29 Crossover PlayStation Fan Pictures That are Too Awesome For Words

What if Kratos met Solid Snake? Or what if BioShock’s Elizabeth ended up in the isolated world of ICO?

Sometimes there are even weird Easter Eggs if two worlds have been made by the same company. Take Bethesda’s Fallout and Elder Scrolls, where you can find nirnroot from the Elder Scrolls series as an experimental plant in Fallout. Or that awkward moment with BioWare’s Mass Effect where you find the planet Dragon Age takes place on, Thedas.

It’s a rarity to be a fan of just one video game. We have favorite genres, sure, but gamers often dabble in far more than one story. We get attached to so many characters and worlds that it’s practically like we’re interdimensional beings.

This fact that fandoms overlap each other inspires crossovers. There is a ton of fanart and fanfiction that collide these video game characters and the worlds they inhabit. There are characters with so many similarities that it would make sense that they meet. For example, Clementine and Ellie are both post-zombie apocalypse children. They would make an amazing team despite coming from completely different games.

There are also characters we would love to see fight each other. Who would win between Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Revengance versus Kratos from God of War?

Here is our list of fan-made crossover art.

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29 Metal Gear And Smash Bros.

via: knowyourmeme.com

Maybe Raiden will one day make the cut for the Smash Bros. games. Until then, we can at least appreciate this fan art. Smash Bros. is one of the crossover kings of the video game industry. It’s one of the few places you have Link and Kirby beat up each other.

Or just throw in Snake and Princess Peach while you’re at it and watch a four-way fight.

Mario in this style is a little jarring. It’s hard to see him the same size and style as Snake, Samus, and Raiden.

Artist is unknown.

28 Final Fantasy 7 And Pokémon

via: kotaku.com.au

Pokémon is a popular subject for crossovers. Any character can be a Pokémon trainer! Based on their personality and history, it’s fun to decide what kind of Pokémon they would have in their party.

The Pokémon here certainly match the personalities of these popular Final Fantasy characters.

Sephiroth and Mewtwo share a villainous role and come from unnatural beginnings. Aerith is a flower merchant so, of course, she would have a Grass-type Pokémon. Also Jolteon matches Cloud’s spiky hair!

Art was made by Andrew Ryan.

27 Overwatch And Sailor Moon

via: pinterest.com

Symmetra, Mercy, and Zarya make adorable sailor scouts. Drawing different characters as sailor scouts like in Sailor Moon or just as their own version of a magical girl is a popular kind of crossover.

It looks like they are portraying the characters that they most physically resemble like with Symmetra resembling Sailor Mars since they both have long black hair.

Some fanart goes as far to make an animation of the transformation sequence like in the show. Any animators interested in giving these sailor scouts a transformation sequence?

Artist is unknown.

26 Persona And Legend Of Zelda

via: pinterest.com

Link is a silent protagonist and Joker from Persona 5 matches that aspect.

This fanart is based on how a Persona 5 character can use a critical attack that decimates an enemy. When they complete the attack, they get a zoom-in of their face with symbols that match their personality while they say a one-liner. This is based off Joker’s, where he usually has a star, Link gets the tri-force. Then, of course, Link’s mask is a Joker version of the Majora Mask. Link does look a little odd in a trench coat though.

Artist is unknown.

25 Dark Souls And Pokémon

via: reddit.com

In this crossover, instead of Solaire saying “Praise the sun!” it’s “Praise the Solrock!” He’s catching a Pokémon the super old-fashioned way before Pokéballs existed.

This fanart got fans excited and they suggested what other Dark Soul characters would have if they were in the Pokémon world.

Like Tarkus would have an Aggron. Ornstein and Smough would have a Pikachu and Snorlax. Havel would have a Rhyhorn. Or maybe Ornstein should have a Luxray? What do you think?

Artist is unknown.

24 BioShock And Slenderman

via: knowyourmeme.com

Slenderman was made as a modern internet folktale before he got his own games. He is a horrific monster that basically steals children.

