25 PlayStation Games Made "Steamy" By The Community

There is no bottom to the depths of debauchery that perverted game fans will sink too, especially if it's a game that they like. From illustrations that must have taken way too long (or else how would they be so detailed?), to full feature length adult flicks, video games and the adult industry have been interwoven in a vile tongue kiss that'll make even the most strong stomached gamer want to clear their browser history.

There are lots of ways that gamers show their love for the game of their choice: by making mods that are detailed and game changing, by constructing amazing and intricate costumes for cosplay, and of course, the reason we're all here. Some fans take the game worlds they adore so much and paste genitals on everything. Passion takes many outlets to make itself known, and for some reason when it comes to video games that means that there will be some morally questionable material floating around on the net.

Not to worry! We've taken our massive "adult content" fishing nets and dragged them across the waters of the many adult fan communities and brought to the surface, kicking, sputtering, and unusually sticky, the most corrupted versions of some of the greatest PlayStation games of all time!

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25 More Disturbing Than Bill's Magazine Collection

via twitter.com

For a game about the depravity of mankind, after it’s ravaged by a fungus that turns people into mutated mushroom horrors, a lot of people really want to see the characters "have fun." The entirety of the survivor cast makes an appearance, with Ellie, unfortunately, taking the main stage for most of it. With her age being what it is, the erotica depicting her in adult situations is disturbing in the worst way.

For the rest of it, gamers apparently really think that clickers and bloaters are wet dream material. The amount of fan art that exists depicting erotic situations with grotesquely deformed humanoids brings the collective sanity of the entire human species to question. Who ever saw a clicker and ever felt anything besides pure terror has a screw — apparently someone out there saw the malformed head of one and thought, “Now that is hot.

24 A Completely Different Kind Of Sackboy

via youtube.com ( CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos)

It is hard to understand how anyone played Little Big Planet and thought, “This is great and all, but what if everything was dongs?” Yes, there are pictures of Sackboy getting more in touch with his second sack, and subsequently, there are those of us at TheGamer that will never sleep more than a few hours at night as a result of having seen it.

Aside from the disturbing implications of “Sackboy” being made out of anything other than brown fabric, he has those same dead button eyes that stare unseeing, on and on…regardless of what or who ever happens to be currently covered in unidentified stickiness in front of him. The game’s customization isn’t lost on the adult community either; every conceivable adult appendage and toy that Sackboy could be, he is.

23 You Really Might Want To See A Therapist

via fende.deviantart.com

Dear merciful God, why? One of the most horrifying games ever made and this, this is what happens? The monsters in Bloodborne are grotesque and nightmare inducing piles of tentacles and hooded madmen who…you know, we should have seen this coming as soon as the word “tentacles” was mentioned. Just like the game itself, the adult side of Bloodborne is disturbing and nightmare fuel, to say the least.

Werewolves, Blood Starved Beasts, plague mask wearing Hunters…no form of monstrosity is safe from the perverted minds of the game’s fan base. With the Lovecraftian nature of the base material, the erotic side of things gets super weird, with hunters literally climbing into the shadowy crevices of hellish creatures that inhabit the cursed city of Yharnam.

22 The Original Trilogy Is Also The Most Erotic

Via: deviantart.com (theinsanedarkone)

For a game series that features some of the most disgusting and well-designed bio-engineered monstrosities and undead nightmares in the world of video games, people sure do like watching them get down and dirty with the humans tasked with killing them.

From the original S.T.A.R.S. team going wild on each other, to Claire and Ada getting to know one another a little too well, the standard erotic fan art exists. Where the Resident Evil erotic fan art community really shines is when they make Umbrella’s grotesque creations engage with each other and the survivors that are supposed to be doing their best to avoid or kill them.

21 Kick, Punch, It's All In The Lamb

Via: deviantart.com (masterdragoonnj)

How obscene can a devious community make a game about a rapping dog and a guitar playing lamb? You’ll be sorry you asked, I guarantee it. Have you ever wondered what a tryst between an anthropomorphic mustachioed onion, a boom box with a face, and a fedora wearing hippy frog looks like?

