann Morgana Cover

A new character trailer for Persona 5: The Royal has been released and it focuses on Ann Takamaki, who operates under the "Panther" codename when acting as a member of the Phantom Thieves.

The character trailer for Ann shows Morgana giving her flowers and the two adopting a design that is similar to a romance scene in a shojo manga. It's likely that this is part of one of the new team attacks in the game, as there is one showcased at the end of the trailer which seems to be in the same location. The new footage for Persona 5: The Royal shows a character who is almost certainly a human version of Morgana, so it's possible that a romance could potentially be on the cards for both characters.

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One major reveal in the trailer that has fans excited is an appearance by Shiho Suzui. In Persona 5, Shiho is one of the female students who is abused by Kamoshida and tries to take her own life by jumping from the roof of the school. Shiho survives the fall, but she is transferred to another school by her parents and is rarely seen for the rest of the story. The new character trailer for Ann suggests that she will have a larger role in Persona 5: The Royal. 

One notable absence from Ann's trailer is a reveal for her third Persona. The Ryuji character trailer revealed that each party member will be able to fuse their original Persona and the second Persona they receive when their Confidant link is maxed out into a new Persona. Ryuji's third Persona seems to be an enhanced version of Captain Kidd (his original Persona), so it's possible that Ann's will be a more powerful version of Carmen.

Ann's character trailer was shorter than Ryuji's, but it still has fans excited for the new story content in Persona 5: The Royal. The possibilities of a romance between Ann and Morgana, the return of Shiho, and the mystery behind Ann's third Persona have only made fans more excited for the game.

Persona 5 Royal will be released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 31, 2019, and internationally in 2020.

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