Platinum Games' World Of Demons Is A Beautiful, Okami-Esque Action Game For Mobile

Platinum Games has unveiled an upcoming mobile game, titled World of Demons, which seems like it may be a spiritual successor to Ōkami. Platinum Games has partnered with DeNA to create this mobile game, and developers expressed at the launch event that, "Our company mission is just to create great feeling action games with full originality - and we think this project fits that."

Ōkami was a fan-beloved 2006 video game set sometime during japanese history where players can play as the Shinto Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. The game has had continued success in an HD re-release in 2017. However, Platinum Games wants to make it clear that World of Demons is not a sequel to Ōkami. At the same aforementioned launch event, Atsushi Inaba, Platinum Games' co-founder and executive director, said "I know it's easy to tie this together with Ōkami, in a spiritual way. But the start of this project, it was just the co-creators wanting to create a cool, traditional Japanese kind of game..."

While World of Demons is not a sequel, players will absolutely recognize some similarities between Platinum Games' previous titles and World of Demons. The traditional japanese woodblock printing and black ink painting is one of those similarities that players will, most notably, recognize from Ōkami.

Those who have played other Platinum Games content will also recognize some similarities in the soundtrack, which has been written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi. Hiroshi Yamaguchi has been a key composer for Platinum Games and is most noted for his work on the Bayonetta series and, you guessed it, Ōkami. 

In terms of gameplay, players will fight against corrupted yokai (a japanese term for an entire class of mythological creatures), but will also have the opportunity to recruit and work with yokai to help further their progression within the game. Based on hands on encounters with the game, it looks like World of Demons gameplay, and arena style battles, are very reminiscent of the battles that exist in the other Platinum games that players may have played in the past.

The best news? This game will be free to play for anyone who wants to sink their teeth into a rich world right on their mobile device!

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