Planet Zoo: 10 Tips For Any New Player

If you love animals, you're going to love playing the video game Planet Zoo. These helpful tips are great if you haven't had played it before.

Planet Zoo is a game that any player who is obsessed with animals will love. It even has a creative aspect that allows you to build amazing and wonderful things. New players oftentimes have issues with the game as there is so much going on at one time. It can be difficult to keep a zoo afloat when you are still figuring out the controls.

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We have compiled a list of tips any new player should know before starting the game. It will help tremendously as you learn how to navigate the game like a pro. Keep reading to learn about ten tips for any new Planet Zoo player!

10 Play The Tutorial In Career Mode First

It can be tempting to jump right into franchise mode to participate in the community challenge, but this will leave you hating the game in minutes. It is best to start in career mode with the tutorial section so you can learn what it has to offer, how to care for animals, and the different things you have at your disposal.

This will lessen the headache when you do move on to bigger and better things that require a more careful eye. You can even watch a few streamer tutorials before playing as well to understand the game and how to play.

9 Solar Panels Don't Cause Negative Reactions From Guests

You will quickly find out that things like staff buildings and transformers will have a negative impact on your guests. The best way to rid yourself of the headache involved with transformers is to upgrade your power supply in mechanical research until you have access to solar panels.

These have no impact on guests, which means they can be placed virtually anywhere, instead of hidden away in an obscure corner like a transformer. They are a bit more expensive, but the result is happier guests and a more self-sustaining zoo.

8 Assign Staff To Workzones

It is a common complaint that staff are not doing their intended jobs and prefer to wander around the zoo instead. The best way to prevent this from happening is to assign them to workzones.

Y0u can make your entire zoo one big workzone, or you can make smaller workzones that are only for particular sections of the zoo or for certain staff members. Make sure you include a staff room in each workzone you create so you don't have members complaining that there is nowhere for them to rest due to your mistake.

7 Exhibit Animals Are The Perfect Start For Your Zoo

It might seem kind of pointless to start a zoo with a few tarantulas and snakes, but this is the best way to make money. It brings in guests, and if you splurge a bit more on those with a higher appeal, then you will notice an increase in profits.

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These exhibit animals also reproduce quite quickly, and you can usually sell them for a decent amount of cash to help your zoo thrive. The first habitat animal you obtain should be one with the highest appeal to increase your guest's feelings about the zoo even further and you should focus on researching the animal before moving on to your second habitat.

6 Training Your Staff Helps A Lot

It is generally cheaper to train a staff member than to hire someone new. When you are first starting on your zoo, you should try to train the staff you have to help save you a few dollars.

All you have to is click on a  staff member, toggle over to the education page for them, and pay the small fee to have them educated. They will begin to handle a bigger workload and it will decrease your need to hire another worker. Training them will increase their salaries, but it is a small amount that is worth a few extra dollars.

5 "X," "Z," And "Shift" Are Integral To Building

When you first start building it can be confusing how to move objects in different directions and on multiple axes. The "Z" key allows you to spin the object, which is the one players find the most useful.

If you want to become a little more advanced you can tap "X" once or twice and it will toggle advanced building where you can rotate objects in any direction to create more complicated structures. The "Shift" key allows you to raise or lower an object by holding it down and moving your mouse.

4 Stressed Animals Need Hiding Spots Or Ambiance Speakers

It is pretty common for certain animals to become stressed, especially as your guest count skyrockets. If you have added several hiding spots for your animal and it still proceeds to have low welfare due to stress, then consider adding ambiance speakers.

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You can place these speakers inside of the exhibit and set them to the sounds the animal might hear in the wild. It will decrease their stress tremendously as the animal can tune out the noise that has been driving them crazy and bring their welfare up to a normal level.

3 Add A Staff Room Perk

When the staff is tired, they head over to the staff room to kick back and relax while they regain some energy. Many players fail to realize you can assign a perk that helps them become better at their job.

The perks do several things like lessen the chance they feel overworked, train them, increase guest happiness, and so much more. It will make a difference in your zoo depending on what perk you choose as it cuts down on different issues that happen to arise.

2 Enrichment Items Are Used For Multiple Species

When you research an animal, it is common for you to unlock an enrichment item for that species. Many new players fail to realize that this item is also good for other species in their zoo. The way you can tell is to click on the enrichment item, and on the right side of the lower menu is a tab that says "tags."

When you click on this it will bring up a list of animals that can use this item, so you are helping enrich more animals than just one. Your animals will be happier, and your guests will be happy that your animals are playing with new toys.

1 Donation Boxes Will Make Or Break Your Zoo

It might seem silly to place donation boxes when we all know that many of us don't have coins or cash to throw into them at our local zoos. Fortunately, the zoos in this game have guests whose pockets are overflowing with cash that they feel they need to throw in a donation box.

You should try and place them at every spot where guests stop to view an animal, and you can increase donations through education. Placing education boards and speakers will convince your guests they need to throw more money into the box. It brings in more cash than you think and will give you a jumpstart in your first zoo.

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