A Plague Tale: Innocence - Hugo's Herbarium Flower Location Guide

Now that you’ve played through A Plague Tale: Innocence, it’s time to find all of the codex items that were missed along the way. This includes one of the game’s most endearing (and honestly, most innocent) aspects of the story: collecting flowers for Hugo’s Herbarium.

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There are 13 flowers in total to be collected, beginning in Chapter III. When found, Amicia puts the flower in her hair signifying the protection that her younger brother, Hugo, said the flowers represent, and keeps it there for the duration of the chapter. I am generally not the type of player who puts much time into these types of challenges, but the emotional heaviness of A Plague Tale: Innocence made finding the flowers that much more impactful. The nice thing about Hugo’s Herbarium challenge is that once you find the flower, you need not play through the remainder of the chapter. The flower will be recorded in your codex, leaving you free to exit the chapter and move onto the next.

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Here’s our chapter-by-chapter guide for every Hugo’s Herbarium flower in A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Chapter III: Retribution (Carnations)

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Chapter III kicks off the quest for Hugo’s Herbarium. After speaking with the monk in the courtyard of the church, head down into the area where he was standing. Hugo will point at a group of Carnations. Walking up and interacting with him will result in a quick dialogue scene with Hugo placing the flower in Amicia’s hair for protection.

Chapter IV: The Apprentice (Aquilegia)

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Upon arriving at Laurentius’ farm, rather than going straight into the house, head around to the back of the building, passing the pig pen. The purple Aquilegia can be found next to the tree with white bark.

Chapter V: The Ravens’ Spoils (Gladiolus)

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At the beginning of Chapter V, keep an eye on the left side of the path as you make your way to the battlefield. Lucas mentioning the smell will be your cue. Instead of following Hugo, head off on the road that breaks to the left. It will seem like you’re backtracking, but eventually, Hugo will catch up when you happen upon the Gladiolus at the lower level of the path.

Note that there is no flower location in Chapter VI.

Chapter VII: The Path Before Us (Hawthorn) 

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After you pass the mill, Melie will lead you to a ruined village. Instead of following her up a hill to the left, make your way to the right. Hawthorn flowers can be found at the end of the path behind the broken walls of a building.

Chapter VIII: Our Home (St. John’s Wort)

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Following the cutscene with Amicia and Hugo placing their necklaces on the tree, Hugo will run right over to the location of the St. John’s Wort for you to collect.

Chapter IX: In the Shadow of Ramparts (Lavender)

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Right at the beginning of the chapter, Lavender can be found on the left-hand side of the path as you follow Melie. The flower is tucked kind of out of sight behind a tree, so take it slow to be sure to spot it.

Chapter X: The Way of Roses (Daisy)

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As you stealth (or smash) your way through the university library, the Daisy can be found after unleashing the rats upon the two armored guards with the rotating light device and Odoris. The flower can be found in the alcove where the rats once were.

Chapter XI: Alive (Rhododendron)

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After going down the ladder, but before following Roderic to the center of the courtyard, head to the right along the edge of the courtyard. The flower can be found at the base of a nearby bush.

Chapter XII: All That Remains (Cinquefoils)

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After visiting Hugo’s room and heading out of the castle, hang a left instead of going down the stairs to the right. The Cinquefoils can be found down this path next to a statue on the ground.

Chapter XIII: Penance (Daffodil)

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After wading through the crazy dream sequence and rescuing Hugo, head down the path where you'll come across a small clearing on the right-hand side where the Daffodil can be collected.

Chapter XIV: Blood Ties (Black Nightshade)

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This flower is one of the more difficult ones to collect, so be sure to take your time. When Nicholas heads out of the courtyard, don’t follow him. Don’t worry, he won’t actually continue on without you. Stealth your way around to the tall hedges in the far, right-hand side of the courtyard from the entrance to find the Nightshade tucked away.

Chapter XV: Remembrance (Rockfoils)

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After speaking with Lucas, head through the nearby door and turn right once you enter the room, where the red Rockfoils can be found next to a bench.

Chapter XVI: (Christmas Rose)

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The final flower for Hugo’s Herbarium can be found when Roderic breaks into the burning house. After taking care of the Inquisition guards, head through the gate that they came in from, opposite the burning house. The Christmas Rose can be found down the path at the opposite end of the entrance.

That’s it! You now have all 13 flowers for Hugo’s Herbarium. If you missed all 13 during your first playthrough, going back through chapter-by-chapter will take roughly 1-2 hours to collect the flowers. Hopefully, the experience brought you a little bit of light in A Plague Tale: Innocence’s otherwise dark, gruesome, and depressing tone.

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