BioShock is, in its own way, a horrific game. You have little girls with giant needles running around and are protected by these massive Big Daddies who hold giant drills.

So obviously this fanart is showing Slenderman doing what he does best, taking a child. However, Big Daddy is right behind him and ready to fight to save the little girl.

Artist is unknown.

23 Shadow Of The Colossus And Legend Of Zelda

via: tumblr.com

What Shadow of the Colossus and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have in common is they are open worlds that give a sense of isolation in nature. Both games are on a quest to save a girl. Of course, they have a lot of differences as well.

Link is not making a deal with a mysterious and sinister being to save the girl.

There are also no villages in Shadow of the Colossus. You don’t meet any other people until the end cutscene of the game.

Art was made by Johannamation.

22 Kingdom Hearts And Life Is Strange

via: pinterest.com

This crossover is different from a lot of Kingdom Hearts crossover fanart. In this picture, Riku and Sora have become the main characters rather than just jumping into the world as themselves. Strangely enough, Sora and Riku work in this picture as Max and Chloe.

Sora’s Max hair is subtle and like Max, he’s a protagonist with a troubled friend. Riku’s Chloe hair works and like Chloe; he is incredibly troubled and has a close friendship that he almost breaks up.

Artist is unknown.

21 Fallout And BioShock

via: deviantart.com/hanshee

“A gift for my boyfriend, originally intended for Christmas, but I just never got it done by then,” wrote the artist. “But no matter, it is done, and I am happy. So, this is a BioShock and Fallout crossover. Mr. Veteran Ranger has stolen the little sister from the Big Daddy and boy is he mad.”

Fallout and BioShock have the same sort of post-apocalyptic vibe where most of the world is hostile or you find innocent people in very traumatic situations.

Art was made by hanshee.

20 Skyrim And Legend Of Zelda

via: deviantart.com/savagetreeko

There is the subtle shadow of a dragon cast over Link and the Dovahkin. Skyrim is such a massive world full of warriors that there are a lot of Easter Eggs hidden around.

It would have been cool to have a Legend of Zelda Easter Egg through an item, quest, or character.

There are Easter Eggs that call to movies, stories, other games like Pac-Man, the Sword in the Stone, Lord of the Rings, Poltergeist, The Hangover, and Ghostbusters. So why not add Legend of Zelda somewhere?

Art was made by savagetreeko.

19 The Last Of Us And The Walking Dead

via: pinterest.com

Clementine and Ellie’s games came out around the same time and they were often compared to each other. Both were little girls facing a zombie apocalypse with non-blood-related father figures there to see that they survive.

So this crossover is far from uncommon. Both Ellie and Clementine have been through a lot and have seen many people perish. Both of them are even growing up through their sequels and have gotten larger roles since their first games.

Artist is unknown.

18 Fallout And Skyrim

via: deviantart.com/devolist

Both being Bethesda games that are incredibly open world, Fallout and Skyrim crossover fanart is not a rarity on the internet.

Despite being made by the same company and having very common mechanics, Fallout and the Elder Scroll games are opposite in terms of worlds.

One is in the US after nuclear fallout from a war with China and the other world is high fantasy with high elves, orcs, dragons, lizard people, cat people, and tons of magic.

Art was made by devolist.

17 The Last Of Us And Adventure Time

via: tumblr.com

Adventure Time explored a ton of fantasy tropes and mini-genres. In fact, zombies were one of the first mini-genres they tackled on the show with Princess Bubblegums’ candy people. Of course, it never got as dark as The Last of Us, which is definitely rated M for mature content.

Seeing rather dark and edgy video game characters blend into the goofy and laid-back style of Adventure Time is refreshing. And you got to love the candy cane weapons.

Art was made by Greggory Metzler.

16 Mass Effect And Fallout

via: pinterest.com

Here we have Mass Effect’s Liara as the sole survivor protagonist and female Shepard as Piper from Fallout 4. Dogmeat is still just Dogmeat though. It’s cute that Piper’s nickname for the sole survivor translates into something more for these characters due to Liara’s skin color.

