PUBG: 25 Awesome Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is sweeping the world of video games. Pro players know all the secrets of the game.

Playerunknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) is for those who need a little more of a thrill then Call of Duty can provide. This game is unforgiving. You only have one shot to make it to the end, and if you mess up, you are done for the round. If you ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be in a Hunger Games situation, well this game is going to bring you as close as possible. Scavenging for weapons and armor, watching your back, fleeing from zones that are now being compressed, looking for places to temporarily hide; this game turns you into a paranoid warrior. PC gamers and those who have this game on the Xbox would not have it any other way. If you have a skill for strategy and high reflexes, PUBG is probably already downloaded on your computer or console.

While you think you might know everything there is to know about this game, there might be some valuable facts you have missed out on. Every player can get better at their game, and that is what we are here to do. Need some new hiding spots? Running out of places to find loot? You have come to the right place. Everyone wants to be the “winner that gets the chicken dinner.” So, have a look at our list of the 25 awesome things you had no idea you could do in PUBG. If there are some we missed, be sure to leave them in the comments.

25 Score On The Go

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With a game like PUBG, gamers have to be creative about how they survive and eliminate other players. Cars and vehicles can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth, but if players have a team and know how to aim like a star, they can take out some easy targets. Find a car and have everyone hop in. Then, players can work together with other team members and drive the vehicle through the map. As one person drives the car, the other players can eliminate enemies as they drive by. Players do need to be careful about running into other cars or crashing into a building (we all know how erratic transportation can be in PUBG). However, if you have a top-notch team of marksmen, the car can be your best friend.

24 Stick The Landing

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One of the best things players can do is be aware of their speed as they are deployed from the helicopter. While being disposed in the air, players can speed up their descent into madness until their parachute automatically opens at 230 ft in the air. Ah, that pesky parachute. You could have gotten so much further if you could have deployed a little later, right? Well, gamers can still speed up the drop even when the parachute comes out. Players may think they have to continue to deal with slow speeds, but they can speed up the fall by pressing F on the computer or L on the Xbox while aiming for the landing. This not only speeds up the fall but also assists in steering the arrival.

23 Optimize Health

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One of the craziest things about playing PUBG is that you could be alone one minute and then fight for your life the next. You never know when an enemy is going to snipe you from across a field or corner you in a house. As a result, you have to find as many methods as possible to use items, so you are not a sitting duck more. Here is one helpful trick you may not have known about. Players can optimize their bandages by using the next one on the third tick of the health bar going up. It is the most efficient use of the bandage for time and health regeneration. It would be a complete shame to heal yourself to only drop in the next few seconds because you were out in the open.

22 Save That Grenade

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It is so common to screw up controls. You thought you were picking your gun but instead set off to cook a grenade. Uh, oh…you feel like you only have the option to waste it or die. Well, you can save the coveted weapon if you know the right thing to do. If a player pulled out a pin by accident, players could drag the grenade back to the storage column to put the pin back in on the PC. Gamers should be able to hold Y to do the same thing on the Xbox. Weapons and supplies are at a premium in a game like PUBG. Therefore, it is essential to know about tricks like this one to save your weapons after a mistake.

21 Loot From The Menu

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Okay, so the crouch animation stops being cute after the third time. Again, seconds are precious in this game. You do not have the time to spend 10 to 15 seconds crouching for multiple items in a vicinity. There is a much easier way to do this. When a player enters a home and is surrounded by a lot of different materials, players should go to their menu to drag and drop items into their storage. This will keep players from having to go through the crouch animation each time. This is so much easier and takes up a lot less time. So, next time you go into a room with a lot of loot, pull out that menu and get to dragging.

20 The Secret Island

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Think that everything is laid out for you to see in PUBG? Think again! Some secret areas are off the beaten path that players can explore in the midst of this insane battle royale. Exploration may seem counterintuitive and put you in a vulnerable position, but it is worth it, especially if there is some sweet loot on the other side. While every place looks like it could be crawling with fighters, players have discovered a secret island that players can loot from. It involves a long swim or a ride on a boat or aquarail, but the loot rewards could be significant. This has been found in the PC version, so if it is not already in the Xbox version, it will likely be coming soon for console players.

19 Traveling Through Bunkers

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PUBG has a vast map. This means there are tons of locations players are still discovering. This one will make you feel like you have just stepped into the new Call of Duty game. If you are new to PUBG or just do not make it a practice to explore the area because you are too busy trying to survive (we understand, those other players can be ruthless), you might have missed out on the old military bunker. Whether you have the Xbox or PC version of the game, there is an underground network of shelters that house some of the best loot in the game. There are multiple places of entry for players. Some of the entrances are even large enough for cars to enter, just be careful of the narrow passageways.

