25 PlayStation Comics That Are Extra Sweet

People love PlayStation games, there's no question about it. There are fans all over that love PlayStation so much that they have gone out of their way to make funny, cute, and epic, comic strips based on the concepts of their favorite games. Here is a collection of a few PlayStation comics, from some of the heavy-hitters PlayStation has under their belt.

I already know you can think of a few different games that I have on the list without really trying hard. Just think about the most popular games Playstation has for their exclusives. I bet you have already thought of a couple games correctly.

Be sure to share this article with your friends if you do like it. We may even end up writing another version of this article for the Xbox and their exclusive games. Then that would probably light and match and jumpstart another debate about which console is better. Which do you find to be the best console? Both the Xbox and the PS4 have great exclusive games for their console and it is pretty hard to decide which is better. After you read the article, go ahead and spark up a debate on which is better or just talk about which comics you thought were the most impressive, either way, just join in the fun.

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25 Well, What Do You Say, Chloe?

via: tumblr.com

Sam and Chloe getting together would be an unlikely occurrence. Part of the reason being that she was the secondary love interest for Nathan and since these two don't really come into contact with each other, it seems like it would be difficult for love to brew between the two of them. Let's imagine though. If Sam and Chloe did end up getting together and they did last long enough in a relationship for the two to add another Drake to the family, it would probably make for an interesting situation. I'm sure Sam and Nathan would have the smartest kids ever when it comes to the archeological aspect of things and their children would probably be in competition with each other. You know what, it would be great if the two formed a team and were better at solving mysteries to earn that gold. That would be great!

24 Chocolate Isn't For Androids

via pinterest.com

I haven't gotten to play the full game of Nier Automata, but I hear it's a great game. This makes me feel like there is some type of love romance between the two main androids you see in the game, 2B, and 9S. I got to play the demo before and it's clear that 2B is something special with the way she is able to take out enemies. So I can see why 9S would want to try and impress her with a box of chocolates he found. Who says robots aren't able to love? Why would that be the case anyway? Because it's not in their programming or something? Well, I'll say this, it may be even more romantic than two robots falling in love by overriding their programming all because they felt so strongly connected with each other. How's that for a great love story? Go ahead 2B, eat as much chocolate as your stomach can hold, even if the warning in the bottom corner says otherwise.

Comic by Robusta Mania.

23 Ghouls Need Love Too

via: pinterest.com

If you're a fan of the Fallout series, you know what a ghoul is. For those of you who don't know what a ghoul is, I'll explain. A ghoul is someone who wasn't inside a vault when the nuclear explosion scorched everything on the surface. For these unfortunate guys, they were basically at ground zero and got the worst of the blast, as a result, their skin is burned and their voices are raspy. Some ghouls are functional, others are affected mentally, so they attack other people on site, we call those "Feral Ghouls." Ghouls are shunned and aren't allowed to enter Diamond City anymore, so Hancock (the ghoul above) has moved to Goodneighbor, where he has taken command. With that being said, it's clear that Hancock has a lot going on for himself, so what girl wouldn't want to be with him, even if he is a victim of radiation damage.

22 Terrible Way To Go Out

via: playstationallstars.wikia.com

How sad. Cole perished doing one of the most basic things in a normal guy's day, he took a bath. It's really sad because Cole is such an amazing hero (or villain, depending on how you played with him) and he has been through so much that you would think he would be able to withstand a little bit of soapy water. Yeah, yeah, I know, he perishes because he has electric powers and we all know that water and electricity don't mix well. But come on, couldn't the artist have given him a little bit more of a heroic end, instead of making him go out like some pansy he can't survive the one thing that brings every normal person their very essence for life? I don't know, I guess it takes away from the humor of it all. Just never thought I'd be laughing at a guy who claims to be Infamous.

Comic by KakuJomics.

21 Our Best Friend

via: deviantart.com (iamarg)

Ahhhh, the brick. Remember our little rectangular friend from The Last of Us, it was like having a utility knife in your hand. The brick opened up so many options when trying to figure out the best way to take out a group of enemies, so I see why Joel would want to rub it up against his bare cheek. I probably would do the same. In fact, I'm tempted to go outside, find a brick and show it some love just as Joel is. Honestly, all of you stealthy Last of Us players should be willing to do the same, as I'm sure the brick was always there when you needed it during those heart-pounding situations. There is nothing wrong with brick love, guys. So, go ahead and show your appreciation!

