Planet Zoo’s Latest Patch Gives Sandbox Mode More Freedom

Planet Zoo's latest update gives users more options for Sandbox mode.

Frontier has just released a patch for Planet Zoo and it's promising a huge number of fixes as well as some new additions to sandbox mode in the game. Recent changes had caused some instability issues, but those are likely squashed now. If you're a fine of playing by your own rules, though, then you're in for a treat.

The patch notes state that there are over 400 updates and fixes to the game. The most important issues being addressed are the frontend crashes and instability problems. After the last update introduced a ton of random issues, this is bound to be welcome news for many.

We will also see some irritating bugs like small animals ending up inside scenery, animals becoming trapped in the vets, and others becoming dehydrated while swimming fixed. Those who pay attention to poop will be thrilled to note that "balanced exhibit animal defecation rates" is among the change list.

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Via: Frontier Developments

In terms of Sandbox mode, the tweaks are mostly related to game customization. In terms of infrastructure, there are now new options for power usage, water treatment, and fence degradation. You can also make adjustments to the degradation of the energy and happiness levels of your staff. Guest needs and happiness can be altered or even frozen at will. You also have the choice to enable death by old age to add a new element to your gameplay. Finally, animal welfare needs can be adjusted, as can predation/fear.

The guest limit setting, which can be very helpful to prevent lag, is now available in challenge and sandbox mode. In both of these modes, scenarios will also load with unlocked assets. Sandbox mode allows players to create zoos based on their own visions and these changes will help make this mode smoother, especially for players with lower-spec machines.

Planet Zoo has enjoyed a successful launch with the game racking up an impressive 9/10 on Steam based on over 12,000 reviews. Many players, including ourselves, are praising the game for its in-depth gameplay, realistic animals and detailed management options. These new changes should help stop the issues plaguing the most recent version of the game and enable players to enjoy more flexibility and less instability.

Source: Steam Community

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