Work Of Art: 14 Lame Custom PlayStation 1 Consoles (And 15 That Are Dope)

The fan community is a fantastic place to let your nerdy feelings come out. Sometimes it's hard to bottle up all those feelings during the workday when you're with a bunch of boring drones that think video games stopped after Pac-Man. So even if you don't have coworkers to talk to, or even friends, or family that can relate, there's always the Internet. Here you cannot only discuss your likes and dislikes about games or other nerdy prospects like anime, but you can also get artistic. The fandom runs wild with art. Some of it bad, some of it cool, and some, or more like a lot, of it isn't great.

There are also those that take their artistic levels to new heights by pouring their creative juices into consoles instead of paper, or digital pads. That's where this article comes in and it's actually a subject I covered before. With my last exploration, I took a look at some of the worst and best custom mods around for Nintendo consoles. Now it's time to tackle one of its rivals aka the original PlayStation. I tried to get a good variety with the games to really fill out the PS1's portfolio. You know, better than Sony did with the PlayStation Classic, but that rant is for another day. That said I was disappointed to find out not all of the best games were represented. Get ready to see a lot of Final Fantasy VII is basically what I'm getting at.

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29 Lame: Undead Night


Did someone make this console in the 90s when the PS1 first came out, because it sure looks like it did? The weird fleshy, torn body is very reminiscent of the grunge and Goth era. Sure, it's creepy and thus nonconforming, but who cares? Playing PlayStation games on a meat sack does not conjure good memories in my head. Also, why did they ruin the D-Pad? Was this like a prank that went horribly wrong, or I guess maybe horribly right?

28 Dope: IntoPlay


This fan-created a portable PlayStation is called the IntoPlay. I don't really get why, but what's in a name? Anyway, while there actually is a portable PlayStation that can play PS1 games, aka both the PSP and PS Vita, those are digital only. This thing actually plays the original PS1 discs, which must feel weird spinning in your hands as you play. The plastic shell probably helps reduce that sense of motion though. At least I certainly hope it does.

27 Lame: Sympathy Of The Night


First of all Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a great game with amazing art. I'm not disputing that. I appreciate this artist trying to emulate said art for the cover of this mod, and while it's mostly a good recreation, it's also just a bit off.

It says to me that this is a console you could find on the bootleg market. At least that's the vibe I get from it. Sadly, this was the only custom Castlevania PS1 I could find.

26 Dope: Dual Sticks To Go


There were actually a lot more portable PlayStations than I thought I'd find other than the IntoPlay. While I couldn't find a name for this one, I will say there are things I like about it better. The analog stick placement for one is much better. The plain, white shell isn't as smooth as the IntoPlay’s body though. It's like a first draft, but a good one at the very least. Also, a great pick to test it out with Metal Gear Solid.

25 Lame: Blue Bombed


I'm not an artist so this guy or gal's art is leagues better than anything I can do. That said it's also not as good as the real thing. Like I mentioned before with the Castlevania console, the art in this just looks like something you'd find in a bootleg shop. Actually, now that I think about it, Mega Man and his enemies look like tattoos, which is to say approximately like art you'd find on someone's arm, which I agree is a weird thing to point out.

24 Dope: Weird As Art


Does this art scare and confuse you? I understand if you feel this way, as these characters aren't that familiar to those outside of Japan. There also hasn't been a proper entry in this series in a while. I'm of course referring to Parodius, which was a shooter parody of Konami's own Gradius series.

Do you get the pun there? Yes, you too can play the game as an octopus with undergarments on his head as he flies through space fighting crab-legged ladies.

23 Lame: God Of Welp


Kratos is another character that did not appear on the PS1, as God of War was a PS2 joint. Putting him on the console with a shaved ice white and red just looks like it should be used in some sort of arts and crafts affair and not something you use for games.

I also just don't like that era for the series now that I played the PS4 game. He's a dad we can all appreciate.

22 Dope: The Power Of X


Now, this is a console worthy of Mega Man! The dark blue is much more appealing than the bright blue like the bad one I brought up before. I don’t mind that color for the buttons though. I also like that the top uses art from the real game and sections out the series' two main heroes, X and Zero. At the end of the day, I'm more of a Mega Man X guy anyway so that may be another reason why I like this console redesign more.

