Player Beats Halo 3 On Legendary With Guitar Hero Controller

ATwerkinYoshi has beaten Halo 3 after several months of grinding using only a Guitar Hero guitar.

While Guitar Hero may have fallen out of style in recent years, its guitar controller apparatus has not. Gamers tend to forget that Guitar Hero guitars can actually be used across a variety of games, including non-music genre-related games such as 2007's Halo 3 on Xbox 360, which one player beat on Legendary using a Guitar Hero guitar.

Reddit user ATwerkinYoshi posted a video of his accomplishment to Reddit in which he shows how he was able to beat the game using just the standard Guitar Hero guitar controller.

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The video can be seen below.

Just under a minute long, the video shows footage of the Reddit user using his Guitar Hero controller to navigate menus, commandeer a Warthog, fire a cannon at a Scarab, and defeat enemies with a variety of weapons, including the standard assault rifle, the Needler, and more.

The video ends after ATwerkinYoshi, otherwise known as Super Louis 64, obtains the achievement "Finished the Fight," which is unlocked by completing Halo 3's entire campaign on the Legendary difficulty level. It's also worth noting that this is a Rare Achievement on Xbox One, with only 2.15% of Halo 3 players having obtained the achievement.

Super Louis 64 had also tallied his deaths along the campaign, which was wise to do, given the foreseeable failures that would occur when using the Guitar Hero controller. In the end, Super Louis 64 had incurred 251 deaths over the course of the campaign, which he had completed over the course of a month.

All in all, the feat is very impressive. Given many FPS players prefer either a controller or mouse and keyboard, a Guitar Hero guitar is bound to be jarring when in use with an FPS.

However, Super Louis 64 has tried similar challenges before with the Guitar Hero controller and other unconventional methods of play. Such methods include the DK Bongos, which he used to beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the Dance Dance Revolution mat, which, he used to play Code Vein, and other unconventional control types with games like Dark Souls, Super Mario Odyssey, and NieR Automata.

For those feeling inspired to try and accomplish a similar challenge, do be prepared for a lot of pain and suffering.

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