Planet Zoo: 10 Best Animal Custom Colors, Ranked

We've found the very best are rarest custom colored animals which can be bred in Planet Zoo and ranked them.

One thing many players strive for in Planet Zoo is the creation of custom colored animals. These animals seemingly come at random, so those who manage to create them have luck on their side as they breed numerous offspring from different pairs of parents. The main two variations are albino, which means the animal has no color, and leucistic, that only involves partial color loss.

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We have compiled a ranking of the best custom animal colors in the game that you have to see. They are truly beautiful and outshine the rest of those included in the game. Keep reading to learn about the ranking of the ten best animal custom colors in Planet Zoo.

10 Albino Brown Snake

Via: Reddit u/JohnDrew98

This Brown Snake has lost all of its colors, and it is super cool to see in the game. When you zoom in on its body, you can even pick out the individual scales along its body that no longer hold that telltale brown pigment.

It barely made it onto the list, but we had to have it for this reason alone. It might not be a habitat animal, but players will take what they can get and this is one they won't be disappointed with.

9 Albino Green Iguana

VIA: Reddit u/roosaurus

This is another exhibit animal whose white skin is utterly exquisite. It looks so pure and similar to a porcelain figurine when in reality it is an animal that actually exists.

The detail in its skin and the eyes that standout had us adding it immediately to the ranking because we could stare at it all day. We love how the spikes along its back have changed color as well and it is something that most players dream of achieving.

8 Albino Grizzly Bear


Players have begun nicknaming these beauties "polar bears" as they dream of having that animal added to the game. We love this variation for this reason alone and the way the scars show through the white is amazing.

The look of these giant balls of fur is something we cherish, and this person even managed to start a whole family of albino bears. We ranked them lower for the lack of personality the coat seems to have, but it still made it on the list because we can't deny that it is fairly awesome.

7 Albino Bonobo

VIA: Reddit u/SomSomerson

This monkey usually has dark black fur, which is why this particular Bonobo stands out to us. His fur is so light that he almost looks pink like the skin underneath, and he is definitely a crowd-pleaser among the guests.

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The lightness of the color of his eyes only adds to his beauty as he becomes the center of attention in the zoo. It is like a blur of white swinging through the trees and climbing around platforms, and we almost wish he was alive in our own nearby zoos.

6 Leucistic Saltwater Crocodile

Via: Reddit u/adroxyz

This beautiful Saltwater Crocodile is considered leucistic because it hasn't lost all of the colorings on its scales. It resembles a dalmatian's spotted coat with the dark patches placed around his skin.

This is just a neat take on the animal, especially when compared to the normal version we are generally used to seeing. It is a cool rendition of the original, and yet, there are quite a few that still best this one in a beauty pageant.

5 Spotless Cheetah

VIA: Reddit u/ProfessorKbr

The cheetah's don't necessarily turn white, but they do lose their spots. Some go completely spotless, and others manage to hang onto a select few. It is something everyone needs to see, especially when the comparison to the average cheetah is so different.

It almost looks naked, like it forgot to put on its coat before it left the house that morning. We still love every inch of it regardless and hope we can breed our own spotless cheetahs one day.

4 Albino Bengal Tiger

Via: Reddit u/BarracoBarmerGER

This gamer was able to breed an all-white Bengal Tiger that kept its stripes. This species is one of the most popular throughout the world and if you zoomed in closer on this little beauty, we bet you would see its pale blue eyes.

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We can already see the tell-tale pink snout and we can't handle how adorable this little girl is. It is obvious that one day she will rule the animal kingdom and no one will be able to stop her.

3 Leucistic Giraffe

Via: Reddit u/Caeyde

This coloration is extremely rare in the wild, and very few players have managed to achieve it in the game. It is quite adorable with its slight spots and hair the color of a warm fire.

She is so unique and different, which is why we had to put her this high on the list. The rarity in the natural world alone is enough to make us want to promote the coloration in the game in hopes more will come along in the future.

2 Leucistic Hippopotamus


This Hippopotamus might look like a large naked mole-rat, but that only makes us love it even more. It has leucistic coloring as it has maintained a pink skin spattered with dark spots.

It looks like something that would need a sweater to stay warm, not that we would ever want to be the one to put it on as it has such a big mouth. It wasn't our number one pick, although, we did place it at second best only because some people might find it atrocious to look at.

1 Albino Lion

Via: Reddit u/BlueTrain97

This lion is the king of the animal kingdom and the leader of its pride. It is utterly majestic in every form as its pale blue eyes instill a sort of respect in you for this great beast.

There is no other animal that deserves to be at the top of our list besides this one, as nothing else compares to its beauty. He plays the part of the judge, jury, and executioner, and we can tell he was chosen for this role based on the elegance bestowed on him by his custom coloration.

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