27 Photos Of Jessica Nigri That Will Make Haters Be Quiet

When it comes to the world of cosplaying you have a large variety of individuals to choose from in terms of epic cosplay. With the extremely large amount of cosplayers out there in a growing industry it has become harder and harder for people to stand out among the group. When a cosplayer makes their way up the ladder and becomes an internet sensation and a household name it means that they have done something that really sets them apart from all others. When it comes to the likes of Jessica Nigri you have someone who wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in cosplay and she used that to help her build a fan base that is one of the largest in the world.

This isn’t in any way to detract from what Jessica has accomplished as a cosplayer and it is no way trying to take away from the impressive custom made work she has done on her costumes. She does a great job of matching every character she plays and she isn’t afraid to play a more revealing character to a tee even if it means pushing the boundaries of what might be acceptable in cosplay. While she has been known for doing this on a large scale there are many cosplays where she is not near as revealing and many of which are very modest. It proves that she can pull off terrific cosplays without revealing too much skin while doing it.

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27 One Foxy Lady

Via: lisimg.com

League of Legends took the world by storm in a very short amount of time and its vast amount of popularity caused prize pools to swell to the point that now, they are some of the largest in the world of competitive gaming. Jessica Nigri, a self-professed gamer herself, decided to show her love for the game by cosplaying one of her favorite characters.

One look at her Teemo character and you can tell that she has a good grasp of how to bring characters to life. She does a good job of keeping the core aspects of Teemo intact while also adding a bit of her own flare to the character. She’s spent the time to add small details all over and her custom blow dart is also a nice touch.

26 Distracting Assassin

Via: nerdlocker.com

When it comes to Assassin’s Creed if you are looking for epic cosplays you don’t have to look very far to find some of the best renditions of the characters in the franchise. The unique costume styles and the large amount of material difference causes many a cosplayer to flock to it. You will find those who match each character closely and you will also find those who push the envelope a bit and re-invasion what the characters could look like.

Jessica does a great job of creating a costume that stays true to the franchise, but also adds a bit of flare that wasn’t there in the video games. Taking a look at her gloves we can see that she tried hard to stay true to what we would expect from both the movies and the video games. She doesn’t go too over the top here and adding ware to her clothes makes for a more believable cosplay.

25 Hunting For Artifacts

Via: facebook.com(OfficialJessicaNigri)

Sticking with the Assassin’s Creed theme for a minute I wanted to include another version that Jessica has done to underscore my point that she is willing to go above and beyond to create a different version from the same franchise. She could have simply stuck with the one she had done before, but instead, she attempted to cosplay another character in the series to show the breadth of her skills as a cosplayer.

If you were wondering what Edward Kenway would have looked like as a female, Jessica Nigri has you covered here. She matches not only the color pallet of the character perfectly here, but she also matches the armor well. It’s hard to see here, but she also has his characteristic hood as part of her cosplay.

24 Final Fantasy Fanatic

Via: facebook.com/OfficialJessicaNigri

When it comes to the Final Fantasy franchise and especially Final Fantasy X and X 2 you will get a whole host of characters that really push the boundaries on what is too revealing in a video game. As a result of this, it is no surprise that a cosplayer like Jessica Nigri would take inspiration from such a game to create her next cosplay. She doesn’t seem to have a large amount from it though, which was a bit of a surprise given the popularity of the franchise.

Rikku is a carefree character that is very upbeat and positive and part of the reason Jessica Nigri choose to cosplay her is that she matches her personality so well. There are a ton of cosplays of Rikku and all of them are very well done, but she sets hers apart due to her costume work and in particular the two yellow pouches.

23 Who’s That Pokémon?

Via: Pinterst.com(Jessicanigrifan)

Many people know of Jessica’s Pikachu cosplay. After all, it was that particular cosplay which put her name on the map and made her become a household name so to speak in the world of cosplaying and the internet alike. While this is indeed the case she has gone on to create a multitude of all of our favorite Pokémon characters from the franchise. Some of them go a little too far to show here, but if you are interested in them, you can find them throughout her Facebook page.

One beautiful example of another Pokémon cosplay that she has done is her rendition of Blastoise. She is able to imagine the character in human form in an epic way and while she is missing the turtle shell she has more than made up for it with her amount of detail on the two cannons that are on her back along with her detailing on her clothing.

22 Striking Elven Warrior

via pinterest.com

Blizzard has been a part of the gaming industry for going on almost three decades now and as you can imagine this has caused a large following for them. They have had a lot of commercial success when it comes to franchises like Starcraft and Diablo, but perhaps their most successful and longest-running success is World of Warcraft. After all, the game was first released in 2004 and is still going strong thirteen years later. It has single-handedly helped Blizzard to take risks and was what allowed them to go into creating Overwatch.

