PlayStation 4 Database Rebuild - How To Fix Your PS4 In Case Of An Anthem Crash

Amid reports that Anthem is having all sorts of negative effects on players' consoles, here is how to rebuild your PlayStation 4's database should the worst happen to you.

It's probably fair to say that the release of Anthem hasn't exactly gone to plan. Even before the game hit shelves, the negative reviews had already started to pour in based on the demo alone. A bad start and things have only gotten worse since then. Gamers across all platforms have been complaining about the exorbitant number of loading screens to a litany of frame-rate issues.

While the above are issues that many players can grit their teeth and deal with if the game is good enough, the latest one to rear its ugly head is not one that can be ignored. There have been reports of the game unexpectedly closing, and even shutting down consoles entirely. Some have even been presented with error messages, particularly on PlayStation 4, and now many Anthem players live in fear of the game permanently damaging their consoles.


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If your PS4 does unexpectedly shut down and you are greeted with an error message, try not to panic. There is a relatively simple way to rebuild your database if that should happen, and here is exactly how to do it courtesy of AndroidCentral. Not only should doing this fix your system, but it might make it run a little more smoothly too.

First of all, make sure the power is off and the console is not merely in rest mode. Then, hold the power button until you hear two quick beeps. That means the PS4 is now in safe mode. Now connect your controller to the USB-A slot, you will not be able to use it wirelessly while in safe mode. Once the menu appears, scroll down and select option five, "Rebuild Database."

Depending on how full your console is, this process will likely take a fair bit of time. It is effectively the equivalent of running disk defragmentation on your PC. There is (almost) no need to worry about any files being lost either. The only time the rebuild process will do that is if a file is corrupted and in that instance, you should want to get rid of it anyway. So if Anthem does try to do damage to your PS4 do not panic, and follow the steps above.


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