18 Where In The World Are Level Three Items?

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Are you sick and tired of starting the game with some lame level one helmet or some armor that can’t even block a stick? It’s annoying and can put you at a disadvantage in the game. However, some players are able to find level three and four items within minutes of the game. How are they doing this? Is there a secret location they know that you have not keyed in on yet? Nope! While there are other hidden locations we will touch on, many players know that the best loot is on the outskirts of the map. The middle of the map is the safe zone, so developers put the items further away. Now, it is true that you take a risk by heading out further because the area will compress, but the loot might be worth it.

17 Ride The Seas

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Alright, so this one is for the PC gamers, but this should also apply to Xbox gamers soon enough. The Miramar DLC map brings a lot of new bells and whistles to the PUBG universe. It is a desert that is surrounded by islands and water. If you so desire, you and a friend could ride the waves and take the fight to the seas. On the new DLC map, there is the capability for players to cycle through the water on an Aquarail boat. Again, with any form of transportation in this game, the tide can change quickly and it can either explode or run into something. Yet, it is kinda cool to be able to do a quick drive-by on some unsuspecting enemies camping out on the beaches.

16 Visit A Real-Life Wasteland

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If there is one thing that developers are good at, it is bringing real-life into a video game. When real events or destinations are included in a game, it adds a level of realism that makes the experience all the more immersive. However, this one does hit a little close to home and might be emotional for some. The developers created a land on the Miramar map that references the real-life disaster that occurred on Chernobyl. If you fancy this sort of thing or feel an attachment to it, you can visit it in the game. As with anything, watch your back, because the covering is likely not the best in an area like this one. Again, Xbox gamers, this DLC should hopefully be coming your way shortly.

15 The Gifts Of A Submerged Home

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In the original map, there is a city that is flooded and probably does not seem like it is worth a look. This could not be further from the truth. Typically, in this game, if something looks like you should not even attempt to check it out, you probably should. There is a home in the Venice area of the map (fitting name for a city submerged in water) that looks as if it does not have any entrance or way in. All of the openings are blocked. However, there is a secret way to get in from the roof. If players check out the fence next to the home, they can vault up to the roof and find their way in. For those dedicated enough to do this, they will be rewarded with some nice loot for their troubles.

14 Defy Physics

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Okay, so this one might be the most bizarre on the list, but it is worth a look. Someone on Reddit had a weird experience with a pick-up truck on the new desert map. On the outskirts of the map near a long bridge (that looks impossible to get to), there is a secret elevator that players can use to get up to it. If they get in an abandoned pick-up truck next to the bridge, the player's car will automatically roll upwards into the air and release them on the bridge. Now, we want to include a little disclaimer. This person could have exploited a glitch (that could soon be patched), or a trick of the camera is also possible. However, if this is genuine, it is more than worth checking it out.

13 Peek A Boo

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In a combat game, everyone knows that it is essential to understand how to prone. You can prevent a headshot, or turn the tables on someone who thought they had the jump on you. Luckily for players, in a game as glitch-heavy as this game, it is possible to exploit proning to an even more substantial advantage. There is a glitch that players can use to their advantage to disappear into the ground. All players have to do is find a concrete platform and go prone. It will take you below the platform into what looks like a small room. Players cannot even shoot or harm them in this mode. You are invisible to others, but you can see what all is going on around you. We always want to warn you that this glitch could have been found and patched.

12 X-Ray Vision

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Ever wanted superpowers? Well, we, unfortunately, cannot give them to you physically, but we can tell you how to utilize them in PUBG. Again, there are some design oddities that are a part of the game that players can use to their advantage. If players approach a room at a specific angle, they can see through walls and get a jump on enemies. If you ever wondered why someone seemed to know exactly where you were as you left a room, this was probably the reason why. According to some sources, some of this has been patched, but they perhaps did not capture all of the spots where this occurred. It is likely to work if you are in the third person view, so change your angle and get playing.

11 Underwater Hideout?

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This one is almost as bizarre as the pick-up truck elevator entry. Some players have figured out that you can go to the bottom of a waterway and glitch into a hideout where you don’t have to hold your breath. The city looks as if it is upside down above the players, and it is a definite glitch. There are YouTube videos showing teams floating out there until the last enemies have been taken out. They can be discovered if someone enters the water and just keeps swimming below the surface to the seafloor, but it is a previously unknown hang out. We always have to advise that some of this could have been discovered and fixed by the developers, but still, try it out.

10 Walk On Air

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We cannot tell you how much footage we have seen of this entry and the resulting hilarity. Players are literally shown running full speed in the middle of the air on top of the ocean. First, it looks like it could be an invisible city or mountain that you just happened to land on after you exited the plane. However, it is not any of those things; it is actually the shield that creates the boundaries of the play area for gamers. If players know exactly where to land, they can fall on top of this shield in the middle of the ocean. They can run or walk on it like it is visible. While this does not give you an advantage, it can be great for capturing a screenshot of you defying gravity.

