PlayStation 5 Won’t Launch ‘Over Next 12 Months,’ Says Sony

While the PlayStation 5 could possibly debut in 2020, it won't be coming at any point during the next 12 months.

Sony Interactive Entertainment moved to reveal hardware specs for the upcoming next-gen console, also confirming it's backward compatibility, improved audio and resolution support, as well as several other features. The revelations naturally led to questions over the timeframe for the device's release; however, the company stopped short of announcing a release date.

During a recent earnings call, per the Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki, Sony admitted that the PS5 won't launch "over the next 12 months."

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Sony also reconfirmed the console's development (phew) during the call, noting an “increase in development expensed for the next generation console.”

So by the looks of things, the PS5 won't be hitting the market until sometime after April 2020. But many expect the console to be released closer to the end of the year, possibly around the holidays.

A 2020 release had been predicted even before Sony opened up on the details of the device's development but, taking the more recent earnings statement into consideration, we can hardly rule out a 2021 or 2022 release, something Rakuten Securities' industry analyst Yasuo Imanaka seems to believe.

Another point of concern, and a rather obvious one, is the price point. It is believed that the PS5 could cost $499, a figure which would make it cheaper that the 60 GB PS3 at launch ($599) but more expensive than the $399 the original PS4 demanded upon it's release.

We only have speculation and conjecture to go on at the moment and there probably won't be anything solid to rely on until the game is near its launch. The PS4, meanwhile, could become the top-selling console by the time its successor is out, with Sony revealing that the system had nearly sold 100 million units as of March 31.

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