10 Best Free PS4 MMO Games You Can Play

The MMO has risen through the ranks over the decade and taken its rightful place among the best gaming genres out there. Though with the increase in popularity comes a wave of games that tend to fall into the shadows. Those games need someone to shed a little light and help them grow.

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Most games will cost you money, whether that be through the actual price of the game or the in-game purchases. It becomes a norm, though you can now cut the cost by taking advantage of the free MMOs available. Some great games in the past have been free, just look at the obvious Fortnite.

10 Warframe

Most MMOs put an emphasis on PvP because usually, that draws the most people in but Warframe has made the PvE experience a group effort to take down the enemy. While not the first people to think of it, they do give you a huge variety of content to make your way through with your squad.

There are two kinds of gamer, those that can grind and those that can't. It separates the casuals from the hardcore players and, unfortunately, if you can't hack the grind then you'll struggle hard in Warframe. Luckily you're equipped with a futuristic ninja suit to make the experience bearable.

9 PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2

The huge influx of first-person shooters has all but taken over the gaming industry, with most of them looking a lot like one another. Not Planetside 2 though, which offers huge maps that can host 100's of players at a time, all-out chaos.

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You're not locked into any one class, you can also switch between using the terrain to give you an advantage or taking to the air and making things interesting. Your hardest choice will be deciding which one of the three factions to fight for.

8 DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online filled a massive void in the RPG market. Still going strong after almost a decade is a good sign for any game, especially when you have an entire roster of childhood heroes to choose from.

In most games that are based on something, it's rare that you get all the lesser-known characters included. Luckily with the RPG format, there's space for everyone; no matter how obscure your favorite DC character is, you should be able to find them.

7 Onigiri

Braving the wilds of action RPGs, Onigiri gives you real-time combat experience that is rare among established MMOs. Finally, you can put some of your fighting game experience to good use. With the added style flare that anime gives just about anything it touches, there are good times to be had here.

The unique part of Onigiri is the weapons control stat differences and style of play instead of the character, something that can be easily swapped rather than a character class you're stuck with.

6 Skyforge

Throwing old world mythology into the future sounds like combining the best of both worlds. Often times, when these attempts come off as clumsy; however, Skyforge manages to blend the worlds nicely.

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That's not to say Skyforge has the most compelling storyline around, but it is serviceable for an MMO. What really stands out is the combat, delivering a smooth experience that feels connected when you lay a combo into an enemy.

5 Tera

The first game to make a big splash in quite a while, Tera comes prepared with attention to detail and great production behind it. With a wide range of classes and races to choose from, all players should have their preferences catered to.

While battling your way through the gorgeous world of Tera, you can even lose yourself in the MMO's interesting story structure. Sliding you into a civil war and facing a previously beaten enemy, you'll have to defend the planet from all sorts of interesting characters.

4 Star Trek Online

If you are a true ''Trekkie'' then you will love Star Trek Online. It does an amazing job of immersing the player into the franchise and keeping to the original lore which is always important.  Rising up through the ranks to command your own craft was the dream of many that have now been made possible.

Eventually, you'll find yourself in command of a fleet to fulfill the agenda of the side and race you choose. One of the great things about the game is the player-made missions that add a huge amount of content and rewards. This keeps users coming back indefinitely for more space shenanigans.

3 World Of Tanks

With the likes of Ace Combat, PlayStation has been littered with vehicular warfare. Taking the basic shooter games and adding the extra element of controlling a tank does add a little firepower to the game. World Of Tanks has 100s of tanks to unlock and tinker with that keep the grinding pace interesting.

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The strategic gamer will have no issue planning and executing a variety of co-op maneuvers to defeat the enemy. All this while exploring the variety of game modes on offer is the reason World Of Tanks has maintained such a large fan base and competitive scene.

2 Trove

A sandbox game that takes the groundwork Minecraft has laid and builds nicely upon it. Coming in with brighter colors and a focus on combat, Trove is a fresh enough take to stick with. While the class system still applies, players can jump back and forth between the classes and level each one.

The seemingly unending stream of player-created content ensures users will always have a solid path forward to level and earn rewards. The combination of RPG and sandbox gives a sense of direction in an overwhelming world to explore.

1 Neverwinter

Based on the gigantic Dungeons & Dragons franchise, Neverwinter carries on the tradition of great storytelling and allowing the players to control their own fate. With some great writing and immersive feel, no one would be blamed for sticking on the path laid out for you. However, it's advisable to fully explore the world with other player's content.

Integrating entire storylines to play through, players can create entirely new paths for each other to veer off on and collect the sweet rewards. On top of the added content, there are 13 different races to pick from, with each offering their own paths and advantages. Neverwinter really brings the adventure back to MMOs.

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