Good News: The V-Shaped PS5 Is Just Another In A Long Line Of Wacky Dev Kits

An image of the PlayStation 5 dev kit has leaked online and the rumors are true, the console is a rather weird looking v-shape - at least for now.

In a world in which people want news about what's next as soon as the latest version of something arrives, gamers have been asking about the PlayStation 5 for a while now. Sony finally caved earlier this month and revealed the first piece of concrete news about its next console. Now we know that it will indeed be on sale in time for the 2020 holiday season.

Two weeks on, an image of the PS5's dev kit has been leaked online by ZoneOfTech. There had been rumors that the console's prototype was v-shaped, but some had attributed those rumors to the console being the fifth from PlayStation and V being the roman numeral for 5. However, as you can see below, the dev kit for the PS5 is indeed a V, and very bulky to boot.

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Other than the size and shape, the pic gives us a few other clues as to what we might be getting from the next-generation console. For starters, that circle on the right-hand side looks a lot like it might be a camera. That adds further credence to the rumor that the PS5 will allow live streaming in 4K at the touch of a button. We also count six USB ports, and those are just the ones we can see.

Before gamers go getting too excited or disappointed by the image above, it's time to direct your attention to what previous console dev kits have looked like. They're normally bulky, pretty ugly pieces of tech that end up looking nothing like the final product that goes on sale to the public. As pictured above, the PS4's dev kit looked more like an office printer than a brand new console.

The take-home message here is that a dev kit never tends to bear much resemblance to what a console is going to look like. Since it is simply a way to test that the console's software and components are all working as they should be, it doesn't need to look pretty. The PS5 could be v-shaped when released, but if it is, chances are it won't be anywhere near as bulky as the dev kit pictured above.

Source: Twitter

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