PlatinumGames Is Moving Towards Self-Publishing & Creating Own IPs (Two Of Which Have Yet To Be Announced)

PlatinumGames has always worked with publishers in order for its games to be able to hit the market, but that will be changing soon, as studio head Atsushi Inaba has said that the company will look towards publishing its own games in the future.

PlatinumGames is responsible for some of the best action games of all time, including Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Vanquish. All of PlatinumGames' titles to this point have been published by other companies who own each intellectual property, with Bayonetta and Vanquish being published by Sega, Bayonetta 2 being published by Nintendo, Nier: Automata being published by Square Enix, and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance being published by Konami.

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It seems that PlatinumGames is taking a major change in direction, as Atsushi Inaba spoke to Video Games Chronicle about the plans of the company going forward, which include taking up self-publishing. The move to self-publishing was partly inspired by the issues with wanting to create sequels for titles whose IP they don't own, including Bayonetta.

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“It’s that simple, and quite frankly in the case of Bayonetta it took a lot of time and energy to get it to the point where sequels could be made. It wasn’t as simple as picking up the phone and asking, ‘hey, can we do this?’ There were a lot of pieces that needed to fall into place and a lot of negotiating that had to occur.

“That’s a pain. That’s a hassle. For us as creators, we want to get to the point where self-publishing allows us to own our IP and do what we want with it, including making sequels. So the faster we can have that freedom, the better if will be for all the creators here.”

The move to self-publishing may take some time and there are still opportunities for PlatinumGames to create games with publishers in the future.

“There are still going to potentially be games in which we partner with publishers to do big things with big IPs. There might be some co-publishing options where we’re doing some of it and they’re doing some of it to make a larger game, and there might be situations where we’re going to be self-publishing larger games as well.”

Inaba explained that PlatinumGames is working on two unannounced projects over which they will own the full intellectual property rights and will be self-publishing. One of these games, in particular, is very exciting to Inaba.

“Right now we’re in the middle of designing something that has never been done before. I know a lot of people say that, but the game we’re working on truly is unlike anything else,” he said.

PlatinumGames also has other projects in the works, with Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch in the future, along with rumors of the formerly Xbox One-exclusive Scalebound being revived for the system. PlatinumGames is also working on Babylon's Fall with Square Enix, which is coming to Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in the future.

Astral Chain is due to be released for the Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019.

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