PlayStation Exec: Nintendo Switch Had A 'Positive Influence On The Entire Games Market'

Hiroyuki Oda, Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia president, spoke to Nikkei and said that the Nintendo Switch has had a "positive influence."

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that we are living in a new era of "Nintendo mania." Nintendo hasn't had this kind of popularity since the '80s. In many respects, the Switch is the new Nintendo Entertainment System - the hybrid console took everyone by surprise, and is dominating the gaming industry. Back in January, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch was the fastest-selling video game home console in the U.S. The Switch is doing big business in the States. It's also doing incredibly well in Nintendo's home country. In July, as reported by Yahoo! Japan (and translated by Nintendo Soup), the Switch revitalized the Japanese gaming market, which had been in a 10 year slump. Simply put, Nintendo has achieved massive success with its hybrid console.

One of Nintendo's biggest competitors, Sony, has commented on the Switch's impact. As translated by Siliconera, Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia president Hiroyuki Oda spoke with Japanese news site Nikkei, and talked about the Switch's effect on the gaming industry.

Hiroyuki Oda: “I’d say it has had an overall positive influence on the entire games market. Gamers want to play various games of various types, so the most important thing is that these people who love games are happy. SIE will play to its strengths by providing games of various genres, including realistic, high-definition games.”

Via NintendoSoup.com

It would be hard to deny the Switch's positive impact on the gaming industry. More people are playing, and for the first time, home console Nintendo games can be played on the go, anywhere. The second part of Oda's statement isn't a surprise. Whereas Nintendo has typically focused on more colorful, family friendly content, Sony (and Microsoft) has put a larger focus on delivering realistic graphics, showcasing the console's power. Nintendo has less powerful consoles, but makes up for it with the creativity of the software. This is why many players have a Nintendo console and a PS4. Both consoles deliver different types of enjoyable games.

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It is tragic however, that despite Oda saying, "Gamers want to play various games of various types, so the most important thing is that these people who love games are happy," Sony has not allowed Fortnite cross-play with Nintendo Switch users, or Xbox One players for that matter. Many gamers would be happy if Sony opened up its console to cross-play. Still, it is good to see Sony acknowledging the influence the Switch has had on the gaming market. The Switch will likely keep up its momentum. Pokémon: Let's Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are releasing this year. Next year will also see the release of big titles, such as the next main Pokémon RPG, and a new Yoshi title.

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