While Piper and the sole survivor can romance each other, so can Shepard and Liara. Though picturing Shepard as a reporter is a little difficult. Their relationship with the media has always been a little shaky.

Artist is unknown.

15 Life Is Strange And BioShock

via: deviantart.com/c-h-i-z-u

These are two power characters from two very different games. Max from Life is Strange is a photography student that can bend time while Elizabeth comes from steampunk theocracy and can bend reality.

One game is mostly school life and the other is action-packed.

So if these two girls teamed up against you, you would be doomed. Their godlike powers are similar to the Diamond and Pearl Legendary Pokémon that can control space and time. That’s a third element to this crossover that needs to be drawn!

Art was made by c-h-i-z-u.

14 Fallout And Iron Man

via: kylepetchockart.com

“A few months ago I entered a fan art contest held by my favorite professional Illustrator - Patrick Brown,” wrote the artist. “The contest rules were to take anything from comics /TV/movies and bring it into the universe of the game called Fallout 4. My piece shows Iron Man swooping in and saving the lone wanderer and his dog from certain doom, and it was chosen as the winner. The piece I submitted required no color, but I decided to add color for fun.”

Art was made by Kyle Petchock.

13 BioShock And Mass Effect

via: deviantart.com/charliewilcher

“This is a crossover of the Shepards and the Luteces,” wrote the artist. “Interesting note is that Femshep has the same voice actress as Rosaline Lutece, Jennifer Hale!”

The artist based the tally marks on polls from BioWare’s forums that asked players which ending they choose in Mass Effect 3.

What’s so great about this art is it brings to light that every playthrough of Mass Effect 3 may count as a different reality. So the Shepard twins are actually just like the Luteces in that sense.

Art was made by charliewilcher.

12 Kingdom Hearts And Fallout

via: pinterest.com

Kingdom Hearts is already a menagerie of Disney and Final Fantasy crossovers. Sora has visited worlds from Pirates of the Caribbean to Peter Pan to The Nightmare before Christmas. With that in mind, it’s easy to imagine him in any setting.

What if Kingdom Hearts visited video game worlds instead of Disney ones? The games would take a much darker turn, especially if one of the worlds was Fallout where people have to deal with radiation, raiders, and mutants.

Artist is unknown.

11 God Of War And American McGee’s Alice

via: imgur.com

American McGee’s Alice is like Alice in Wonderland’s version of God of War. It’s Alice except she is deeply disturbed, and thus Wonderland becomes a monstrous and dangerous place. She violently handles her problems, just like Kratos from God of War.

They are such different characters, but their commonality is tragedy and violence.

Alice certainly hasn’t ended a god pantheon, so the stronger is definitely Kratos. Though if they fought, Kratos would probably be surprised by how much the little girl can fight back.

Artist is unknown.

10 Mass Effect And Dragon Age

via: deviantart.com/shalizeh

This BioWare crossover is very popular since the games are very similar in terms of being a role-playing adventure. In Mass Effect, you didn’t really have a group of advisors to help you as in Dragon Age Inquisition.

“I did a crossover between Mass Effect and Dragon Age Inquisition (I blame Tumblr for this – so many interesting crossover artworks everywhere!)” wrote the artist. “This has been brutal, but I managed to draw all three advisors and not drop this in the middle somewhere.”

Art was made by shalizeh.

9 Horizon: Zero Dawn And God Of War 4

via: pushsquare.com

It’s like a family. We have Kratos and Atreus from God of War 4 with Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. From the style and their clothes, a non-gamer probably would guess they are from the same game.

However, one game deals with fighting the Norse god pantheon and the other is about fighting machines. Very different.

We never learn exactly what Atreus’ mother looks like since she’s not alive in the game. With that, it’s easy to insert other women into the mother role for him in fanart.

Artist is unknown.

8 ICO And Portal 2

via: store.steampowered.com

Both ICO and Portal 2 are puzzle-centered games. ICO is lesser known than the Portal franchise, despite being a beautiful game in the same world as Shadow of the Colossus and the more recent game, The Last Guardian.