If your answer is no, then stay far, far away from the extremely “creative” world of adult content dealing with the two popular rhythm games. Guitars and microphones are being jammed places they shouldn’t be, and there is a lot more than stringed instruments being strummed in this insanely detailed fan art.

As mentioned before, it seems the more innocent and pure something is, the more likely it is that a group exists to make the entire universe prone to this, as opposed to hitting buttons at the right time and furthering the musical career of either protagonist.

20 Raiding More Than Tombs

Via: wallpaperbetter.com

Where to even start with one of the first real hotties of gaming? Of course, there is going to be adult material related to Lara Croft and her uncanny ability to find herself in the middle of thousand-year-old death traps, or among pirates that are begging to get an ice pick to the side of the head. Considering that she has been busty, even in her rough edges days on the original PlayStation, the world of Tomb Raider adult content is expansive, both in volume and in medium.

The adult film industry has thrived on gamer’s obsession with the dual pistol wielding amateur archeologist; some of the top talent in the adult industry have starred in feature length movies concerning Lara’s less than savory exploits. In addition, fans have made a multitude of mods, animations, and illustrations ranging from the vanilla to the incredibly bizarre — with ancient guards and treasures taking part in the action.

19 Spyro Likes To Roast On A Spit In The Adult Community

via reddit.com

How perverted can a devious community make a purple dragon’s adventure through a mystical land to save elder dragons? Extremely it seems, when it comes to devious communities, not even the Spyro games are safe.

People have spent way too much time coming up with detailed and unique ideas for what Spyro’s "parts" looks like and. rest assured, it is not good. From elder dragon group sessions to Spyro sticking his horns in places they definitely should not be, there is no limit to the perversion that has adulterated the sheep roasting purple dragon’s fantasy world.

Speaking of sheep, there seems to be some type of sick obsession with Spyro and the sheep that populate his adventures, but this time he’s roasting them on a spit as opposed to with his breath, if you get the gist. It’s understandable that people are into some seriously odd things, but when you get sheep, dragons, and glowing dragonflies stuffing gems where they shouldn’t, it crosses a very thin line.

18 More Adult Than The Actual Game

Via: kotaku.com.au/plasystationlifestyle.net

One of the most well written and gritty stories ever featured in a video game is going to come with its fair share of people who want to see all the characters swept up in the drama go crazy on each other. With a variety of side quests, beat em’ up gameplay, and a touch of Japanese silliness, the games are a triumph — the erotic fan base, not so much. While the game does feature adult content and scantily clad women, it just isn't enough for some fans.

With a few female characters playing prominent roles, the usual adult scenarios take place with a few exceptions for group action and the other expected deviations. With the large male cast, however, comes some serious group action with a lot of dudes. Bonus points for naked fighting and subsequent makeup activities after Kiryu smashes someone over the head with a scooter. It’s oddly nice to watch them all resolve their differences without beating the ever-living poop out of each other, with fists at least.

17 Not Even Marsupials Are Safe

Via: deviantart.com (TruePhazonianForce)

With the hype around the fuzzy orange mascot hitting near frenzy levels with the recent release of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the erotic community surrounding the lovable marsupial has again blossomed into a twisted, sticky bloom. The fun, innocent, and light hearted spirit that made the game memorable for so many young gamers of yesteryear has taken on a much seedier and disturbing personage for a group of fans with “specific” tastes.

It’s one thing to conjure up explicit images of Crash and his busty girlfriend from the first game. While gross, it isn’t exactly taboo, if you don’t consider anthropomorphic marsupials humping each other offensive. But when Crash’s sister gets involved, and god forbid when Aku Aku and Uka Uka join in, things are getting weird. Throw in all the bosses and the tiger, polar bear, and dinosaur, and the term “mountable” takes on a whole new meaning.