Jessica, like many fans of World of Warcraft, gushes about it through her social media constantly and when it comes to her cosplay it is perhaps the most detailed and impressive that she has to show. Her Blood Elf cosplay shows this very well and you will be hard-pressed to find a better one out there.

21 Gotta Catch Em All

Via: Pinterest.com(shmekershmek)

When it comes to Pokémon cosplay you can find a lot of renditions of some of your favorite trainers and Pokémon alike. While some of those same Pokémon allow for cosplayers to imagine a human version of them, there are, of course, some that don’t leave a lot to work with. As with some cosplayers out there though Jessica isn’t afraid to try to create one from scratch so to speak and she usually pulls it off very well.

Taking a look at her Espeon cosplay you can really see why I say this about her. There is little to nothing to go on here, but she uses her creative nature to take the elements that are there and build around them. She takes the jewel in its head to expand upon her costume and build a full cosplay around it.

20 Showing Some Moxxi

Via: facebook.com/OfficialJessicaNigri

The first time that I played Borderlands I was impressed with the fact that 2K Games really thought outside the box not just in the story-line of Borderlands, but also in the art style that they used throughout it. True enough, it was hard for me to get used to it because I had not played many games with that art style before, but once I played it for some time I really came to appreciate what it did for the game overall.

Even though the game itself has a good following there are perhaps not as many cosplays of characters that you would expect there to be. While this may be the case, there are some characters from the series that really permeate the cosplay universe. One such character is Mad Moxxi and one glance at Jessica’s cosplay and you can see why.

19 An Epic D.Va

Via: facebook.com/OfficialJessicaNigri

Overwatch was the first time that Blizzard decided to finally pull the trigger and try their hand at creating a competitive FPS with staying power. They had tried to introduce something similar to this before with Starcraft Ghost for the Gamecube, but even after three reworks, they never pulled the trigger. Overwatch, on the other hand, has created its own league and has started to shape the entire competitive landscape.

As with many out there, Jessica is also a fan of Overwatch and of D.Va in particular. If you search D.Va cosplay you will find a lot more revealing cosplays and even ones that use body paint instead of a suit, but in the case of Jessica, it is one of her more modest renditions. She matches one of D.Va’s victory poses perfectly and her color scheme allows you to easily see the different sections of her cosplay easily.

18 In Deep Contemplation

Via: Facebook.com/OfficialJessicaNigri

In a game like World of Warcraft, as with many other MMO’s, there are many different versions of the same character and it is for this reason that Jessica revisits her Blood Elf cosplay in order to reflect a new armor set that came out later in the game. This armor has a lot more detail then her previous version and it also has a wholly different color scheme to boot.

As with most of her cosplays, Jessica made this one all by herself and if you asked most people they would probably assume that she had some professional help given how life like it was to the real thing. My favorite part about his particular cosplay though is the horns that come out from her shoulder pads. It’s clear that this part of the cosplay probably took the most time and effort to complete.

17 A Stunning Deadpool

Via: wallhere.com

Deadpool has been a very popular character for some time and even though there were many detractors against bringing him to the big screen Fox finally caved and decided to make a legit attempt. What followed was something that 20th Century Fox could have never envisioned given their early projections and even for those who didn’t know of the character it was an eye-opening experience. The vast difference in personality caused a resurgence of discussion of the character not just in the comic book world, but in the cosplaying world as well.

While I have seen many different Deadpool cosplays, as a result, I felt that the way that Jessica went about it made her stand out. A lot of the cosplays you see have people wearing the Deadpool mask, but she chooses not to and not only that she took inspiration from the comic books and really captured the character in the detailing of her weapon props.

16 One Intimidating Lady

Via: gamerheadlines.com

When we are talking about some of the best games ever made and in particular some of the best fighting games ever created it’s hard not to mention Mortal Kombat given how well made it was. There have been many fighting games since that have tried to accomplish what Mortal Kombat has, but they have failed to create the kind of dynamic fighting system. This isn’t to say that Mortal Kombat is the greatest fighting game ever created, but you would be remiss not to include it as one of the greatest ever made.

Like many of us, Jessica loves fighting games and her Sonya Blade cosplay from Mortal Kombat is something to behold. If you take a look at her photo shoot related to this particular cosplay you will find a ton of action photos and many impressions of Sonya’s moves from her in these same action photos.

15 Posing For The Camera

Via: rebloggy.com

As mentioned before, Jessica has no problem cosplaying anything and everything related to Pokémon and she has no problem giving you her own interpretations of what the Pokémon would look like if they were in human form. Not unlike the previous cosplays, she has done on this topic her version of Leafeon is impressive given the lack of information that she can actually draw from.

