PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS Will Get New Guns Monthly

PUBG is getting new guns and updates on a monthly basis, according to the developer.

GameSpot recently published an interview with the developer for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. They discussed both the inspiration behind the game and PlayerUnknown’s future plans at length. PlayerUnknown revealed to GameSpot that each monthly update will add a new weapon.

The developers for Battlegrounds have released a strict update schedule. Daily updates will mostly focus on server performance. Larger weekly updates will fix bugs as well as increase stability and client performance. The largest updates will occur on a monthly basis and add new content to the game. The second monthly update included a new weapon and vehicle on top of a variety of bug fixes, performance optimization, and a whole host of gameplay changes.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has taken the PC Steam community by storm. Battlegrounds is a realistic, last man standing, Battle Royale-styled third person shooter. An early access version of the game released on March 23 as a Closed Beta. Up to 100 players start the game on a spawn island that acts as both a neutral zone and a safe place to test out the game’s mechanics. After a short period of time, players are placed into a crashing plane that flies over an isolated island. Players must choose when to jump from the plane and parachute down onto the island. While the island is large, the playable area constantly shrinks, forcing players towards each other until there is only one left.


Many players have likened the game to a mixture of DayZ and The Hunger Games. The idea behind the game is that it is easy play, but difficult to master. Players must scour the map in search of weapons, armor, healing items, and a variety of other useful tools. The game offers an increasing variety of weapons and armor that ranges from a tank top and a baseball cap to full combat gear. There is a large emphasis on strategy and silent movement. Many players will either avoid or take advantage of choke points and high traffic areas. Eventually, the game will feature custom games and tools for modding.

PlayerUnknown originally started as an ARMA 2 modder. He created a Battle Royale game mode that was eventually licensed and included in H1Z1: Just Survive. However, after H1Z1 split into two games, PlayerUnknown decided to create Battlegrounds.

Pre-orders for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are available on Steam for $29.99 USD. The standard edition pre-order comes with a full copy of the game and access to the Closed Beta. The deluxe edition pre-order comes with a full copy of the game, exclusive skins, and two Beta keys.

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