16 They Didn't Have That Many Appendages In The Game

Via: deviantart.com (kyleisamongus)

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game about tribal cavemen fighting robot dinosaurs, in particular, an exceptionally badass heroine named Aloy who doesn’t take guff from anyone. Even when the game's many conniving NPCs try to trap her in an ambush or give her the shaft, she emerges victorious. Unless you’re referring to the underworld of erotic Horizon: Zero Dawn fan art — then Aloy is letting pretty much everyone do their thing.

Aside from typical human interactions, the community has taken advantage of the creative talents of the developers and featured Aloy in a whole host of unsavory robot dinosaur scenarios that would make even the hardiest Brave blush. For some reason they all have tentacles, and they’re all insatiably attracted to the red headed heroine, making for some seriously disturbing tentacle erotica.

15 At Least She Probably Carries Handcuffs

via pinterest.com

Essentially Resident Evil’s weird cousin, the Parasite Eve series follows NYPD cop Aya Brea as she discovers her mitochondrial powers that are awakened when she pursues the titular antagonist, Eve. Aya had already been eroticized a fair amount by the developers; between her shower scene in the second game and the blunt physicality in the third game. It isn’t really surprising that fans have taken it to the next step.

Of course, there is the usual animations and videos of Aya participating in "adult" activity with the male characters from her game, in addition to a large selection of material that features the NYPD officer solo. Things start to get really upsetting when the grotesque creatures that she battles against start taking advantage, even worse when the gargantuan bosses start getting involved. There are a disturbing amount of illustrations that feature tentacles and Aya being eaten, as well as a series of live action erotic cosplay that just add fuel to the cringe worthy fire.

14 Twisted Metal Means Twisted Erotica

via youtube.com MXE VIDEOS)

A seriously dark and disturbing series since its inception, Twisted Metal is just about the last place that anyone would expect, or want to, look for erotic adult content. Well, it'll happen whether you want it to or not, because it exists and it is not that hard to find.

Depicting mostly the female drivers from the series, the familiar clown mask wearing psycho Sweet Tooth makes disturbingly regular appearances as both the dealer and recipient of pain and pleasure.

Most of the adult scenes depicted in the images take place on some of the games most recognizable cars...so that's neat if you're a fan and you're looking through Twisted Metal erotica for cars. If that's the case, there are hotlines for that sort of the thing, and you should contact one immediately.

13 "Lord Gohda Expects Much Of You"

vai gamearthq.com

An excellent series of ninja games that lasted just over ten years, the world of Tenchu is one steeped in blood and shadows. Slinking from cover to cover and utilizing a large selection of ninja gear, players are tasked with assassinating a certain target, while evading and executing other lesser enemies along the way. For some reason, fans of the series have taken the game and pulled it into the realm of erotica, with bloody results.

Apart from the usual spread of monogamous activity, the community shifted to a more violent outlet, featuring Ayame (the female assassin), being beaten and cut in multiple scenarios. Disturbing to say the least, blades and other implements of warfare are used in manners that should never be conceptualized by a human mind. But, like many things that fall into the “this simply should not exist” category, there are galleries full of the stuff on the Internet.

12 Popular Enough For A Cross Over

Via: badoink.com

The adventures of Nathan Drake and his relatable repertoire of characters is well known, as they defeat evil by shooting a lot of dudes and find lost cities and treasures that the regular explorer could only dream of. Part of Drake’s posse are a selection of attractive women who are equally sufficient at kicking the butt and killing the heck out of every foe that makes the mistake of underestimating them. So it’s natural that Uncharted fans would hop into making morally questionable videos and drawings.

There’s also a few videos that depict “Uncharted vs. Tomb Raider,” but they aren’t exploring ancient cities and burial sites as much as they’re exploring each other. The adult material that takes place in the Uncharted world also features acts with ancient relics that would make them more at home on Adultworld’s shelves as opposed to behind a glass case in a museum.

