Persona 5: The Royal Update Brings New Kichijoji Area, Battle Mechanics, And More

Atlus has released another Persona 5: The Royal “Morgana’s Report.” This ten-minute video delivered news concerning the highly anticipated game such as new mechanics and areas.

First off, we see Ann and Yusuke demonstrating the new battle feature, “Show Time.” By deepening the bonds between the members of the Phantom Thieves, players can use combos in fights. The “Baton Touch” feature, similarly, relies on the bonds of the members. Baton Touch allows players to pass their turn to a different party member and opens up the possibility of better targeting the enemies' weaknesses. The higher your bonds are, the higher your SP recovery and attack will be.

“Traits” have also been introduced to personas, giving them another option of customization. These traits can be kept during fusions, making it easier to make powerful personas. Accessories that allow the use of certain skills in battle have been added as well.


The new area, “Kichijoji,” will be introduced in Persona 5R. That includes new places like darts, billiards, a jazz club, and a temple. Players will be able to take their confidants to these locations to deepen their bonds and, subsequently, their rank. For example, the video shows the Phantom Thieves playing darts and their level and maximum SP increasing. Playing billiards seems to let technical attacks rank up. With these extra opportunities to get SP, maybe it’ll be possible to rely on other accessories other than the SP Adhesive 3.

In addition to all of that, Kichijoji has a “Rag Shop.” Here, gamers can hand in armor found in palaces and Mementos for money. By saving up points, players will be able to exchange and get different items.

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Lastly, a fan asked if the changed elements in Persona 5R will make a difference in the original story. Atlus responded that the main Persona 5 story won’t necessarily change, but that Persona 5R will have an arc not told in the original game.

You can see the official release of the Persona 5R info here and a basic translation of the news here.

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