Playstation 5 Release Window Announced

The Playstation 4's days seem to be numbered, as we officially know the release window for Sony's next console.

We've had a general idea of when the Playstation 5 would launch based on past console releases and when consumers are most likely to buy a new gaming system for their loved ones. So, it's not surprising to learn that the PS5 will indeed be coming to stores next year around the holiday season.

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We didn't get an exact date for the launch, but Playstation CEO Jim Ryan confirmed the Holiday 2020 release window today in a Playstation Blog post. He also officially announced that it will be called the Playstation 5, which we all knew it would, but it's nice to have that set in stone. It would be a safe bet to assume that the Playstation 5 will come out sometime before Christmas, possibly around Black Friday, as that would be the optimal way to assure the highest sales possible.

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In an interview with Wired, Ryan and Mark Cerny also clarified some information regarding the PS5's specs. The new console will have an SSD installed, which will allow for faster load times. It also will let users download parts of games instead of the whole package, meaning they could choose to download the multiplayer portion and ignore the single-player section. The PS5 will support ray-tracing, and the UI has been completely redesigned for a better experience that will let you know what your friends are up to in real-time. Unfortunately, we didn't find out if the rumored V-shaped design of the system is real, so we're still waiting to see what the final product looks like.

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We now know for sure that the next era of consoles will begin in 2020. The Playstation 4 still has some life left in it, as exclusive titles like Death Stranding, The Last Of Us: Part 2, and Ghost Of Tsushima are still due to release. However, if you're someone who simply must have the newest, shiniest gaming hardware, it's time to start saving your pennies for next Fall.

Source: Playstation Blog

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