Planet Zoo Beta Is Live For Those Who Preorder The Deluxe Edition

Today is an exciting day for Planet Zoo enthusiasts, as the beta for those who preordered the Deluxe Edition is now live. The beta is going to run until October 8th and all you need to do in order to access it is purchase Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition, which comes out on November 5th.

When Planet Zoo was announced in April, fans were ecstatic. Ever since the development team at Frontier released Planet Coaster, people were hoping for an expansion pack that allowed them to put zoos in their theme parks. Instead, they were greeted with an entirely new game. Planet Coaster was a revolution when it came to construction and management based games, as it allowed for far more customization than ever seen before. Planet Zoo is looking to do the same.

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With the beta now live, fans are getting their first glimpse at what Planet Zoo is all about and get to see first-hand how far the gameplay has progressed since Planet Coaster was released. The beta isn't the full game, but it does have some solid content that gives the player a feel for what it will be like when it is officially released. Included in the beta will be the first scenario from the career mode with no other aspects of the story to avoid spoilers before release. The beta also features various rides, buildings, an array of animals, and Franchise mode which features an empty map with no narrative or objectives. You can find a full list of what to expect with the beta here.

Betas are usually implemented to give players a chance to try out a game before deciding if they want to purchase it. Unfortunately, the only way to test out Planet Zoo is by preordering to get access to the beta. However, as positive impressions come from those who are playing, it should build excitement for its impending release. If you do plan on getting Planet Zoo, though, you will have a chance to try it out now as long as you purchase the Deluxe Edition. The beta will run until October 8th, which means there is still plenty of time to preorder the game and try it out for yourself. The full game will be released November 5th.

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