Comic by IAmArg.

20 The Things We Do In The Name Of Love

via: deviantart.com (tikoriko)

You face a lot of weird enemies in Bloodborne, that's what adds to the creepiness you're supposed to feel when you're playing. We feel a little weirded out just looking at those things, so imagine how it would feel being the one actually coming face to face with them all day. It would be ten times worse, right? After a long day of getting beaten, yelled at, and grossed out by a slew of odd creatures, you would definitely like to kick back and relax with your wife. Unless you are given the very thing you despise as your dinner. Even though the Good Hunter has to eat tentacles for dinner after coming face to face with them all day, he will suck up his disgust for them and eat them for dinner. That's just what we have to do sometimes if we love someone.

Comic by TikoRiko.

19 Just A Little Brotherly Love

via: gameshub.com

I don't know why Genji is drawn as a female. We should all already know that Genji is a male and is the younger brother of the amazing archer, Hanzo. Male or female, Genji and Hanzo have had bad blood with each other before as a result of their tumulous past, so it would be nice for the two of them to get together for a dinner to try and settle things with each other. If this were to happen, I think Genji would be a little more receptive to a dinner date with his older brother. If you have an older brother, you know how things can be when they get into a playful mood. They can easily overpower you and put you to a point where you are left throwing a childish temper tantrum, no matter how good of a swordsman you are.

Comic by Hmongt.

18 So Cute!

via: tumblr.com

Awwww, look at baby Cass. After all the hard times and coarse hands from heavy climbing, it's nice to see Nathan and Elena settle down and have a beautiful daughter. All those things brought them closer and strengthened their love each other. Their relationship is a testament to what perseverance and true love really are, sticking with each other through the hard times. Now, after the dust clears and after there isn't another piece of treasure to pursue, Nathan and Elena can enjoy the simple life with Cassie Drake. This is the perfect picture to show their love for their newborn baby girl. Cassie is born into a great family, and who knows, we may even end up playing an entire Uncharted with her as the main protagonist one day. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed.

17 We've Been There Before

via: kotaku.com.au

Ever tried to play a game while your girlfriend is around? It's a hard thing to do. If you are one of the lucky guys who has a girlfriend who enjoys playing with you, then I envy your relationship. For guys like me, it takes hours to get past one level with her around. We all know Nathan Drake likes to play games as well. We got a little taste of it when we saw Elena and Nathan playing Crash Bandicoot. Elena is actually being pretty cool about Nathan playing the game in her presence, she may get a little annoying by putting her foot next to Nathan's face. But, for the most part, she is relaxing and doing her own thing. If you cant find a girl who likes to play games, then it's nice to have one who will leave you alone when you play.

Comic by ActionTrip.

16 It's High Noon

via: gamehubs.com

McCree has a cat? It's understandable why someone like McCree would need to have the company of an adorable little kitty. He's not the most inviting guy in the desert, so I'm sure there are many people out there who are afraid of him. Honestly, that cat looks just as menacing as McCree does, so they actually might be a good fit for each other. They both have that dingy brown top hat, they both like to rock a red scarf around their necks, and they both walk around munching on a piece of wheat in their mouth. McCree's little furry friend is just like him in many ways. Maybe, McCree is like the cat too. Maybe, just maybe, he is just as loving and affectionate on the inside as the cat is. I guess we'll never know, huh?

Comic by Vanilla-Tea-Er.

15 Thanks. I Needed That

via deviantart.com (thegouldenway)

We all need the reassurance of a friend sometimes. For those days when we don't know how to feel about ourselves, it's nice to have someone around who is able to look at who we really are and straighten our negative thoughts out. After all, that's what friends are for, right? We need those people who are able to see our true colors and not judge us when we act ourselves, even if ourselves includes a habit of eating people, like our sharp-toothed friend above. Our friends assure us that eating people doesn't make us a bad person, it's just a habit we have and it is a part of who we are. On a side note, no one should EVER eat other people. It wrong, barbaric and evil. Just thought I should mention that just in case someone decides to take that the wrong way.

Comic by TheGouldenWay.

14 This Would Be Awesome!

via: zerochan.net

Wouldn't this be a great scene? Cassie and Ellie meet up to hang out together one day. I know a cross-over between Uncharted and The Last of Us is very unlikely. Even though both games are made by the same developer, they still have two different time frames. The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic world, while Uncharted is set in the present time, so the chances of that happening are slim to none. Anyway, how awesome with this be though? One of my favorite game developers, bringing two of my favorite characters together for an epic night at a rock concert. That would be so cool. I wonder how they would act with each other. Ellie is kind of a no non-nonsense kind of girl while Cassie seems a little more light-hearted. Still, I bet they would hit it off though.

