Planet Zoo: 10 Things That Don’t Make Any Sense

Planet Zoo has finally arrived to give old Zoo Tycoon fans the experience they've been craving. But there's some things that just don't make sense.

Planet Zoo is an exciting new game where players can create their own zoos, construct creative buildings, and care for over 70 different animals. The developers at Frontier have put a lot of time and effort into making this game the best it can possibly be, but some things don't make any sense. We are left confused and slightly annoyed by these occurrences that we thought would have been common sense.

We have compiled a list of these confusing aspects that leave players baffled as they fight to keep the income flowing. Players have grown frustrated and even bankrupt as they struggle to find a solution that shouldn't even exist. Keep reading to learn about the ten things in Planet Zoo that don't make any sense!

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10 Searching For Animals In The Market

When you go to filter the animal that you want to show up in the market, sometimes you might find that they are not in alphabetical order. This is a more common issue with exhibit species, but it does happen from time to time with the habitat animals.

It is quite frustrating, especially considering that the game does not give you the option to type in and search for a specific species. They gave you the option in the lower menus like construction and nature, but their neglect to include it in the market still baffles us.

9 Zoopedia Closing The Animal Market

Frontier's goal was to promote animal conservation by making it necessary for players to learn about different species through the Zoopedia. This is all fine and dandy until you are trying to learn about the animals you see in the marketplace. You can click on the Zoopedia icon on an animal in the marketplace for it to take you to their specific page, but in the meantime, it closes out the marketplace.

You lose your spot and the animal you were looking at buying, as well as any filters you had applied. It is relatively easy to reapply any filter and find the animal again, but it is inconvenient and a confusing twist.

8 Ambiance Speakers Lower Animal Stress

There are no descriptions of certain items, which can make it difficult to figure out exactly what they do. This is why many players are left confused when their animals experience low welfare due to stress. They provide plenty of hiding spots, limit the views of guests, and still, the animals decide to whine and cry about the invasion of their privacy.

The ambiance speakers can be used to prevent this issue from occurring by placing them inside of an enclosure and setting them to the sounds of the animal's natural habitat. If they had given it a description that helped players understand how to use it, there would be less unhappy animals and players who didn't want to burn the game.

7 No Filters For Damaged Items

Some people in the world enjoy chaos and vandalizing items in public places, and Planet Zoo has added this into the game. Players will be notified from time to time that there are damaged items in the zoo, but usually, these are small things like signs, trash cans, and benches.

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It can be hard to find and keep track of the spots vandals like to hit, and it seems there is a map for everything but this. Guests don't like it, and neither do the players as they search for the minuscule piece that some punk has decided to destroy.

6 The Franchise Marketplace Prices

We would have thought that by now Frontier would have done something to stop people from charging an arm and a leg for animals. It was an issue that came to light in the beta and has continued to plague players hoping to expand their zoos.

Conservation credits are too hard to come by until you sell 27 flamingos, 80 tarantulas, and 100 Indian peafowls, which is why the markets are so insane. They should cap the more lucrative animals at certain prices to prevent inflation from occurring, especially when a new community challenge comes around.

5 Keepers Fill Enrichment Items First

Keepers already have a hard time keeping all of the animals fed, so it is quite confusing when an animal is starving and they decide the best course of action is to fill the enrichment item.

No zookeeper who wanted to keep their job would ever think that is a great idea. The animal is lying there, begging for food, and yet the keeper stills decide the main food trough isn't as important as the single foraging item in the corner of the enclosure.

4 Covering Staff Buildings Doesn't Do Anything

You can cover your staff buildings in 7 layers of concrete walls and your guests will still complain when they walk by them. This is something that really doesn't make any sense because guests literally can't see it, but they have this sixth sense that can.

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Many zoos these days have open viewing areas where guests can see animal checkups and watch as the keepers prepare the food, but this game didn't incorporate that. We guess that for now, our staff facilities will have to be placed in no man's land as guests continue to hate on our beautifully decorated staff buildings.

3 It Encourages Breeding But Doesn't Tell You Whose Offspring Is Whose

A major component of the game is breeding animals to try and create perfect specimens that you can release to the wild. It promotes the conservation and overall health of a species as genetics are considered in their breeding programs.

The only problem with this is that you can't see a family tree of a specific animal in your zoo. Many players have run into the issue of more promiscuous animals mating with their children, which messes up their plans. We are confused about why they decided to neglect to add this small feature when so many other things were covered.

2 The Need For Workzones

Workzones are a great way to manage staff and make sure certain areas of the zoo are covered based on the density of guest populations and habitats. The only problem comes in when a member is not assigned to an area and neglects to do anything but wander around the zoo.

It seems to be an especially big issue with keepers as they decide that without a workzone they don't feel like it is necessary to feed or care for any animals. It can be quite confusing as these are supposed to guide the workers to prioritize certain areas, rather than neglect their job entirely when they go without it.

1 Too Many Guests Can Be A Bad Thing

Via: Reddit u/RoastBeefey

This game is amazing, but the biggest issue players have with it is the lag that it creates. When your guest count starts to rise, the amount of lag in the game grows worse as well and this has many players concerned and confused.

They want to play the game at its highest settings and create a giant zoo that is the best there is, but at this stage, it is basically impossible. The computer requirements listed in Steam are nowhere near where they should be for optimal play, and this led a lot of players to spiral into a state of deep confusion.

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