Planet Zoo: 5 Animals We Need To See In The Winter DLC Pack (& 5 We Don't)

As the construction and management simulation game prepares for Winter, here are some animals Planet Zoo should and should not include in the DLC.

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that a winter DLC pack for Planet Zoo is already on its way. Players are already taking stabs at what these new animals will be and which ones will be saved for the future. There are so many different species to choose from, and no matter what, we are excited for them all.

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There are some animals we would rather not see in this first pack, while others are a necessity. This can vary from person to person, but we can all agree that all animals are amazing whether we want them or not. Keep reading to learn about five Planet Zoo animals we need to see in the winter DLC pack, and five we don't!

10 WANT: Walrus

The current status of the walrus is vulnerable as climate change begins to take over its habitat, but it is one animal we would love to see in our zoos this season. The guests would love the long tusks, and it is an animal we can already see players saving up for with conservation credits.

The developer could even make their tusks grow as they age to further the realism of the game. This would be one big-ticket item that players would definitely pay to have in their zoos.

9 DON'T WANT: Arctic Hare

This is one smaller animal we wouldn't want to see in our future zoos. They are simple creatures that would obviously allow guests into their habitat, but their reproduction rates would drive us up a wall.

It would be an animal we would put in the same class as Indian peafowls or flamingos that work as starter exhibit animals. Players would be let down by this development as they may feel it isn't worth the money to buy a pack that includes this useless animal.

8 WANT: Atlantic Puffin

We already know that flamingos are annoying and another bird might seem like overkill, but puffins are from a different feather. They are adorable and their large groups make them even more desirable.

They can dive almost 200 feet down in the water, and it would be exciting to see this aspect of this animal included in its behaviors. They could make water-based enrichment items and guests could watch as they traverse the waters for their favorite foods.

7 DON'T WANT: Arctic Reindeer

Reindeer are responsible for pulling Santa's sleigh, but that doesn't mean we see them as a necessity in our zoos. We already have so many other similar species such as the Okapi, Bongos, Springbok, Gemsbok, and the list goes on.

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This would just be another one to add to the slush pile of animals we might consider throwing in as they would probably have a decent reputation while still resting within our price range. Some people might disagree with this statement, but we want memorable animals, and reindeer can always be added next year.

6 WANT: Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins seem like the logical choice when choosing a specific species, but we would honestly be happy with the addition of any penguin into the game. The species is considered near threatened, so putting them in the DLC would go along with their plans to promote conservation of species.

We can already imagine the exhibits players will create as these beauties glide through the water over guests' heads in an underwater viewing area. There are so many things you could do with these creatures, and it would be a step toward adding more marine life into the mix of current animals.

5 DON'T WANT: Arctic Wolf

There are already timber wolves in Planet Zoo, so it would be alright if the developers decided to leave out Arctic Wolves. They would be basically the same as the other species, except for their coloring.

This wolf is not endangered by any means, and we still hope to see them in the future, but for now, we are hoping for bigger ticket items. This first pack sets the tone for the rest of the game's future and this animal would set it back from what it could become.

4 WANT: Arctic Fox

The one animal we want is the arctic fox because they are spunky little creatures that love to play. They will provide guests with hours of fun as you unlock numerous enrichment items through extensive research.

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This animal is not endangered, but it is still one thing that people look forward to when they go to the zoo. It might not excite some virtual zookeepers, but others will see it as an animal they must have in their game.

3 DON'T WANT: Polar bear

This is a staple animal that is seen a lot around the holidays, but Planet Zoo already has three species of bear. If Frontier Developments decides to add a fourth, it will seem a bit excessive, even if it is different from the others already in the game.

This species might be seen as a bigger prize than the others due to its unique coloration and vulnerable status, but we would like to see some less common animals included instead of this one.

2 WANT: Hooded Seal

Hooded seals are probably the weirdest looking population on the planet, and it is part of the reason they should be in our zoos. Most players would just be happy with the addition of any type of seal.

This species does have smaller, more territorial groups, which makes it more desirable especially as players fight to buy these animals in franchise mode. It would surprise us if there wasn't a single seal added into the game at all, but our vote is for this specific species.

1 DON'T WANT: Dall Sheep

There have been several players calling for the Dall Sheep to be added in this first DLC, but we have to disagree. It would be better to include some other animals that might be more popular than this simplistic beast.

We can see why some would want it, as they could create a cool mountain habitat. This is not to say the developer should never consider adding this animal into the game, but maybe they should wait until after all of the main bases of the animal kingdom have been covered.

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