PlayStation Is Accidentally Letting People See How Many Players Each Game Has

PlayStation's new My PS4 Life feature is unintentionally giving people the power to calculate just how many players have a certain game.

A new PlayStation feature is letting players calculate just how many people are playing their favorite games, something Sony probably didn't mean for them to do. Still, the data is letting fans have fun calculating stats together and engaging in pleasant discussions on how certain games are doing. It's also fueling the flames of hate for Fortnite and FIFA.

The trick was initially brought up by Reddit user gamstat. They made a post on the PS4 subreddit explaining that the new "My PS4 Life" social feature tells players exactly how many players received a certain trophy. They use the "Photo Bomber" trophy from Fallout 76 as an example.

via: reddit.com/user/gamstat

According to a My PS4 Life video, 33,764 players have obtained the "Photo Bomber" trophy. Gamstat goes on to say that anyone can see the percentage of players who got a trophy on Playstation.com. Sure enough, the site tells us that 8.3% of all Fallout 76 players got "Photo Bomber."

From there, it's a basic math equation. Multiply 33,760 by 100, then divide by 8.3. The answer is that about 406,795 people have played Fallout 76 on PS4. As you can imagine, this equation works for mostly any game. Just take the number of people who got a particular trophy, multiply it by 100, and divide the result by whatever percentage of players got the trophy.

There are some caveats to this method. Gamstat advises that you use a rare trophy to pull numbers from, but not too rare. The 1% of people who get platinum trophies don't really help for this calculation. The resulting numbers also can't be taken as exact representations of game sales. Some people have bought a game but not played online, or just rented it for a weekend. PlayStation doesn't specify the ownership status of a trophy winner.

via: gamstat.com

Still, there are some interesting figures coming from various gamers in the Reddit thread. Grand Theft Auto V is a clear winner with over 50 million players. Even a hit esport like Rocket League only weighs in at around 22 million. FIFA also shows big numbers, with 20 million to 30 million for each of its recent installments. Fortnite does predictably well, but that's where debates started.

With FIFA making such a strong showing, it wasn't long before the "why do people buy the same game every year?" crowd came to the comments section. The Fortnite haters also chimed in with the expected "it's free-to-play, that's the only reason so many people have it." The real crime, however, is Goat Simulator only having 1.4 million players.

To see the whole list, check out Gamstat's website.

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