Since there is no major physical characteristic apart from the ears for her to draw on she decided to focus on the color scheme of the Pokémon to help her create a fuller image in her cosplay. She permeates the color pattern in each part of her cosplay and even adds a cape to try to underscore the intense importance of the pattern to pull off the character.

14 She Came, She Saw, She Conquered

Via: alienwarearena.com

My Neighbor Totoro is an epic tale that helped to put Studio Ghibli on the map and it enforced the narrative by animators around the world that they were the Japanese equivalent of Disney. Given the follow and the worldwide success of many of their films it’s easy to see why many people feel this way. Even if you’ve never seen one of these films before chances are you have seen a bit of reference to Studio Ghibli movies in the Disney movies you watched as a kid.

As with many children’s movies, you will see individuals re-imaging the characters in many different ways and in many different situations that are vastly different then what they found themselves in. Jessica is one who also does this and she has decided to use her World of Warcraft experience to create a similar armor set for Totoro.

13 Her Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Via: geeklandmag.com

Ah, Spiderman, the superhero that has spanned many generations and continues to gain traction with every passing movie. Sure, you can argue that the recent movies haven’t been the best, but none the less, there has not been a vast decrease in popularity as a result and as such it has continued to be a mainstay in many cosplay conventions. With such a recognizable character it really takes a lot of effort to stand out from the vast number of similar cosplays out there.

When we look at Jessica’s cosplay she does an incredible job of giving you a visual interpretation of what Spiderman being transformed by Venom would look like. She not only keeps small amounts of the original Spiderman suit intact to illustrate this transformation but also uses special contacts to show this change as well.

12 Re-Imagining Harry Potter

Via: geeklandmag.com

Many cosplayers create holiday-specific cosplays and Jessica Nigri is no exception Not only has she done many Christmas inspired cosplays in the past, but she has also done many Halloween inspired cosplays. She has stated on many occasions that she loves the Harry Potter series and so it shouldn’t surprise you that one of her latest Halloween inspired cosplays drew from that same vein.

Her version of Hermione Granger is quite different from the series, but her details allow you to see that she drew from her portrays in the Harry Potter movies to create a cosplay that does look close to what you would expect an adult Hermione to look like. The fact that she takes the time to place a smoldering cauldron in the center is also a nice touch.

11 Of Sweet Dreams Instead Of Nightmares

Via: walldevil.com

Today we can act like Freddy Krueger didn’t really scare us at all as kids, but the truth is that it was pretty terrifying to have a murderous character the likes of Freddy. I will be one of the first to admit that, like IT, Freddy was one of those characters that gave me the creeps and I can easily say that the movies did scare me as a kid.

Jessica’s version of Freddy though flips everything on its head and completely changes what we think of when we think of Krueger. She makes something that was once terrifying and softens it in a way that many people did not expect. It’s hard to do this given the deep past experience that everyone has had with the character, but she pulls it off wonderfully.

10 From Mars With Love

Via: Pinterest.com(josephnorth145)

Sailor Moon, like Speed Racer, was one of the early commercial successes of Japanese cartoons within America. It was so successful, in fact, that a popular television series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, drew inspiration from it. Even today it has a large following and with a rumor that the next installment is just around the corner, it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Like many cosplayers, Nigri draws a lot of her inspiration from movies and anime/ cartoons alike. This is due in part because of the elaborate costumes, but it is also due to the fact that she, like all of us, grew up with seeing each regularly on television. She takes this past knowledge and applies it to her cosplaying of Mars from Sailor Moon and she even adds a bit of fire in the photo to sell the overall picture.

9 Doing Mario Justice

Via: niubie.com

You can’t go through a list of cosplays by any cosplayer without running into a whole laundry list of Nintendo characters and in particular Mario. If you go through Jessica’s past cosplays you will find that she has done practically every major Nintendo character, both male and female alike and yet her Mario cosplay still stands as one of her most popular Nintendo cosplays that she has ever done.

Sure, you could argue that this is due in part because there are not near as many gender bends of Luigi or Mario alike, but I think that it has more to do with the fact that she captures the character in a unique way without going way too over the top. She doesn’t push the boundaries here and she keeps it very modest while matching the major aspects of the character.

8 Ready To Kick Some Serious Behind

Via: Pinterest.com(tameradavis)

As I’ve mentioned here before, Jessica has no problem with cosplaying a myriad of characters from both cartoons and films alike. Even when the film is a little more obscure she does a great job of bringing its main characters to the forefront and drawing notice to the film itself. This is shown in a lot of her past cosplays and it continued with her cosplay of the character of “babydoll” from the movie Sucker Punch.

