Baby, It's A Wild World: Planet Zoo Debuts Story Mode, Reveals Upcoming Beta

Gamescom has given us some great looks into upcoming games, and the newest one is Planet Zoo. Fans of construction and management video games like Zoo Tycoon and Planet Coaster will find a lot to love with the upcoming Planet Zoo. Check out this sweet story mode debut.

When Planet Zoo was announced in April, fans were ecstatic. Ever since the development team at Frontier released Planet Coaster people were hoping for an expansion pack that allowed them to put zoos in their theme parks. Instead, they were greeted with an entirely new game. Planet Coaster was a revolution when it came to construction and management based games. It allowed for far more customization than ever seen before. Planet Zoo is looking to do the same.

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People tend to like this unique style of gameplay. It is relaxing but challenging, and the sense of pride you can get from building an incredible theme park or zoo is a great feeling. The story modes allow you to challenge yourself and build the best park possible with what you have. In sandbox mode, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

From what we have seen so far of the story mode, it will touch on topics such as welfare and conservation, two important things when discussing zoos and the Earth's ecosystem. The developers are striving to keep everything light-hearted, but Planet Zoo is going to have a lot of depth to it. There will be a ton of details to keep track of and it will push your limits and test your strength as you manage (and build) your way to the best zoo in the world. Not to mention, the game looks absolutely stunning.

Construction and management games have been around for a while and they tend to get larger and more detailed as they continue to evolve. Planet Coaster was a game changer for the genre and Planet Zoo seems to be following suit. It promises an in-depth and challenging (but fun) experience as well as gorgeous scenery. For those of you who need Planet Zoo day one, it will officially be released on November 5th. If you just can't wait that long, there will be a beta test for the deluxe edition owners of the game that will run from September 24th - October 8th.

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