Players Get Too Creative With Soulcalibur VI Fighter-Creation Tools

Soulcalibur VI includes some robust character creation tools, and fans have already created everything from Bowsette to Buzz Lightyear.

Gamers have had a whole weekend with Soulcalibur VI now, which is plenty of time to digest the game and provide a meaningful opinion on what it will do for the series' lore and competitive scene. Or they could just go wild with the character creator and post the hilariously disturbing results on social media. Guess which one happened.

While I have had some time with the game myself to work on The Gamer's review, I spent most of it as a character modeled after myself. Yes, I'm one of those dirty weebs who makes a self-insert. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of people on the internet who aren't creatively bankrupt like me. Websites such as Destructoid, Polygon, and Kotaku have rounded up some of the best.

Here's The Gamer's roundup of those roundups.

via: reddit.com/r/SoulCaliburCreations/comments/9qdxab/ill_krump_with_you_sweetie_pie

Of all the characters to take up arms and step onto the stage of history, you probably weren't expecting Marge Simpson. But here she is, and she's 100% ready to krump.

But if you were hoping for an actual video game character, or at least someone who knows how to fight, you're in luck.

via: reddit.com/r/SoulCaliburCreations/comments/9q9kh2/did_somebody_call_a_doctor

If you want someone who really knows how to fight, as in defeating opponents with a single punch, they've got that too.

via: reddit.com/user/Deadsotc

And yes, before you ask, there's Bowsette.


There's actually several Bowsettes. These custom fighters have been all over Reddit recently, prompting the creation of a subreddit dedicated to these creations. Soul Calibur Creations already has 5,000 subscribers, and there's some absolute madmen in their ranks.

via: reddit.com/user/Dangatopreto

Everyone's favorite space ranger.

via: reddit.com/user/MrFingerKnives

Michael Myers needs some kind of hobby as he waits for Halloween.

via: reddit.com/user/DaniVegaz

Jojo characters work a little too well in this game...

via: reddit.com/user/SmilingFlounder

Apparently Pickle Rick is still a valid meme. But on the topic of food, no fighting game roster is complete without this guy.

via: reddit.com/r/SoulCalibur/comments/9pr0pm/royale_with_cheese

And what good is a burger and fries without a refreshing soda. If only there was a hero who could help with that...

via: twitter.com/Altronage

Soulcalibur VI is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and its custom characters can be found all over your social media feed. Stay tuned for our review of the game.

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