The Playstation 5 Model Leaked, And We Have Some Opinions

A design patent for what appears to be the upcoming Playstation 5 was discovered today and we have some thoughts about it. The patent was filed at the Brazillian  INPI patent authority and found by a Dutch blog called Let'sGoDigital.

While the device is only described as an "Unknown Electronic Device", the document fits the pattern of past console design patents. The designer, Yusuhiro Ootori, is Sony's technical director and is credited with a PS4 design patent filed last year at the same Brazillian patent office.

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The device was also filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and international agency of the United Nations. Again, the device isn't specifically named the Playstation 5 in the filing, but it IS categorized as a class 14.02. Game consoles, including the Playstation 4, are all categorized as class 14.02. Let'sGoDigital provided a handy side-by-side that really shows how similar the PS4 listing is to this new listing.

Despite looking like a pseudo-futuristic game console dreamed up in the 90s, the design does have some telling features that indicate that it may very well be the PS5. The unmistakable 'V' on top, the roman numeral for 5, is the most telling detail. The odd profile that the 'V' creates may very well be designed to provide increased airflow and ventilation for the console. Anyone with a PS4 knows that that thing can sound like a jet engine when it's on, and with the improved hardware Sony is putting in the PS5, it would make sense that it needs a better design that helps it stay cool.

Personally, I think the design looks like a prop from one of those low budget Walmart DVD bin Sci-Fi movies where the art team had no money so they just spray painted a router white and called it a "communicator device" or something like that. As long as it doesn't break the sound barrier when I load of The Last of Us Part 2, it can looks like Barbie's Dream House for all I care.

Over here at TheGamer, our writers have their own opinions about the...unconventional design:

          • Whitney Meers: "It looks like someone described a PlayStation to the crew onboard the original Starship Enterprise and then asked them to try to design one based on that description alone."
          • Michael Walters: "It looks a lot like Buzz Lightyear’s backpack to me."
          • Ryan Epps: "I honestly thought it was a speed radar detector."
          • Jamie Latour: "What people in the 80s thought a future VCR would look like."
          • Sean Murray: "Frozen pants."
          • Sergio Solorzano: "Honestly it really does look like one of those ridiculous fake prototypes from ‘90s gaming mags."
          • Patrick Sklar: "Sitting legs wearing weird pants."
          • Corin Bae: "Bidet. It looks like a bidet."

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