Upcoming Pigeon Simulator Lets You Poop On People And Cause Mayhem

Bossa Studios, makers of Surgeon Simulator, have just announced an upcoming game, Pigeon Simulator. The quirky looking trailer shows players assuming control of a pigeon and taking to the streets, leaving a trail of poop and mayhem in their wake.

Opening on an image of a street sign saying welcome to Barnardshire, the tone of the trailer is set by the opening line, “Ah sh*t, here we go again.” A pigeon then flies into the sign before cutting to reveal a series of clips.

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We see pigeons walking, flocking, and flying, both alone and in groups. The overwhelming theme seems to be total chaos. Pigeons are seen dropping things on people, firing poop, and smashing through windows. One pigeon even manages to lift a man clean off his feet, with terrifying consequences.

There are also plenty of explosions and a great shot of the pigeons with their faces poking through slices of bread. The whole thing perfectly captures the humor and insanity we’ve come to expect from a Bossa title.

No further details of the game are currently available, just a large amount of bird-related puns advising you to keep abreast of the news.

Bossa Studios is best-known for its dark humored over-the-top sim game, Surgical Simulator, and its unique comedy physics simulator, I Am Bread. Both games feature huge exaggerated simulation antics and over-the-top humor.

Surgical Simulator puts you in charge of a surgeon with wobbly hands and no thought for subtlety or a job well done. Players can hack, slash, slice, and thump their way through a series of operations. Malpractice is mandatory and black comedy is in every operating theatre.

I am Bread, meanwhile, gives players the chance to take on the role of a slice of bread, which must be guided across a series of obstacles in order to fulfill its destiny to become toast. You will encounter hazards and will have to use all of your wits to succeed.

Pigeon Simulator looks set to combine the humor and gameplay found in these titles with the sort of chaos we saw in another unconventional simulation hit Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain.

A release date for Pigeon Simulator has not yet been announced.

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