Planet Zoo: Everything We Know So Far

If you loved Zoo Tycoon, then you have to know about Planet Zoo. This is another game for PC that lets players create their own zoo by caring for animals and creating attractions for guests. It has been in the making for some time, but the developers have finally released more information to the public in the form of a preorder trailer.

The game looks epic and blows the old Zoo Tycoon out of the water with the immense updates Frontier performed to bring this timeless game to a whole new level. There are several new species of animals as well as additions that you as an interested consumer should learn about. Keep reading to learn everything we know about Planet Zoo so far!

10 It is More Realistic Than Ever Before

The main difference between this game and Zoo Tycoon is the realistic aspect of the graphics and overall setup. You can get up close and personal with your animals, zookeepers, and guests and follow them wherever they go. You might want to see who is in the employee break room or watch the veterinarian care for your sick elephant.

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The point is that it gives you more access to everything that goes on within the game and gives it another layer of depth. It might not seem like much, but the moment you start playing you won't be able to put it down.

9 You Can Play the Beta if You Preorder the Deluxe Version

This game has grown such a following that they are actually releasing a Beta version to anyone who preorders the Deluxe Edition of the game. Access will begin on September 24 and run through October 8, which may not seem like a long time, but it does give you a taste.

When you preorder this version you'll also be given access to three unique animals which are the Pygmy Hippopotamus, Thomson's Gazelle, and the Komodo Dragon. You will also be given free wallpapers and different soundtracks with this bigger package.

8 Over Twenty Animals Have Been Announced

The best part of any zoo simulation game is the list of animals that you have the potential to care for on your PC. A few of the more notable animals include a snow leopard, Lehmann's poison frog, and Indian peafowl, but they claim to have a total of fifty animals available for players upon release.

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One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that they now include spiders and amphibians for you to put into your zoo. These could change as some animals are still left unconfirmed, but all we know is that whatever they choose it will be epic.

7 You Construct the Exhibits From Scratch

Zoo Tycoon generally had an option where you could take a preformatted zoo exhibit and place it in your park, but Planet Zoo is different in this aspect. Instead, gamers are required to create every exhibit from scratch and take the time to design it to their liking.

It not only makes it more user-friendly and customer-focused, but it forces users to take into account the needs of the animal. You might like one thing, but your Giraffes might find it unappealing when you consider their original habitat. We can't wait to see the unique designs that players come up with after the release of this amazing game.

6 It Has a Focus on Conservation

The developers of this game wanted to help educate people on how to help conservation efforts. It will enable users to better understand what it takes in terms of staff to keep these animals alive and well in their habitats.

You can explore the kitchens and offices for a reason as it was designed to give you the full experience of zookeeping. Players are also responsible for performing research to increase the educational value that guests receive upon viewing each species, and they can choose what they want to focus on in terms of their conservation in the wild.

5 The Animal Husbandry is Lifelike

Animal husbandry, in case you are unaware of what this term means, is the procreation of animals to create offspring. Usually, all of the Zebras or elephants in a game look exactly the same as one another, but Planet Zoo strived to be different. They gave each animal unique patterns or features, like a Zebra's stripes for example, and passed the traits of the parents down to their offspring.

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The baby Zebra won't look like all of the rest, but now, it will look just like the parents. This game also takes you through the entire life cycle of an animal from birth to death to give you the full experience of what it means to personally care for these animals.

4 Animals React to the Weather

Many times in these games the animals wander around in the exhibits whether the sun is shining down or the sky has opened into a torrential downpour. This game is realistic in the sense that animals react positively or negatively to the weather.

A quick example is that the wolf who likes the snow will be found lounging amidst the cold flakes, but a lion will seek warmth inside of a cave to avoid the chill air. It has also been rumored that you might need to install drain pipes to reroute the rainwater, and puddles might even be left behind after a storm.

3 You Have To Know Facts About the Animals

This game is not as simple as some other zoo games that told you everything you needed to know about the animal. Instead, it forces you to learn about its habitat, diet, and enrichment needs.

It will be as educational as it is fun, and it only helps further their conservation efforts to save endangered species. You might have bought it because you have always wanted to own a zoo, but you will end the game with a wealth of knowledge about some of your favorite animals.

2 You Can Have Mixed Habitats

The one thing many customers have asked is if you can have mixed habitats, and the answer is yes, but only to a certain extent. You must still obey the laws of nature, so it wouldn't be wise to place an alligator in with a gazelle, because it might just become its lunch.

If you truly care about the health and safety of all of your animals in the zoo, then it will be important to do your research before pairing certain species together. When you happen to nail a mixed habitat exhibit, it will take your zoo to a whole new level and take you one step further in your journey to owning the best zoo.

1 It is Being Released on November 5, 2019, on Steam

This game is being released on the popular platform Steam, rather than a simple disc that you stick into your computer. The release of the game here allows for a greater sharing network, so users have the ability to show their unique zoo to others through this platform.

The game itself will be released on November 5, 2019, and it will cost $44.99 for the standard version and $54.99 for the deluxe. It is just over two months away and we know you are as excited as we are to hear that it will be ready to play in such a short amount of time.

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