10 Real-Life Zoos To Use As Inspiration For Planet Zoo

The Planet Zoo Beta was just released and people are already head over heels for the game. Some have donned the role of the architect and have started to create their exhibits from scratch, while others take inspiration from the world around us. There are several zoos with award-winning exhibits that players can use as inspiration for the game.

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These zoos are located all over the world and encompass a wide variety of animals. There is something for everyone to look into, even if they had originally planned on making their own creative designs. Keep reading to learn about ten real-life zoos you can use as inspiration for Planet Zoo.

10 Singapore River Safari

The most notable portion of this zoo is the Ganges River Exhibit, which houses Indian gharials as well as several other river dwellers. The exhibit's primary focus is on Hindu Temples, and anyone who has been paying attention knows that the game will come with its own Indian theme.

This exhibit is the perfect example of how to create a desirable aesthetic using a temple structure, with a large viewing glass window so people can come face to face with these river monsters. They even offer a boat ride to take you past several land and aquatic animals to give you a firsthand experience with these magnificent beasts.

9 Zoo Vienna

This zoo is also known as Schönbrunn Zoo in Austria, and there are so many different exhibits that we could recreate. The penguins rest against a rocky outcropping for a natural effect, while the polar bear exhibit boasts three different viewing levels so you can see them wherever they are.

This zoo has an entire enclosure dedicated to family pets like turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, and so much more. The Desert House is completely devoted to reptiles, birds, and a variety of plants that will leave your mouth watering as you imagine what a great exhibit it would make in your very own zoo.

8 Pairi Daiza

This zoo is located in Belgium, and the attention to architectural detail is astounding. This zoo is what dreams are made of as you gaze upon stone bridges and recreations of different parts of the world.

You could dive into Indonesia, China, or even the Tundra as you travel through temples and learn about worldly cultures in a single zoo. The coolest feature for guest viewing is the hanging bridge that is suspended over tons of greenery that will set your heart on fire.

7 Chester Zoo

This zoo is located in England, and it is one that you should keep a close eye on. They not only have over 125-acres of gardens, but they also have some awesome exhibits with one of them being Penguin Island. You can watch as these flightless birds zip through the water with ease or hop around on the rocky beach that was made for them.

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The orangutan exhibit has a ton of ropes delicately designed for superb play, which will make any virtual child's day. You won't be disappointed as this zoo jumpstarts your creative juices and has you creating things you never knew you were capable of making.

6 Taronga Park Zoo

This zoo is probably already on your bucket list, as anyone who has gone to Australia knows this is the place to be. You probably can't create a ropes course within the park for your guests, but there are quite a few exhibits that are just as exciting. The zoo itself is built into the side of a hill and slopes down in terraces, which in itself is a design unlike anything else you will find.

They also have an awesome walk that takes you through the seal exhibit, as well as a large elephant and giraffe enclosure that gives you the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures from every angle. The exhibits will inspire you to be the best zoo creator you can be as you attempt to use these ideas to build your zoo.

5 Zoo Zurich

This zoo can be found in Switzerland and it is well-known because of its amazing Elephant House. The roof has an intricate design and the open layout allows you to view them from every angle. You can even watch if they decide to take a dip in the water, which is something you should consider placing in your zoo.

It should also be noted that the Mongolian Steppe Exhibit showcases a wide variety of animals in a unique way, as camels and cattle are allowed to roam the waterways and alternate terrain at will. The wetland area is also unique, as it literally places you in waterways and transports you through a variety of slatted walkways.

4 St. Louis Zoo

This American zoo just announced a new exhibit that will showcase their primates in a way that has never been done before. There will be suspended walkways and netted tunnels so you and the monkeys can experience their habitat together.

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It will be monkeys and humans closer than they have ever been before and it will almost be as if you are transported to the area itself. This is something you will have to have in your zoo and with a little ingenuity and creative thinking, you might even be able to make it bigger and better than they predict the construction project to be in real life.

3 Jacksonville Zoo

If tigers are your thing, then look no further than the Jacksonville Zoo's Land of the Tiger Exhibit. They have it set up so the tigers can walk above and around you for a totally immersive experience.

The game itself might not have something that looks like this, but that doesn't mean you can't try your hand at making something similar. It will give your virtual zoo guests an experience they will never forget, and put your creative zoo at the top of the leaderboards in the game.

2 Miami Zoo

The best exhibits to model at this zoo are the sections that showcase creatures of the Everglades and Amazon. They are done more in the traditional zoo style, so if you prefer mind over matter, then this is the design you should copy. Florida is known for their gators and this zoo doesn't disappoint as the Everglades exhibit has a glass tunnel where these aquatic predators can swim directly over you. The Amazon section focuses more on natural habitats and boardwalks that allow you to experience nature firsthand. All of these features are something to be desired and for you to consider when it comes time for you to make your very own Zootopia.

1 Cotswolds Wildlife Park

We already know that Planet Zoo has incorporated a train to transport guests throughout the park, and this zoo has some pretty awesome exhibits that are seen from said train. It takes you through tunnels and past some amazing buildings with an old-world design that almost looks out of place at a zoo. It also features several open field designs for their exhibits, so instead of playing up the decor, their primary focus is on the animals and their happiness in terms of surface area in their enclosure.

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