Platinum Games' Next Features Anime Cops Riding Robot Dogs - But They're Still Working On Bayonetta 3

During Nintendo's February 13th Direct, the company announced a few new games. One of these titles that's receiving notable buzz is Astral Chain, a brand new game from PlatinumGames. This one looks to be a sci-fi classic, complete with a cyberpunk city, mechs, monsters, and what appears to be a grand storyline. We'll let the trailer do the talking.

PlatinumGames is no stranger to the action genre, having developed the Bayonetta series and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Astral Chain's style and action is most reminiscent of NieR: Automata. This doesn't come as a surprise, as PlatinumGames developed NieR: Automa. Not only that, but NieR's lead game designer, Takahisa Taura, is the one directing Astral Chain. According to PlatinumGames' blog, Taura has "pushed himself to new heights with the dual-character, Synergetic Action of ASTRAL CHAIN." It sounds like this new game is a passion project of Taura's. With just one trailer, Astral Chain has everyone's attention.

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According to the video description, "As part of a police special forces unit in a multi-cultural futuristic city, players work together with a humanoid special weapon, Legion, in a synergetic action system of battle and exploration." The word "synergetic" appears to be a key word for this game. There is a lot to unpack in the trailer, but one of the most interesting things was the two police officer characters fighting together. Nintendo expands on the game's description on the official page. You can choose between a male or female character, with the one not chosen appearing as your younger twin. The player then utilizes "the Legion," a weapon created by humanity to fend off the alien invaders. It's here where synergy takes place, as it's described as an "action system to battle and explore together."

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Based on everything we've seen, there will be a lot of big action sequences. The trailer shows the officers walking around in the city. Although not confirmed, the game could have an open world like NieR: Automata, but of course more populated with people. There will also be robotic dog-like creatures that aid the characters. (You can even ride on them in mid-battle.) Simply put, Astral Chain's footage reveals a lot, but also leaves many questions. But, that's the thing about a game like this and NieR: Automata: it's best to go into it not knowing how things will play out. Although it's only one trailer, it looks like PlatinumGames has another notable title on the way.

Astral Chain will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 30th. Although there is still no release date for Bayonetta 3, Nintendo assures that PlatinumGames is working diligently on it.

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