11 "Keep Feedin' You, And Feedin' You, And Feedin' You..."

Via: fatprincess.wikia.com

The “flag” of capture the flag styled game Fat Princess, the titular Fat Princess was quickly at the mercy of the seedy side of the game’s community after its release. With a colorful cast of warriors that do their best to capture the opposing kingdom’s princess while protecting their own, the adult illustrations feature obese royalty, sword and staff carrying foot soldiers, and a lot of cake.

Players could make the princess heavier by feeding her pieces of cake from around the game world, making the opposing team carrying her have a slower go of it. In the adult community, the erotic nature of Fat Princess focuses around cake, and the concept of feederism (deriving pleasure from feeding someone, and being fed, to the point of excess).

10 The Party That Balls Together, Fights Together

via pinterest.com

An excellent JRPG for the original PlayStation, The Legend Of Dragoon dealt with the protagonist Dart and his band of warriors killing pretty much anything and some evil empire — you know, typical JRPG stuff. The combat system was innovative, requiring some well-timed button presses to pull off in-depth attacks, and a transformation system that turned party members into “Dragoons,” winged warriors with super powers.

Apparently, the depressingly violent tale of life in The Legend Of Dragoon inspired a selection of passionate fans to depict the entire crew of ragtag warriors in several adult scenarios, sometimes with a boss and random encounter monsters. The worst is when Fruegel, the incredibly fat warden of a prison early on in the game, starts making appearances and doing all types of unspeakable things in jail cells.

9 Also The God Of Fertility Apparently

via pinterest.com

For a game that features behind the scenes bang sessions as a mini game, it isn’t much of a shock that the many fans of the God Of War series made Kratos into the God of Smut in addition to his many other titles that have been awarded to him through his violent journey.

Featuring everything from Olympian God group sessions, to the games multiple enemies having their way with Kratos, the adult content is just about as mature as the violence in the actual game. Speaking of, there is some needlessly detailed material that deals with Zeus and Kratos resolving their differences through the universally understood medium of "jousting." Bonus points that multiple examples of series crossovers exist, featuring Kratos getting involved with the likes of Nariko from Heavenly Sword, among others.

8 This Should Simply Not Exist

Via: wallpapershome.com

A testament to the term “Is nothing sacred?” this is just an abomination in every form. While gamers were waiting for the game that seemed like it would never come out, a deprived group of individuals took the limited details and gameplay videos, and crafted some of the most disturbing erotic fan art to ever grace the Internet.

Using animals and kids, these fans present wild things in all their slimy, disturbing detail, all taking place in the beautifully designed world of The Last Guardian. Taking the heartfelt journey shared between a young boy and his giant cat/eagle/snake and making it into adult material is downright disgusting, not to mention in poor taste to the rest of the human race. Gamers don’t need to think about all the possible "things" that Triko could have, and certainly don’t need them presented in front of them in cartoony erotica.

7 High School Was Not Like This For Me

Via: ps4attitude.com

The Persona games are some of the deepest and most well-developed JRPGs currently on the market; there are countless Personas to create and use, NPCs to interact with, and high school careers to make or break. With the games mostly revolving around high school students, high school girls obviously become involved in a major capacity, usually making up at least half your party if you so choose.

High school girl obsessions are nothing new; a huge chunk of the adult industry is made up of scenes depicting detentions turned bang session and locker rooms ending up smelling worse than when the basketball team finished practice. So, it should be no surprise that the ladies of Persona have taken a prominent place in the seedy world of the game’s erotic fan art community. Apart from human adult situations, some Personas end up getting involved, resulting in scenes that will make even the most debauched gamer erase their Internet history.

6 Killbone

Via: otakuism.tumblr.com

A game about a galactic Third Reich that is doing its best to invade Earth, it seems the last place that an erotic community would emerge, but alas, Rule 34 exists for a reason. Apparently, some gamers find the absolutely daunting uniforms and helmets of the Helghan to be irresistibly attractive, and when we say helmets, we mean both helmets.