21 Lame: What Time Is It?


What is this? Seriously, what is this? First of all, I want to complain that no effort went into this mod at all. Oh cool, you put a set of clock hands on your PS1. Is this to signify that every time is PlayStation time? Uh, okay sure. Good one. Secondly, if I may, I hate clocks without numbers. Sure I can basically tell what time it is by the placement of the hands, but it looks so cheap to me. That’s just an added personal complaint on no faced clocks.

20 Dope: Chocotastic


Final Fantasy VII is many things to me. It's my favorite RPG, also my first RPG, and my favorite entry in the series. It's also probably the best PS1 game. I love it! That being said, I found a lot of cool PS1 mods based on it and this one might be my favorite.

That art, while it is a recreation, is based on an official piece. I also love the sunny orange and yellow coloring along with the controller. It's fun!

19 Lame: An Odyssey Not Worth Adventuring


The Oddworld games were...something. They were everywhere, but for something so successful, I just couldn't see why they were popular. Was it the burping? Is that what players liked? I remember playing around with a demo disc I got from Pizza Hut and just being dumbfounded by the first game. So why then would I then want a PS1 designed after the main character, Abe? If you like the series then maybe this is rocking your world. Your odd world.

18 Dope: Crash And Bash


This is great, but I do have some problems. It's weird that Crash's enemy mask, Uka Uka, is on the console and not Aku Aku. Of all enemies why him and not Cortex? I guess the console is yellow so you could say that that is representing his true villain. Anyway, everything else is great. I love Crash's pose, the crystals falling everywhere, and the crates on the power and eject buttons. I also adore the polar bear on the controller.

17 Lame: Green Envy


I don't have as much love for Spyro as I do Crash, but that said both series are very near and dear to me. They were basically the tag team mascot platformers for this system. That's why I'm not a fan of this console because it's a slight against the character.

Why is there a jeweled portal? Why is the console green instead of purple? It's too flashy and all over the place. A console should be sleek and simple.

16 Dope: Purple Power


Ah, now there's a console worthy of Spyro's name! It's dark purple, more or less like Spyro. I guess that depends what version you're looking at. Unlike a lot of the other fan art, this collage I like. It resembles graffiti, spray-painted on the side of a building. That may go against what I might have said earlier about similar styles, but there's a big difference here. This art is actually good. I'd hang this system on my wall.

15 Lame: Sticker Bash


I'm, uh, a little confused about what I'm looking at. It's a PlayStation obviously, but what exactly was the artist going for with this mod job? It looks like he/she put a plastic shell over the whole thing. Then they put a bunch of stickers, not uniform by the way, on it to make people realize it's a PlayStation? Yeah, it's just baffling to me. I do like the shade of blue, but it just seems unfinished to me. Maybe it is. If so, bad on me.

14 Dope: Tomba Is Life


Even though the name of the game is on the console, Tomba 2, allow me to explain what the game even is. It's a bit more obscure than other classics.

Tomba is a jungle boy with bright pink hair. He fights armies of pigs with various weapons and his teeth. It’s kind of a Metroidvania. Both games are really good so I appreciate the thought of giving love to this much-deserved hidden gem. Pink on black just looks cool too.

13 Lame: Ray Ban

PicClick UK

Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends were two fantastic reboots for the series. That said I had no nostalgia for Rayman prior to checking those games out. I always thought they were 3D platformers. The second and third game is, but the first is also a 2D platformer. Knowing that, I bought it on PSN for my PS3 hoping it would be just as magical as the new games. I was wrong. I know this is for two, but I didn’t like that one either. That's why a PS1 celebrating these early games is so unappealing to me.

12 Dope: Copying From The Best


Did you know that Sony and Nintendo once had ties with each other? Yeah, I'm sure you read or heard about their combo console before, but for the purposes of this entry, it makes sense to bring it up. This mod is a look at what a Super Nintendo and a PlayStation could have looked like together. It has the lettering and purple color of the SNES with the body of a PS1. It may be a cheap copy tactic, but it works for me.

11 Lame: Umbrella Crimes


Oh cool. Someone found Marilyn Manson's PS1. That's exactly what this reminds me of because he composed the soundtrack to the first movie adaptation of Resident Evil.

