PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Adding Weather, Mobility... And Zombies

Big updates are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, including improved mobility, new weapons, and changing weather. The announcement came during PC Gamer’s E3 2017 PC Gaming Show from PUBG’s creative director Brendan Greene.

The short trailer that accompanied Greene’s announcement highlighted a few of the updates and components that have been missing from the game since launch.

The first announcement for Battlegrounds is the ability to climb and vault, two simple mobility options whose absence has caused PUBG’s players to snap their keyboards in half since day one. Now they’ll be able to climb the game’s obstacles or flail awkwardly over car hoods to their heart’s content. The game will also feature new weather, as opposed to it being a startlingly sunny day every match. A new gun was slipped in at the end of the trailer in the form of the OTs-14 Groza, a bullpup style SMG commonly used by Russia’s Spetsnaz Police. Greene announced that PUBG would be receiving monthly updates featuring a new weapon in addition to tweaks to the game. Long term, Greene mentioned that PUBG will support mods in the future, an exciting prospect for anyone who wants to look like Macho Man Randy Savage while smacking people with a frying pan.

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Additionally, player-controlled zombies are on the horizon for the massive multiplayer game.

The biggest addition to PUBG by far is the support of mods in the future. Giving player’s the keys to a game that they’re passionate about has led to some extremely impressive work in the past for a variety of titles. PUBG is slowly maturing out of early access purgatory by addressing its shortcomings and adding new features and weapons.

It’s refreshing to see an early access game being treated as a long term commitment for a change, as opposed to the typical trend of letting them exist as half finished jokes. Due to PUBG being the indirect byproduct of modding success DayZ, the support of player made mods can only make the game that much better. I doubt few gaming experiences will live up to being sniped by Thomas the Tank Engine or using all types of wacky player made weapons to bring him to his knees. One things for certain, all of it will be a hell of a lot easier when you aren’t getting stuck behind every knee-high obstacle.


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