9 Ultimate Camping

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There is a reason that many avid players advise others to not go across the bridges. It is an area that puts players at risk and leaves them open to others who are using the bridge as a means to quickly take out others. It makes novice players a sitting duck, but if gamers are aware of some tricks, they can turn the tables on other campers. If players have a sniper rifle, they can make their way to the bridge, and climb up to the top. There is only one spot on the bridge where gamers can enter it and slowly walk up to the top undetected. They can aim from the top and eliminate any unsuspecting players for miles. Gamers can also take a motorbike up that way as well.

8 How Clever

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You’re running through the map, and you discovered that you need a car to get to another part of the map quickly. You come upon a vehicle, and it seems like your problem is solved, but you find the car upside down or resting on its side. Some other player recklessly left the car, and now it seems like it’s a hopeless case. However, it does not have to be if you have a grenade on you. If a car is flipped on its side players can still take it if they use a grenade. If they throw the bomb near the vehicle, many times, it will flip it back on the right side. You have to get it in the right spot, or it will blow up the car.

7 Fist Of Fury

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Cars can be used for a lot of things for players. It looks like it is just a form of transportation, but vehicles are so much more than that. This scenario is a dire one, but it is worth mentioning. In PUBG you might get caught without any weapons and in a situation where an enemy is pursuing you. If you jump behind a vehicle, players can still shoot at you through the bottom space. If players do not have a knife or gun, they can punch out the tires of vehicles with their fist. This will make the car fall to the ground and block any shots from enemies. There are times when you have to get creative to get out of a sticky situation. So, take this one seriously.

6 Gas Station Ambush

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We are here to provide you with all the hot spots for hiding and getting the jump on other players. The developers have placed numerous areas in the game for players to hide. Some of these places were not intended while others were. Many players on YouTube have found this location. If gamers travel to a gas station, there is a door that looks closed off from the rest of the building. It is boarded up and seems impossible to get into. However, players can go prone and crawl through the door and wait to ambush other players. There is nothing in the room except for old soil. This one might have been patched, so beware. You don’t want to make your way there only to have someone waiting to take you out.

5 Give Creators A Run For Their Money

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One of the coolest things about this game is that every once in a while players might encounter developers. They have to get their game on too, right? There are videos of developers running through Spawn Island to participate in the battle royale. Honestly, this game is fantastic, why wouldn’t the creators want to join in on this? They can be noticed by the Dev sign on the back of their shirts. We would suggest warming up to them and trying to get them in on a team match. Who would know more than these guys right? However, you could also take the other approach and act out your frustrations of the game on them. Either way, this is a pretty cool addition to the game.

4 Healing Properties Of Water

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So, you ignored our warnings about being careful in your driving. You got reckless, rounded a corner, and totally took a dive into the waters. You rightfully acknowledge that you lost the car and might die if you do not get out soon. Wait! You have actually gotten yourself into a favorable situation if you need to heal. If players are in a car and are low on health, they can drive into the water and heal themselves. This will protect them from enemies and allow them to heal underwater since players cannot heal in open water. So, put your feet up, take some time, and relax for a few seconds and use those bandages. It will keep you out of harm’s way to heal up.

3 Be A Roof Daredevil

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This game allows gamers to fulfill some of their most wild fantasies. It is hilarious what all players can do with the various items in the game. One of the most erratic are the motorbikes. These vehicles have allowed players to do some of the coolest stunts int he game, while also taking them to sudden death. However, if you are looking for a good time and don’t really care about placing high, you may want to grab a motorbike and have some fun with it. Players can take bikes into homes. They can even drive upstairs and come out on the roof with the ability to ride from roof to roof if they are skilled enough. We promise that you will catch any enemies off guard with this method.

2 Hay There

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This game requires players to take advantage of every item, hiding space, and location. When you combine this knowledge with going prone, gamers can do a lot to increase their chances of being the last warrior standing. Proning allows players to hide in a lot of unusual places in this game. If players go prone near hay bales, they can crawl into one. Not only can they find protection there but they can do a 360-degree view around the hay to see who is nearby. You may have thought these hay bales were just decoration, but they can be a conducive hiding spot. In turn, always be careful when you walk past one of these, because others may know this trick as well.

1 Take To The Skies

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Considering how much attention we put on motorbikes and cars on this list, it would make total sense for us to end on this note. Motorbikes and some cars are the most glitch-prone items in the game. However, that doesn’t mean they can still not be as fun. If players get into an accident (with a car) or jump off a building (with a motorbike) and aim upwards, the vehicle could go on an erratic ride through the skies. There are videos of players rolling through the heavens, tumbling over homes, and fighting with the glitches of the game to get to their final destination. If you are seriously trying to win, this can be frustrating, but if you have some time to burn, give this a try.

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