This console looks like it's from the movie series and not the games what with the black and red motif. I do like the see-through disc lid, but everything else is too Goth for me. Try as I might I couldn't find a good Resident Evil PS1 either.

10 Dope: BB-Station


Wow, now this is cute! I'm pretty positive it doesn't make noise, but if this BB-8 did, it’d make me cry. Now I'm not a big fan of modders grafting things to the cover of the PS1 lid and calling it a day, but because BB-8 has a coned head and white body, well, it works in this instance. It is kind of alarming on a lore level though. It’s kind of creepy to have just his head mounted.

9 Lame: Sprayed And Neutered


That other Mega Man X console was great, but this one is not. You know how you can lower your wanted level in the Grand Theft Auto series by painting your car at a body shop? Yeah, that's what this reminds me of. A quick spray down to conceal a stolen PlayStation. Now I'm not saying this artist did any stealing. I'm just saying that's the feeling I get from this example. When I look at a PS1 I don't want to think about real life crimes.

8 Dope: See And Glow


This one is very simple, but I like it. I already said I dug the clear lid from the Resident Evil mod so that minus all the blood plus a light equals a better console.

I would say the rest of the paint job is kind of plain. It's now like a bluish gray, but that's okay too. The lid speaks loudly enough on its own. You don't need any extra art on the surface of the system to make it cooler.

7 Lame: Planet Eater


Remember when I said I don't like stuff grafted onto consoles? This is more what I was referring to. If you don't recognize it this artist recreated Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, which, I will admit, does look good. However, I wouldn’t want this on a console I'm going to play thank you very much. Wouldn't having all that stuff on the lid make it overheat? Speaking of overheating, did anyone else have to tip their PS1 upside-down so it could read discs? I did. You couldn’t do that with this model.

6 Dope: Metal Station


Ah yeah! This looks like a legitimate special edition console Konami manufactured themselves in celebration of Metal Gear Solid's release. It has the font, logos, and even the coloring fits the game's aesthetic. The only thing that would have made it better in my mind would have been to color in the F.O.X. logo. That said it also looks good in silver too. Basically I just really want this console whenever I play Metal Gear Solid again. I should soon...

5 Lame: Doomed


Meh. That's all I really have to say about this. Meh. It's the word, or more like the guttural response I get when looking at this. Using the art and red paint actually works. For a console mod, it does look good. This is another example of a problem I have thematically.

Go back to PC. 

While DOOM did come to PS1 and was a decent port, that game is a PC darling. A custom PC monitor done in this style would have worked better for me.

4 Dope: Camo Ready


Because one Metal Gear Solid reference would not be enough, I found this dope console mod as well. Now, for me, this work is not as good as the first one I shared, but it does do a better job at referencing the game. There's the black and white camo, Metal Gear Rex on the cover, Snake to the left, and the question mark and exclamation point being on the buttons. Now, if it made the noises too, maybe I'd like it more.

3 Lame: A Mossy Lass

Vadu Amka's Project 2

Oh great. This is just what I want from a console. I love the idea of someone looking at my entertainment center and asking why I have a mossy brick on my shelf. Whoever created this did a good job thematically at recreating the soul of Tomb Raider on a PS1, but I still don't like it. That may also be my less-than-enthusiastic appreciation for the PS1 games. Actually, every entry before the 2013 reboot was bad to me. No question about it.

2 Dope: White Legend

Vadu Amka's Project

One last Final Fantasy VII console for my finale. It is another example of less equaling more. I mean at the end of the day it's just a white PS1 with the Final Fantasy VII logo on it.

That may be boring for some, but I dig it. That's exactly why I bought my white PSP with Darth Vader and my white Destiny PS4. I just like the color white for consoles. Eh, except the Wii.

1 Dope: I Gotta Believe


Go Parappa! That dog has never looked so cute! Yellow is definitely a theme of the game, at least artistically, so I like how this artist incorporated it into the background of the console. I also like the fact that he/she gave Parappa an edge. Not one that says I'm hardcore and going to attack you. It's all in the finger pouting and eyebrow furrowing. That's just enough of an update to make the pooch relevant. Now I feel like playing it again!

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