Planet Zoo: 5 Things They Got Right (& 5 That Need To Be Fixed)

Planet Zoo has been a huge hit with gamers, and it got a lot of things right. But there are still some problems they could stand to patch or fix.

Planet Zoo was just released less than two weeks ago and we officially have a bigger picture of what this game entails. Overall, we love the game and its playstyle, but that doesn't mean there are not some things we would like changed. Frontier seems to be on top of a lot of the major issues like games crashing and issues with different modes, and there is still a lot of work to be done.

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We have compiled a list of things that we love about the game, as well as some of the issues still hanging over our heads. This game is definitely one you should buy, even if you plan on waiting a few months for the major kinks to be solved. Keep reading to learn about five things Planet Zoo got right, and five that need to be fixed!

10 Right: Animal List And Behaviors

There are currently 76 animals for players to choose from in the game. This is quite extensive already, and we already know there are more to come in future DLC packs that will be released.

It is also not hard to love them all because the behaviors they portray are so realistic and lifelike. They use enrichment items, like balls, carboard boxes, and ice blocks. Plus you can watch as they have a blast playing with each of these toys.

9 Fix: Complaints About Staff Facilities

A big issue we have with the game is how guests react to the staff facilities no matter how we dress them up or try to hide them. A player can build a hedge that is twice the building's height or tuck a transformer inside of an encased building where literally no one would be able to see it or hear it.

Yet, no matter what you do the guests will complain, or even stand beside the covered staff buildings and you can watch their happiness rapidly disintegrate. Frontier should create a fix where each time you block an edge of a building or other facility, the range that it affects guests should decrease.

8 Right: Franchise Mode Challenges

Frontier has implemented challenges for players to complete as a group in franchise mode. They require players to breed and release so many animals of certain species into the wild, and those that participate receive prizes, like special character outfits.

The first challenge involved Bengal Tigers, and the second challenge has players releasing Western Lowland Gorillas. They are not easy by any means as the cost of these animals is hiked up in the marketplace by the end of the day, but it is great to have an objective.

7 Fix: Different Maps

The developers have included several maps that lay over the entire zoo and show you different things like heat, guest happiness, power radius, and more. This is great, but they should add a few more and update the conservation map. Zoos are constantly running low on conservation stars, but the only thing the map shows are the range and use of the speakers.

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They should add something that helps you understand where you need more conservation materials to increase guest happiness and overall zoo ratings. They should also add maps that mark damaged objects in red, as well as maps showing where guests are complaining about becoming stuck.

6 Right: Emphasis On Conservation

The goal of the game is to promote animal welfare in the real world by educating people on different species and they have excelled at it.

But it is virtually impossible to succeed unless you religiously use the Zoopedia to check animal requirements in terms of habitat space, water requirements, climbing requirements, barrier grade value and height, and animal relationships. They also have  notated whether or not they are endangered in the wild to help players understand the severity of some of these animals' situations.

5 Fix: Alpha Fighting

They might have increased the number of animals in packs like the Timber Wolves and African Wild Dogs, but they didn't fix the fighting between animals for the title of alpha. It can grow quite cumbersome as the notification stays on the screen for extended periods.

The only way to fix it is to send the losing alpha to the trade center, otherwise, you might end up with several injuries. This should be a relatively easy fix that we see Frontier implementing in the future.

4 Right: Animal Individualism

What makes this game so unique is the fact that the animals are all individuals. They obtain scars, have stripes similar to their parents, and albino and leucistic animals can appear. It adds an extra dimension to the game as people are more enticed to start breeding programs to achieve these particular animals.

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We love how they implemented a marker in the franchise market to show which animals have this odd coloration to prevent scammers from making a quick buck, but we do wish it showed in their genetic panel the percentage of the gene they are carrying.

3 Fix: Franchise Marketplace

The marketplace was a fantastic addition to the game that allows players to interact as they sell animals to other people across the world. The only downside is that players like to inflate the prices of animals which puts a damper on the excitement, especially when a new community challenge rolls around.

They should cap prices at a certain amount to keep them within reason, or have a system that automatically adds animals at a certain price range to keep everything fair, even, and available to players in the marketplace.

2 Right: Creative Freedom

The greatest thing to come of this game is the creative freedom given to players as they can use anything and everything to make exhibits and buildings. We also love how these exceptional builds can be saved and placed in the workshop as a blueprint so other players can utilize them.

It allows the community to work together and share their knowledge and information about things other than animals and gives them the chance to work their magic with the tools provided.

1 Fix: Keeper Feeding Issues

The biggest complaint among players is that the keepers are still having issues feeding all of the animals in their zoo. They have tried removing enrichment items, setting work zones, replacing feeders, and nothing seems to work.

Players have also said that sometimes these workers end up stuck somewhere in the map, and no matter how many times they move them they still end up with the same result of no food and dead animals.

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