The PlayStation 4 Is Approaching A Monumental 100 Million Sales Worldwide

With the PlayStation 5's arrival possibly just over a year away, the PS4 is approaching an impressive 100 million total sales worldwide.

According to Sony Corporation's FY2018 Consolidated Financial Results, posted on Friday, the company has recorded 96.8 million sold PS4 consoles as of the end of their last fiscal year, March 31, 2019.

This is quite an achievement for Sony, given the PS4 was released just under six years ago. The console is now the sixth most sold system ever, and that's even more impressive when you consider that there have been cheaper systems such as Nintendo's DS and Game Boy around.

As it stands, Nintendo holds three of the top five spots in all-time system sales with the DS, the Game Boy, and the Wii. The Wii has sold 101.63 million units but the PS4 is likely to outsell as the price will be discounted when the PS5 is released and could even surpass the number before that. Whenever it happens, though, the console will see to it that Sony usurps Nintendo for the top spot and join the PlayStation 2 and the original PlayStation as the top-selling gaming devices ever.

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 seems cemented in seventh place on that list, leaving Sony and Nintendo the market leaders for the past several decades.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch has already outsold the Nintendo 64 despite only being around for just over two years. It has been rumored that a cheaper version of the handheld device could be on the way but there are also reports noting that Nintendo won't be presenting another Switch at E3 2019.

Both Sony and Microsoft are likely to launch new consoles in 2020, with Xbox Project Scarlett (code name) and the PS5 in the works. Microsoft is also poised to flood the market with an all-digital, disc-less version of the Xbox one in the coming weeks.

The three companies will all have to contend with Google, a new player in the game, who announced their Google Stadia venture earlier this year. The company boasts that their project will be more powerful than the PS4 and the Xbox One combined, yet experts reckon it won't give the industry's current leaders that bad of a headache despite its novel concept.

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