Planet Zoo: 10 Best Streamers To Watch For Inspiration

These Planet Zoo streamers can help you out of a creative rut or assist you in just understanding how to build better.

Some find watching streamers boring and a waste of their time, but Planet Zoo streamers are different. They can create incredible exhibits and buildings that are out of this world. It is inspiring to other, less creative players, as they come up with ideas out of thin air.

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We have compiled a list of streamers who inspire their viewers. We have included streamers from both Twitch and YouTube, even though some of the streamers on YouTube just create video segments. Keep reading to learn about the ten best Planet Zoo streamers to watch for inspiration!

10 Rudi Rennkamel (YouTube)

Rudi puts out tutorials, showcases his experience in franchise mode, and has created his very own Yosemite Valley Zoo. One of the coolest builds he has ever done is in his video called Planet of the Apes, where he creates a giant bridge where guests can view the animals in an amazing display of artistic expression.

You will be inspired to create your own rendition based on the movie for your animals to enjoy and he is constantly coming out with more videos to help inspire your next build.

9 Sips_ (Twitch)

This streamer understands how to create some epic buildings and the way he alters the terrain is unbelievable. The great thing too is that he struggles with the pathing system like the rest of us and can help us figure out what we might be doing wrong by watching his mistakes.

The best exhibits he makes are the ones where he utilizes the materials in the construction section as he creates giant exhibit buildings that are aesthetically pleasing.

8 PondShrimp (YouTube)

Little Eden Zoo is being created in these tutorial videos and she walks you through her creative processes as she makes an exceptional zoo from nothing. Her focus is on allowing for a lot of natural plant life to fill the landscape and in developing her unique buildings and other decorative zoo buildings.

It closely resembles something you might see in the American West near mountain ranges or even within national parks. She understands what it means to support conservation and showcase those feelings within her zoo.

7 Geekism (YouTube)

This guy creates a lot of content in regards to Planet Zoo tutorials and inspirational builds. He has a playlist of videos called Pimp My Habitat where he takes ugly and simplistic habitats that his viewers have sent in and turns them into something amazing.

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It will help you turn your boring and basic exhibits into something worthy of your amazing animals. He also has habitat speed builds where he creates amazing landscapes for specific animals and provides you background details on the creatures and politics surrounding them.

6 PaulsLey (YouTube)

A subscriber count of 5.58k should be enough to convince you to watch a few of his videos. He has over 40 for you to choose from that showcase his private Pulchra Sanctuary, to several videos with tips and tricks for the development of your zoo.

He does a lot of live streams of his builds where viewers can ask questions as he creates beautiful scenery that leaves fans of the game drooling. The other good thing about his streams is that he can accomplish a lot in a remarkably short amount of time, which is great as it crams a lot of inspiration into a single video.

5 DeLadysigner (Twitch)

The best videos to watch on her YouTube channel are those included in the playlists called Speed Buil Series and Meilin Zoo. There are times when she begins with certain pieces and you have no idea what she plans to do with it.

She is from the Netherlands and she is an official ambassador for the game, and she also streams live on Twitch mostly in Franchise mode. When you are done binging her videos, you will be inspired to create your own habitats based on her builds, and you might even have a sketchbook filled with some of her own designs.

4 Raptor (YouTube)

Raptor live streams an honest gaming experience where he consistently admits he isn't after perfection, and yet, he somehow achieves it. He can create large exhibits and entire zoos in short amounts of time, while still achieving a zoo that looks unbelievable.

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He tests out different things for people to use and gives them tips as to how they can better their zoos. You will be inspired by his designs, and he even recommends you spend some time in career mode if you want a creative push when you have hit a roadblock.

3 Silvarret (YouTube)

This YouTuber helps players learn how to build things like habitat houses and several habitats related to specific animals. These videos allow anyone to become a superstar in the game as he shows you how things are built through speed build videos.

He talks throughout the videos to help players understand different things that worked or didn't work. There is a discord he is involved in and brings up certain discussions that were hot topics during these sessions with other players.

2 Bestinslot (YouTube)

This streamer focuses on franchise and career mode, instead of sandbox mode like most other streamers who play the game. He creates magnificent areas for animals and guests while managing to stay within a specific budget.

One of his best qualities is the ability to use decorative objects to his advantage by placing them in a way that looks natural and exactly how we would picture an upscale zoo to look. This streamer also knows how to expertly use the terrain tool and create mountains or other exhibits that we love and he makes it look easy.

1 Poisonblade (YouTube)

This streamer compares himself to a squirrel in the way he builds and rambles during his videos. He focuses on two different parks, but one of the coolest things he can make is a variety of domes. and other curved structures from a single piece of architecture.

The biggest project he is currently working on is an Islamic style zoo with giant habitats that involve a lot of small details. He utilizes everything at his disposal in ways you probably never even thought of before watching his videos.

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