She not only changes the coloring of the uniform in a good way, but she adds her own touches throughout to make the cosplay stand out more than it already does. While it may look like a simple enough cosplay, when you start to see the interlacing of the belts and the detailing on the leather, you get a very different impression.

7 Prowling The Jungle

Via: reddit.com(Nidalee)

With the deep amount of love that Jessica shows for League of Legends it’s hard not to have more than a couple great cosplays from it on this list. While she always likes to tip the scale when it comes to scantily clad characters a lot of her League of Legends cosplays don’t go to over the top and they really stay close to the artwork and in-game designs of the characters in the game.

Her Nidalee cosplay is great in my mind, not just because it matches the character well, but because of the scenery that she chooses to have her pictures taken in. Had she just taken the picture against a wall or out in an open floor at a convention I don’t think it would have stood out as well as it did within a true forest background.

6 Making All Sorts Of Faces


When the discussion of Batman comes up you can give a whole list of characters that have very interesting personalities that set themselves apart from the other characters inside the universe. You can get just about any type of personality from Batman and not only that, but you get unique outfits that help to set each one of the characters apart while also helping to broadcast their personality through it. With Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn got a boost in exposure, but before that, she already had a strong following.

Due to her playful personality and her corky nature, it’s not really surprising that someone like Nigri would flock to her and go above and beyond with her portrayal. Though Nigri does a good job with the majority of her cosplays you can really see the amount of passion that she put into this one.

5 Relaxing After Battle

Via: Pinterest.com(franjavrost)

If you’ve watched the Ironman movies then there’s no doubt that you probably remember the Ironette dancers from Iron Man 2. For all intents and purposes, they were the female version of Ironman himself. While they didn’t have the armor that Ironman dawned in the films and comic books alike, they did follow the color scheme and a similar design concept. They became popular due to the movie and as a result, many cosplayers decided to try their hand at trying to recreate them.

This cosplay defiantly falls into more risqué territory for Nigri, but as we have already seen she embraces this part of cosplaying and has no problem with doing it. She’s not worried about what people think about her doing it and she simply follows the model that was already provided to her by the film.

4 Searching For Dragon Balls

Via: Pinterest.com(justinmadsen31)

Dragon Ball has perhaps one of the largest fan bases around the world and there is an endless supply of fan art and spin-offs as a result. You can find just about anything related to the series and you can find a constant influx of information and discussion about the series. Even to this day, people continue to discuss the true meanings of characters and episodes that were never fully explained. Even if you are not a big fan of the series, chances are you have heard a quote from someone that relates to the series.

The Vegeta cosplay we see here is rather simple in all fairness, but in truth, this was the level of complexity that is shown in the armor throughout the series. As with most cosplay, it’s important to note that it may look simple, but in actuality, it usually takes a lot of time and effort to create it.

3 In Deep Reflection

Via: Pintest.com(daveruckman)

In making a list of some of Jessica Nigri’s greatest cosplay it’s hard to skip over all of her amazing World of Warcraft cosplays and not include it more than once here. While it may be a bit of old hat to bring up a character that she has already done from the series it’s hard not to given the fact that each variation is so different from the previous ones that she has created.

In this rendition of a Blood Elf from World of Warcraft, she drops the more complex armor and goes with a simpler version for her shoulder pieces. While this is the case, you will notice that the detail she drops from the shoulder pads is added to the leg armor that she is wearing instead and there is far more detail in her boots this time around.

2 Casting A Spell

Via: thelightningpalace.blogspot.com

Taking a look through Jessica’s Facebook page you will see her mentioning League of Legends very often and looking through her photos you can see why. She has countless cosplays that are mirror images of her favorite characters and she goes into detail on her other social media as well as her Facebook page about how she went about creating some of her favorite cosplays.

In the case of her Janna cosplay, she mentions that she created everything from scratch including her highly detailed staff. Looking at the Janna concept art for the game you can easily see that she follows it well here. She changed the way that the armor looks and she added a bit more gold to the costume, but her rendition still stays very true to the original.

1 Pokémon Re-Imagined

Via: Facebook.com(OfficialJessicaNigri)

If you do a search for Pokémon cosplayers you will ultimately come across a long list of incredible cosplays done by Nigri herself. She not only has won a lot of fanfare thanks to her Pokémon interpretations but in the case of some renditions, she has been voted at the top or near the top in terms of the very best version of that respective cosplay. It’s not easy to bring something into a new area, but Nigri makes it look easy over and over again.

Focusing on her Charizard cosplay though it’s not hard to imagine why people throughout the cosplaying community and otherwise felt that hers was in a class of its own. She brings the fangs into the equation with her necklace and she uses color contacts to bring out the matching green color of Charizard’s eyes.

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