20 Theories About PlayStation 5 That Might Be True

The video game industry is always changing. The PlayStation 4 was released in late 2013, and the more powerful PS4 Pro showed up three years later, touting more advanced graphics and improved hardware. And now the rumor mill is circulating with the news that the PlayStation 5 is on the horizon.

Some people may say that it’s too soon, that the PS4 JUST came out. But, A) November 2013 was over five years ago (we know, where'd the time go?!), and B) the gap between consoles is typically five to seven years. It was six years between the PS2 and the PS3 and seven years between the PS3 and PS4. Assuming the PS5 comes out in 2019 or 2020, it will be on par with the typical generational timeframe.

So, like it or not, the PS5 is coming. But what will it entail? Naturally, the details are scarce, and no one knows much of anything. We’ll have to wait for Sony’s much-anticipated reveal for the hard details. In the meantime, we have rumors and speculations to discuss!

The rumors surrounding the PlayStation 5 are coming from every direction. How powerful will it be? What is the big launch title? How much will it cost? And most importantly, when will the darned thing be revealed, already!? As with most rumors, some of the following are purely hypothetical and hopeful. Others are a little more “official,” having come from trusted sources. But regardless, these are twenty of the biggest rumors surrounding the release of the much-anticipated PlayStation 5.

20 It Will Be Released In 2020

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According to one Reddit user, we can expect to see the PS5 in 2020. The user, RuthenicCookie, is a trusted source when it comes to PS5 news. Not only do they seemingly have insider information, but they also correctly predicted that Sony would not attend E3 2019.

The prediction earned them a lot of clout, and now Reddit users are hanging onto their every word. And their word says that the PS5 is coming in either March or November of 2020. Considering that Sony has always released their PlayStations between September and November, we’re going to go with the latter.

19 It Will Be Revealed Mid-2019

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While we may not be getting our hands on the PS5 until late 2020, it's possible that we may finally see it in person come August. RuthenicCookie claims that there will be a "small reveal" regarding the PS5 in "mid-2019" and a "big one at psx." While they obviously don't go into detail, we can assume that this "big" reveal will be the official unveiling of the PS5. Seeing as how the past two PSX shows have occurred in August, we can hopefully expect to see the PS5 in a few short months.

18 4K 60 FPS

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The buzzword in gaming today seems to be 4K. While many people may not know what it means exactly, most people understand that it represents "better graphics." And, this being a new generation, people are expecting just that. Luckily, they may get it. The PS5 is allegedly using AMD’s Ryzen CPU for its internal hardware. What this means, according to RuthenicCookie, is that the PS5 will be a “monster” capable of 4K and a stable 60 FPS. At a time when gamers are hounding for native 4K and better performance, this is an absolute necessity for the PS5.

17 Native 8K?

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While we are seemingly promised 4K, some...hopefuls are clamoring for more. Some websites are claiming that the PS5 may run at 8K, pointing to the 2018 Inter BEE event in Tokyo. It was here Sony showed off CLEDIS – a Crystal LED Display System, or a giant TV capable of 8K resolution. 8K PS5 confirmed?

To prove this prediction, people highlight the words of Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi, who said, “We are building for future versions of the [PS4] rather than the one we see today. I think it would be no problem to run it at 8K even.”

16 Updated VR

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While virtual reality gaming was a good idea, in theory, we think most people will agree that it hasn't yet reached its potential. Toys like the Oculus Rift have seemingly faded from the public consciousness, and PSVR wasn't quite the hit that most people were expecting it to be. Luckily, RuthenicCookie promises a more comprehensive VR experience for the PS5. This includes an internal breakout box and new controllers, including some type of glove-like contraption. While we didn't expect PSVR to be THE name in virtual reality, these additions seem to promise a better, fuller experience.

15 Backward Compatibility

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One of the biggest concerns on everybody’s minds has to be the implementation of backward compatibility. As we all know, Sony absolutely botched this with the PlayStation 4. While it understandably came from technological limitations, the PS4 bumbled its way through backward compatibility with the awkward PlayStation Now. This was just a horrible service on every level – we had to pay for it, the price was exorbitant ($45 for three months!?), and it relied on streaming, which was an absolute nightmare for those with weak internet connections. The PS5 desperately needs to have backward compatibility.

14 Late PS4 Games Will Be On The PS5

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Even if we don't get full backward compatibility, we can take comfort in the fact that late PS4 games will also be playable on the PS5. At least according to RuthenicCookie, anyway. According to them, PlayStation 4 games released late into the console's life cycle will also appear on the PS5, likely as launch titles. While we may not be getting exclusives like Bloodborne, Spider-Man, or God of War on the PS5, there WILL be some sort of cross-generational support, and we should take comfort in that knowledge. Bloodborne would have been nice, though. Speaking of...

13 Bloodborne 2

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This may be nothing but wishful longing, but A LOT of PS4 loyalists are clamoring for Bloodborne 2. Many Redditors are scouring for clues regarding the possibility of a sequel, and some hold out hope that it will be a launch title for the PS5. The existence of Bloodborne 2 has been rumored for a very long time, and it's reached a fever pitch in recent years over the impending release of the PS5. Unfortunately, if RuthenicCookie's word is any good, we will not be getting it "anytime soon." Sorry guys.

12 Cross-Platform Play

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Sony has absolutely dominated the eighth generation, but if gamers had to pick a flaw, it would be Sony's sturdy reluctance to implement cross-platform play. Cross-platform play has taken off in recent years, with popular multiplayer games like Rocket League and Fortnite offering cross-system support. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't like the idea very much (although they've relaxed their stance a little following some heated backlash). If Sony wishes to retain their massive player base, they're going to need to implement more comprehensive cross-system support in the coming years.

