This Pet Rock Is Now A Twitch Affiliate And Won’t Take It For Granite

One of Twitch's most notable up-and-coming streaming icons has a heart of stone and the personality of a rock. But in this case, it's because it's an actual rock.

On Oct. 7, Twitter user CT shared that they'd joined Twitch's Affiliate Program after they'd streamed their Pet Rock for seven straight days.

The creator's rock-solid strategy to gain viewer attention consisted of simply showing off their Pet Rock while music played in the background.

The rock, which appears on the Twitch account Pray4Cthulhu, is a basic gray stone with glued-on googly eyes. With stream titles like "Rock stares at you" and "Its bird, its plane, nah just chill rock," there was little confusion as to what viewers could expect from the stream. Still, the simple premise drove people to the channel, which now has more than 250 followers.

To add some variety, the channel owner occasionally incorporates additional elements into the stream. For example, at one point, they added tiny tombstones. After a viewer asked about them in the stream's chat, the creator implied that they were part of a seasonal theme.

Via: Twitch (Pray4Cthulhu)

The rock also has its own Twitter account, where it goes by the alias CT's pet rock.

A popular fad in the 1970s, Pet Rocks were novelty items packaged and sold as actual pets.

“I packaged a sense of humor for a very bored public,” the Pet Rock's creator, Gary Ross Dahl, once told the Oakland Tribune.

It's unclear whether CT's Pet Rock is one of these vintage collectibles.

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In an era where streamers sometimes perform ridiculous stunts to gain audiences' attention, the Pet Rock's rise on Twitch proves simpler streams have a place on the platform, too.

For Twitch streamers, an invitation to the platform's Twitch Affiliate Program is an early milestone. Streamers can only qualify once they have more than 50 followers, have broadcast seven or more times in the previous 30 days, and have broadcast more than 500 minutes of content with an average of at least three viewers.

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After CT announced that the channel had joined the Twitch Affiliate Program, fans were quick with the rock puns.

Of course, nothing about the channel owner's trajectory is carved in stone as they may choose to use the channel to share non-rock content in the future. But for now, viewers can expect to see the Pet Rock as it continues to do rock things on stream.

TheGamer has reached out to the streamer for comment. In the meantime, fans can only hope that CT's budding celebrity Twitch pet will take its newfound rock stardom in stride.

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