PewDiePie And Marzia Have Finally Gotten Married

The king of Youtube PewDiePie and his long time girlfriend Marzia Bisognin tied the knot today in a private ceremony in London. The 29 year old Youtuber married fasionista Marzia (26) after 8 years of dating.

PewDiePie, the Ninja of Youtube (or is Ninja the PewDiePie of T̶w̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ Mixer?) first met the former Youtuber Marzia in 2011 when she emailed him after watching his channel. She moved to Sweden later that year to live with him, but eventually the couple moved to her native Italy before settling in Brighton, England where they currently live.

Mariza announced on her Instagram in April of last year that PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, had proposed to her. The ceremony was held August 20th 2019 at the world famous Kew Gardens in London.

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PewDiePie is largely credited with the success of Minecraft in the early days of Youtube. The popularity of his videos boosted the game into the mainstream and made PewDiePie a household name. PewDiePie has the second largest Youtube channel with 99.5 million followers, less than 10 million behind the Indian music label T-Series. Pewds also streams exclusive on DLive, a streaming platform powered by Lino Blockchain, whatever that means.

Marzia was also a Youtuber for the better part of 7 years, specializing in make-up tutorials, beauty tips, vlogs, and video gaming. Her channel, CutiePieMarzia, was the most subscribed Italian Youtube channel and one of the biggest in the make-up and beauty category. Marzia retired from Youtube in 2018 and has since focused on her fashion designing and her jewelry/pottery/home decor brand Maí.

PewDiePie has gotten back to his roots as of late. At the end of June he launched Gaming Week on his channel and played Minecraft again for the first time in years. He several months Pewds has been making Minecraft content on his channel which naturally has caused a resurgence in the popularity of the game. Even Fortnite channels have transitioned to Minecraft in the wake up PewDiePie's enormous success in revitalizing the game.

It's nice to see happy news about PewDiePie and not, yknow, Nazi stuff. Our boy's growing up.

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