PETA Wants Twitch To ‘Take A Stand For Cats’ And Ban Alinity

PETA is pushing for Alinity to be banned from streaming on Twitch after she threw her cat during a live stream.

We'd hazard to guess that pretty much everyone reading this has lost their temper over a video game more than once. Is there anything more frustrating than losing convincingly to a stranger online at a game that you are extremely well versed in? If there is, we have never experienced it. When that happens to us, it's normally the controller that bears the brunt of our rage.

No matter how angry we get, we would never dream of taking our frustration out on a living thing. Well, maybe a potted plant if there was one to hand, but not a beloved pet. Twitch streamer Alinity has caused quite the stir recently after she decided to toss her cat up and over her head while playing Apex Legends.

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What has frustrated a lot of gamers who are quite rightly outraged by Alinity's actions is the lack of punishment for what she did. Off the back of that, PETA has taken to Twitter to ask that the gamer/streamer be banned from broadcasting on Twitch. "Take a stand for cats & please remove Alinity from Twitch immediately," PETA tweeted, tagging Twitch's support account in the process.

PETA also wrote, "She is using the platform to post animal abuse, which sends a dangerous message to anyone watching her videos." This isn't the first time one of Alinity's cats has been mistreated during a live stream. The tossing of her cat has caused a previous video to resurface during which she feeds vodka to her cat, which is not cool.

As for what Twitch plans to do about all this, well, nothing, so far at least. The section of gamers and fans that are really annoyed by Alinity's actions is clearly pretty small too. Some expected her follower count to drop after the incident, especially considering how much coverage it has received, but the total has actually risen. With each passing day, it seems less and less likely that Alinity will suffer any consequences for her actions, which is unfortunate.

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