With their breathing apparatuses, ashy skin, and penchant for being a bunch of cutthroat bastards, the Helghan are an obvious erotic fit for some people, apparently. Few things tickle some peoples’ fancy like world domination and the complete obliteration of the human race, which is exactly what a selection of this erotic material depicts; an earth transformed by the successful Helghan invasion, and all the victorious "activity" that subsequently takes place in the pale skinned ranks after the fact.

5 There Is No Honor In This

Via: dualshockers.com

For a game that deals with samurai and Japanese demons, the erotic force is strong with this one. With the story revolving around an extremely pale guy from England dressing up like a samurai and cutting down all types of foes, some of them being well-endowed demonesses, it was only a matter of time before someone decided that they all needed to start smashing their genitals together in disturbing, hand drawn detail.

It gets exceptionally macabre when William and female demon lords are discounted all together; instead focusing on the traditionally spooky looking Oni (Japanese folk demons), and all the insane debauchery that takes place between them. However, if you’re into William don’t fret; there is a multitude of fan art focusing on William slaying demons using his God given sword, as opposed to one crafted out of steel.

4 Well, It Is A Bunch Of Teenagers In A Cabin

Via: youtube.com

For a game that functions as an interactive creature/slasher flick, and featuring a young cast of teenagers all addled with hormones, it’s a surprise that the adult fan art community took as long to start making animations and illustrations as they did.

On top of the completely original material and movies made by the devious community surrounding the game, there are compilations of the steamy and revealing scenes that take place in the game available for viewing on prominent adult sites.

It’s a testament to the designers that their actual in game writing and animation has been deemed steamy enough to add to some peoples' "adult" stash, without further animation or undressing.

3 Metal Gear Isn't The Only Thing That's Solid

Via: kotaku.com.au

With a ridiculously complex, intricate, and interwoven storyline, the Metal Gear Solid series is ripe for the erotic picking. With a complex cast of male, female, and cyborg ninja characters, things are going to get much weirder than they already were. I guess when one of your main antagonists is a transsexual vampire; you can expect rabid fans to really run with it.

With the addition of controversially clad characters like Quiet and long standing female characters like Meryl, there is no limit to where Solid Snake "can go." Aside from the typical amateur animations and illustrations that typically accompany the exotic communities for video games, Metal Gear Solid gets some special treatment.

Fans have spent countless hours making detailed feature length videos and mods that add completely new functions to Snake’s bionic arm, most of them dealing with acts that would require a good scrubbing with bleach to get it back to battle readiness.

2 Shadow Of The Waifu

Via: deviantart.com (luigi-luigi)

This is a personal favorite, a game that proved for countless gamers that they had more determination and emotion than most would care to admit, all transmitted through a mostly dialogue free game about hunting sentient statues that quickly turns into a journey of self-discovery. It’s even more unsettling then that some gamers took this newfound determination and enlightenment and churned out erotic material like the world was ending the next day.

Most of the animation focuses on turning the 16 Colossi into massive anime women complete with the stereotypical massive chests and behinds. Along with that lovely image is erotic material that focuses on Wanderer and Agro partaking in bestiality under the lustful gaze of a wandering colossus.

1 More Like Ratchet And Spank

Via: philly.com

For a franchise that features innuendo-laden titles such as Up Your Arsenal, Quest For Booty, and Full Frontal Assault, the series is mostly made up of excellent platforming and cartoony gunplay. However, some fans out there didn’t want the series to stop at silly titles; they needed to see Ratchet clanking away at his robot buddy.

And so the world of extremely odd Ratchet & Clank adult fan art blossomed into existence. Besides featuring every conceivable character from across the series doing all types of unmentionable things to each other, the erotic community surrounding the series has gone so far as to create custom weapons that serve numerous disgusting purposes. No one ever said that erotic fan art didn’t take some serious creativity.

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