Comic by BandFanGals.

13 I Love This Picture!

via: tumblr.com

There's no denying that there are a lot of similarities between Lara Croft and Nathan Drake. Both of these superstar treasure hunters are a force to be reckoned with when they have their sites set on their goals. This brings up a big debate about who you like more, Nathan Drake or Lara Croft? Lara has been around a lot longer than Nathan but it can be argued that the Uncharted series has influenced Tomb Raider after the 2013 reboot. Both games have a lot of differences but they also have plenty of similarities as well. I personally like Tomb Raider more and I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it's the hunting aspect and the stuff that they put Lara through from time to time when you make a mistake. Nathan is a much more likable character though. He can be goofy at times. I don't know, it's all debatable. What do you think?

12 Beware, Spoilers

via pinterest.com

Until Dawn has to be one of the most creative PS4 games I have ever played. The whole concept of the game mixed with a bunch of twists and turns made Until Dawn a unique experience for all gamers. Games that allow me to take control of multiple characters and decide their fate with the decisions I make always draw me in like crazy. I'll try to get through this post without giving out spoilers. If you can't already tell who we have in this picture, then I would say that you haven't played Until Dawn, go ahead and give it a try if you can. Until Dawn will leave you confused at first, but it will all be worth it once you make it to the end. Hopefully, this picture doesn't spoil it for you once you see who's in the game.

11 "The Less Of Us," HA!

via deviantart.com(wolfjedisamuel)

I like this picture a lot. Did you happen to notice who that guy is in the bed? It's Markiplier, a famous gaming YouTuber. If the glasses and red "M" on his shirt didn't give it away, I'm sure the pink mustache should give you a huge hint. Looking at this picture, its kind of hard to determine what's going on. We see Markiplier holding something to the woman. We also see a man's hand on the floor right in the doorway. Since Markiplier has the weapon, I'd say that he ended the man. Maybe the girl with Markiplier is the man's wife and Markiplier was just trying to protect himself. Who knows, there are plenty of different interpretations for this one picture. There's only one thing for certain, it's a funny picture.

Comic by WolfJediSamuel.

10 Surprise!

via: uncharted.wikia.com

Okay, I need to address something here for people out there who believe that kicking a guy in the lower area is hilarious... IT'S NOT! You see it all the time in movies and TV shows and everybody laughs at how the guy reacts to the pain. It's not funny, people. I have never been kicked there before, but I have taken an unintentional hit below the belt before and I definitely wasn't laughing. To make matters worse, in this comic strip, Chloe is looking into Nathan's eyes with a spark of passion, like she is about to give him a kiss, only to blindside him with a heavy hit in a man's most vulnerable spot. I cringe just looking at this picture. Oh, and look what it says in bright yellow letters in the corner, "KRAK." That's just wrong, I can't take this anymore.

9 Stop Trying

via: tumblr.com

If there's one thing we have all learned that Sam likes, it's treasure. I mean, who could blame him? Honestly, I would probably be the same way if I were to spend countless hours solving mysteries and increasingly difficult puzzles. I think we all would end up feeling some type of connection to treasure. Think about it, a lot of us already feel that way about the material things we have anyway. We spend hours on hours working hard at whatever job we have so we can take the money a buy the things we want. Once we finally do buy that one thing we had been lusting over for months or even years, we would show just as much, if not more, love that Sam shows the treasure he sees. Ehm, well, this got serious all of a sudden... sorry, guys.

8 They've Been Through A Lot

via: tumblr.com

Awww, look at the perfect couple. Elena and Nathan have been through a lot of crap with each other. They have had arguments, had near-death experiences constantly and explored most of the world together, and through it all, they had each other. Most relationships we have, whether family, friendship, or romantic, will see some sort of bad times. Oddly, we need those bad times, it shows us that the relationship is worth fighting for and it strengthens the bond between the two people involved. Besides, we need those bad things in life so we can appreciate what the good things are. Wow, what is up with me today, I am turning into a life guru all of a sudden. Anyway, I'm happy for Elena and Nathan, they make a great couple.

Comic here.

