PUBG Celebrates Two Year Anniversary With Free In-Game Item

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, widely known as PUBG, is celebrating its second anniversary this week by giving away a free in-game item to players.

The special anniversary item will be available in-game with update #27. PC players must visit the in-game store before April 24 and “purchase” the item, a baseball cap with a number 2 on it, for free. Console players can just log into the game between March 9 and April 7 to obtain the free item. Though the item may be disappointing, the future of PUBG looks to be faring much better.

Along with the free baseball cap, the PUBG team wrote a letter to fans in celebration of the event, thanking them for their support. In it, the team discusses some of the huge changes we’ve seen over these last two years, namely the rise of the battle royale genre.

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Over the last year, PUBG itself has also undergone many changes. A Fix PUBG campaign, launched last year, prompted the studio to address some major issues in the game. Since then, stability and quality have become the focus of new content and the campaign has since ended. The letter acknowledges this and asks players to continue to give feedback, particularly about the test servers, in order to improve the game going forward.

Accompanying the letter is a video featuring C.H. Kim, CEO of PUBG Corporation and executive producer of the game. He addresses fans directly, offering an overview of the game so far and a teaser about what’s to come.

Kim discusses how much he enjoyed the first PUBG esports events, which took place this year, and how the company plans to “make our esport a sustainable ecosystem with engaging content.”

The message from PUBG’s headquarters is very upbeat and positive, promising a bright future for the game, which has recently been surrounded by controversy.

Earlier this year, the mobile version of PUBG was banned in several Indian cities, with local authorities citing fears of violence and addiction.  The ban has been heavily enforced, as players have been arrested and are facing up to one month in prison.

It remains to be seen what will happen to PUBG in the future, but the development team certainly seem to be onboard with making improvements and continues to support the game. While fans can also look forward to new content, many are likely hoping that the three-year anniversary item will be far more interesting.

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