The main character of ICO is holding Chell’s hand like he holds the hand of the mysterious girl in his game. Chell might be a less passive assistant though.

These games have two totally different approaches and styles. It’s a wonder what inspired the artist to put these two together.

Artist is unknown.

7 Nier: Automata And Metal Gear Rising: Revengance

via: deviantart.com/overlordjc

Nier and Metal Gear are surprisingly similar in terms of tones, amazing action, and ridiculous characters. Also, both storylines are very complicated.

Nier went from fantasy to post-apocalypse and Metal Gear has tons of characters and story to keep track of.

Here we have the character from Nier: Automata, A2, dressed as Raiden as he was in his own game Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. Seeing Raiden fight a YorHa member would be awesome. One is a super advanced AI and the other is a super advanced cyborg.

Art was made by overlordjc.

6 The Witcher And Alien

via: deviantart.com/telmand

This crossover is just clever. We have Geralt, a veteran hunter of monsters going toe-to-toe with possibly one of the most famous monsters of television. The Witcher games have Geralt take down werewolves, griffins, ghosts, and undead. And he is good at what he does.

Does that mean he could take on the aliens from Alien? It’s possible. He is not just a fighter, but someone who studies the lore and history behind the monsters he fights to give him an edge.

Art was made by telmand.

5 The Witcher And Skyrim

via: deviantart.com/devolist

If Skyrim had Witchers, there would be no need for Dovahkins. It’s easy to imagine a Witcher and Skyrim crossover since they both take place in fantasy worlds with fantasy races, magic, and fantastical creatures. A Witcher could easily make a living in the Elder Scrolls universe.

The world of Skyrim has vampires, werewolves, dragons, giants, trolls, and so many other beings that are a danger to people.

Did Geralt tame a dragon in this fanart? The Dovahkin looks horrified.

Art was made by devolist.

4 Metal Gear And Persona

via: longestdistanceart.tumblr.com

Both of these games involve some sneaking around and running away from enemies. Unfortunately, in Persona 5, you don’t get to hide under a cardboard box or a trashcan. In fact, you don’t get many places to hide except around corners in hallways.

Metal Gear got pretty creative when it came to hiding. You could even roll around in an oil drum in some games (but then Snake would get stomach-sick and throw up). Maybe future Persona games can give us more places to hide.

Art was made by longestdistanceart.

3 Dark Souls And Legend Of Zelda

via: deviantart.com/mintyfreshmangos

This piece was a commission for the artist.

“So it's been a while since I took any commissions but Seddaa contacted me about possibly doing an album cover for his EP...and after hearing his music, I couldn't say no," wrote the artist.

"His album has songs inspired by Zelda's Majora's Mask and Dark Soul's Solaire. First of all, that’s amazing, second of all, awesome crossover idea in-head. Could not say no. So here is the crazy creepy moon from Majora's Mask facing off against Solaire, the warrior of sunlight. Get it?”

Art was done by mintyfreshmangos.

2 Assassin’s Creed And Metal Gear

via: deviantart.com/doubleleaf

The objective in both Assassin’s Creed and in Metal Gear is to be as stealthy as possible. So if these two somehow existed in the same area in the same world, there was still be a one-in-a-thousand chance that they would meet because they are both trying to be un-seeable. Snake hides under boxes, has camouflage, and keeps low to the ground. Ezio keeps high off the ground and climbs to the roof of buildings to avoid the public eye.

Art was made by doubleleaf.

1 Overwatch And Warhammer

via: pinterest.com

The question has been asked already on various forums but who would win between D.Va and a Dreadnaught from Warhammer 40K? Most fans believe that the Warhammer Dreadnaught would win. Maybe that is what inspired this fanart?

Why push the two against each other in battle when you can just have a crossover of both?

You would get to combine D.Va’s mobility with everything else the Dreadnaught already has. That’s not to mention D.Va would add more cute colors to the mech.

Artist is unknown.

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