7 You Noticed It Too

via: gamehubs.com

We all know it's true. The way they designed most of the Overwatch females was definitely on purpose. All of the females wear tight clothes and have pretty faces to go along with their unique abilities. Tracer happens to be my favorite character and not for the reason you think. What's so special about Tracer is that she is the fastest player in the game. Every second you play with her is hectic because almost any attack from most enemies will end her with one hit. I don't know, maybe that's why I like Tracer so much, because she is so easy to end, which makes things much more intense for whoever plays with her. Either way, I'm sure you noticed how provocative her, um, assets are. No wonder people want to ban her.

Comic by JagoDibuja.

6 The Ultimate Wingman

via gamehubs.com

We've all seen how aggressive our bony friend Reaper can be. With that dark cloak and two devastating shotguns he likes to carry around with him all day, he can be an intimidating person to come into contact with. When you hear him say things in his menacing voice, you know its time to find some cover soon or you will be caught in the cross-fire. Maybe being so forceful is how Reaper got to where he is now in life. He WAS the commander of the Overwatch team at some point, so he may some type of authoritative charm that the others lack. Maybe that authority could work in almost all situations, like getting two friends to make a move on each other at a movie theatre. Reaper could really be the ultimate wingman.

Comic by NerfNow.

5 Makes Sense

via: deviantart.com (kobold-art)

I love Horizon: Zero Dawn. It was one of my favorite games of last year! Being able to roam a massive land and hunt down robotic animals is a great experience. To me, the hunting part was the most fun part of the game. I'm big on crafting and customizing my characters. In order to craft a lot of things on Horizon, you have to hunt for certain parts you get from the robotic animals. Sometimes, I would get carried away and just do it for sport though. After unlocking new skills for my character, like slow-mo when aiming in the air, I would try to use those new skills to look cool taking out my prey, just for the heck of it! I've ended my share of grazers without anything to gain from it. I'm sure we all have at some point, its fun, right?

Comic by Kobold-Art.

4 Thankfully, It Wasn't Really Like That

via: funnyjunky.com

Picture this. You're stuck in a tiny dark room and you're surrounded by a group of merciless clickers. You don't have any weapons, so you scan the room for your only offensive weapon. Glancing to your left, you find a bottle of weed spray sitting in the corner. You reach for it. Giving it all you've got, you spray a couple squirts of the deadly liquid onto an unaware clicker. Do you know how hard The Last of Us would have been for anyone to beat if all we had to use to end clickers was a bottle of weed spray? it would totally suck! I would have never beat The Last of Us because of the sheer boredom I would feel waiting for the weed stuff to end each enemy.

Comic b CAD-Comic.

3 So Obvious

via: pinterest.com

Remember this part in Uncharted 4? Sam, Sully, and Nathan are all at a dinner party, where they need to get past a locked door. The only way to get past the door is to steal a keycard from one of the waiters and use it to swipe the keypad lock next to the door. So, like always, our fined Nathan is up for the challenge of grabbing the keycard, after all, that's what thieves do. If you notice, Nathan isn't the most discreet when going for the keycard. If you were to pay a little attention you would be on to what he was trying to do as soon as he looked at the waiter's butt. That's why I like this comic strip, it pokes fun at how illogical this would be in "real life." A good thief would never be so obvious when going for a keycard. We couldn't find the artist for this one, but we love it!

2 They Love Each Other

via pintrest.com

Here we have our star couple for the third time. This romantic embrace is yet another example of how much Elena and Nathan love each other. They just love to touch and be around each other, which is what true love is, or what true love is thought to be. When you have the feeling that you want to be around someone all day every day, you know that you are starting to build a connection with that person. With that being said, I love how the artist drew this picture. The bright colors they used are a perfect way to emphasize the loving nature of their relationship. This picture just makes you feel happy when you look at it, their relationship is something special and I think a lot of people would love to have a relationship like the one they have.

1 All Grown Up

via: tumblr.com

Marisa was introduced into Uncharted before I began to play the series. Yeah, I know, I should have started from the very first Uncharted so I could understand the story, but I didn't have access to the first few Uncharted games. I don't know a lot about Marisa, but I do know that she was introduced into Uncharted: The Golden Abyss, where she had set out to find the treasure that her grandfather had been looking for before he mysteriously disappeared. Just like most characters in the Uncharted series, Marisa Chase is a smart girl with an extensive knowledge of archeological facts. As you can see in the picture, Marisa is passionate about solving the mystery of her grandpa's disappearance and finding the treasure he so desperately wanted.

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