11 The Last Of Us Part II Will Be A Launch Title

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While Bloodborne 2 may seem like an ever-fading dream, The Last of Us Part II IS coming, and it's coming... sometime soon. Development began in 2014, and Naughty Dog has released two trailers. The hype is real, but now the question remains – when is it coming out? Unfortunately, Naughty Dog has kept quiet, so no one seems to have any idea. Some people believe that it will serve as a dramatic curtain call for the PS4 and release in late 2019, while others claim that it will be an explosive, system-selling launch title for the PS5.

10 It Will Be A Handheld Hybrid

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It's not hyperbole to say that the PlayStation 4 vastly outsold the Xbox One. Perhaps Sony no longer sees Microsoft as a threat? It's entirely possible that their focus has shifted to Nintendo, and as such, many people believe that the PS5 will be some sort of console-handheld hybrid similar to the Switch.

John Kodera, the PlayStation chief mentioned previously, has also said, "Rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it's necessary to continue thinking of it as one method to deliver more gaming experiences." It's entirely possible that the PS5 could be a portable, Switch-like device.

9 Grand Theft Auto VI As A Launch Title

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Yep, gamers love to fantasize about possible launch exclusives. And if it's not The Last of Us Part II or Bloodborne 2, it's Grand Theft Auto VI. Some people have shown excitement regarding a recent Rockstar recruitment drive, which reads, "Join our team to create next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects!"

Naturally, readers have come to the conclusion that one of these "next-generation worlds" is that of Grand Theft Auto VI and that the game could be ready for the launching of the PS5. The timing sounds way off, but hey, we can dream.

8 The Console Will Still Play Physical Media

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Many people think that the day of physical media is at an end. At a time when digital downloads are both more convenient and cheaper (thanks to major deals and Sony's lack of a sales tax), it seems natural that physical media would be on its way out.

However, a recent rumor seems to deny that reality. The technical director of Cradle Games, Marc-André Jutra, recently told Gaming Bolt, "I think that for the next generation there will still be a version with discs," pointing to poor bandwidth as the primary reason.

7 $500 Launch Price

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One of the biggest concerns regarding a new console is the cost. And while that question is certainly on everybody's minds, RuthenicCookie seems to have the answer – $500. This could be a problem for many people, especially seeing as how the PS4 launched at $400. Yes, that was five years ago, and this is a more advanced piece of hardware, but there's no denying that some people will scoff at that number. The Switch launching for $300 probably won't help, either. The PS3 launched for $500 back in 2006, and we all remember how that went...

6 Dev Kits Have Already Been Sent Out

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Our old friend RuthenicCookie has another piece of potential info – dev kits for the PS5 have already been sent out. For those unaware, dev kits are something sent to developers so they have time to understand the technology and architecture. It's a means of getting developers ready for the upcoming console so they're not panicking and scrambling to create games for something they don't understand. This was yet another failure of the PS3 – developers had issues with the console's architecture, with Valve's Gabe Newell calling it "a total disaster." It looks like Sony isn't repeating that mistake.

5 Ghost Of Tsushima

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Ghost of Tsushima is another potential launch game, a cross-gen title between the PS4 and PS5. Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming samurai game from Sucker Punch Productions, the developers of the Infamous series (Infamous Second Son was a PS4 launch game).

A gameplay demo was unveiled at E3 2018, and while there is currently no official release date, we can probably expect to see it some time this year. When asked about the possibility of it being cross-gen, RuthenicCookie said that they "[couldn't] say for sure." It's not a yes, but it's definitely not a no.

4 Game Cartridges

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While discs have long been a staple of the PlayStation, it's possible that Sony is transitioning to cartridges. A patent was recently filed in South Korea for an "electronic game cartridge," which seemingly fits with the idea of the PS5 being a console-handheld hybrid. Perhaps they're taking a play out of the Nintendo rule book and using something similar to their game cards. However, this seems unlikely, seeing as how PlayStation games are typically much more demanding and technical than Nintendo titles. But you never know.

3 Death Stranding

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The gaming world has been holding their collective breaths for Kojima's new project, and it's finally, FINALLY...almost here. Death Stranding remains an enigma, and its gameplay mechanics and interpretive images have resulted in an endless discussion on forums and social media. It is just the game to kickstart the PS5. RuthenicCookie seems to think so, anyway. While they say that the game is "still in [the] polishing stage," they also claim that it will be a launch title alongside The Last of Us Part II and "that samurai game" (likely Ghost of Tsushima). Get hyped!

2 Anthem May Be A Cross-Gen Title

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Turns out that EA may be planning Anthem as a PS5 launch title. Their new RPG opus is set to release on February 22 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, but we may also see it on the PS5 come 2020. While discussing the PS5 dev kits that were allegedly sent out, RuthenicCookie also claimed that "EA is testing Anthem on it," hinting at the possibility of a PS5 release. They also say that the game is a total mess and that it will either be delayed or released as a broken, incomplete disaster.

1 The Console Is Nowhere Near Completion

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While the nineteen other entries may suggest otherwise, others are arguing that it's nowhere near completion. Some people think that a 2020/2021 release is way too early and ambitious, considering the complete lack of details and how well the PS4 is currently performing. Maybe everyone is just a little too excited, and a 2023-2025 release date is more realistic? Of course, many people think that this is nonsense and that the PS5 is on the horizon, but the idea is certainly out there. Can Sony prove the doubters wrong?

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